Dasca's Apartment- Preparations

Posted Sept. 26, 2023, 10:50 p.m. by Civilian Karilan Massat (Owner, Quill and Parchment Books) (James Sinclair)

Posted by Captain Eela Dasca (Lt. Governor) in Dasca’s Apartment- Preparations

Posted by Civilian Karilan Massat (Owner, Quill and Parchment Books) in Dasca’s Apartment- Preparations

Posted by Captain Eela Dasca (Lt. Governor) in Dasca’s Apartment- Preparations
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Karilan sat back and looked thoughtful. =/\= He is in a lot pain, that’s plain to see. And he is wallowing in the past. But… he has a great deal of potential. Both as a technician. An employee. And as an individual. He just has to learn to look forward instead of backwards. I have him helping me on a pet project. I am hoping that will give him something to look forward to. =/\=


Eela smiled at Karilan, gazing deeply. =/\=You are quite extraordinary, did you know that? You have depths of compassion and strength I don’t think you give yourself full credit for.=/\= She was glad to see that the situation was working out for everyone and she hoped for the man’s sake he’d find what he needed under Karilan’s adept tutelage.


Karilan’s eyes sparkled with mischief. =/\= You keep talking to me like that, I might think you don’t have eyes just for the stupendous- =/\= and she burst into song, =/\= Mister! Mister Jooooonnnes! =/\= and then started laughing loudly.


Eela’s eyes crinkled. =/\=Hey, Dash fully knows about my bisexuality and non-monogamy and isn’t bothered by it. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have seen each other past that first date.=/\= The song was ridiculous, but something about this particular way Karilan teased her just warmed her heart.

She leaned in towards the screen. =/\=And for the record, you are very special to me Karilan. I don’t know the hows and whys of Oed, but I truly feel that each person I’ve let into my life since I came here has given me something incredible. And I’ve been thinking about it the last couple of days, but somehow that whole thing with Cory was exactly what I needed to give myself permission to be exactly who I am. I was getting there, but it was this big nudge forward. I also know that I wouldn’t have figured it all out without you in my life. I’m so glad I took Tenkiller’s recommendation and went to your shop that first day.” She couldn’t help but beam at her friend. Eela was a very sentimental woman and she wasn’t about to start apologizing for it now.


=/\= So am I. =/\= Karilan said. She got quiet, just staring at the screen a moment, and then said =/\= You are very special to me as well, Eela. Without you, I would never have been able to be just me. That is a gift that I will always cherish… along with the person who gave it to me. =/\= She smiled and then shook her head. =/\= Now then… you need to go. Make sure to put a fresh power cell in your brace! Trust me on that. I am an Engineer, after all.=/\= and she smiled.


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