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Essence Cafe was both a sweet little spot for coffee and designer drinks by day, but at night it became a secluded little spot for those that liked to indulge in craft cocktails and music. The establishment and owners were all on the up and up. Of course places like Oed there was always someone, eventually, that took advantage of decent people. So if you knew who to ask there was a possibility of other, less socially acceptable, distractions. The advertisements for the Narvalan Vapor Ice had made the Essence busier than usual. It was an acquired taste, and required a pitch black room to prepare and consume. It was quite the show actually. The music had started along with the lowered lights main lights, and people were mingling and settling in for the evening.

It was into this that the raven haired woman entered. She was lithe, toned, and moved in ways that brought fantasies to mind. Wearing leather pants, a gold blouse, under a deep burgundy jacket, and stiletto heels she made her way to the counter/bar to reserve an ice room for later. She took a seat on a stool at a tall table. It wasn’t long before she was too much of a mystery to be totally ignored by the single (and some not so single) patrons.

It was there she waited and watched for Lyssandra Hycon to appear. Lyssandra was a mousy woman, curly but plain brown hair, but eyes blue eyes that held intelligence and wit. Lyssandra was a brilliant computer whiz, but had no knack for spy craft. She understood computers but not people.

Mystery Woman

Alston walked through the door of the Essence Cafe and stopped for a second to enjoy the music. He had used his time since leaving the tea shop to stop by his ship for a few supplies. A had slipped on a clean black button down shirt, and black pants, before slipping on his leather jacket. This mission was less about full on assault, and all about stealth, so it was more important to blend in with the local nightlife. In that vein he had let most of the hardware back on the ship. He had a pair of collapsible batons tucked into his jacket, and the usual assortment of blades.

Stepping up to the bar he ordered one of the house cocktails from the bartender. Leaning back against the bar he took a small sip. He pulled out his communicator and casually scrolled through his messages. There was one from Charlie Team that they were in position. He had left them a couple of blocks away, parked in an open warehouse. He keyed in a simple message of ‘Here’ and sent it to Vonn and Romanov before tucking the communicator back into his jacket pocket.

Taking another sip of his drink he relaxed against the bar, making it look like he was just enjoying a drink and the music.

Alston Mace - CIA Contractor

A single word appeared on the screen as soon as he had sent the message: “Same.” Vonn had replied. He was nowhere to be seen, and it wasn’t like the Breen was easy to miss. So wherever he was, he was well hidden.

Vonn, CIA

Simultaneously another message appeared, ‘Now it’s a party.’ The raven haired Betazoid made the rounds of the other patrons, or more was made part of the rounds. She was by no means the most popular person, but she wasn’t a wall flower either. She danced once or twice, chatted, appeared to drink, though Eryn wasn’t foolish enough to consume any alcohol.

Thy didn’t have long to wait before another message appeared, ‘Spotted.’ Lyssandra Hycon was the physical epitome of the tech nerd. Shoulder length mousy brown hair, pale skin, a slight squint from staring at a screen too often, and had put too much effort into dressing up for the evening. If they waited long enough the stiletto sandals she wore were going to break her neck and solve their problem for them. She was however not shy, and made her way toward the counter to reserve an ice room. After that she ordered the most expensive cocktail on the menu and turned on the bar stool to stare at the people.


Alston blinked as Lyssandra sat down at the bar next to him. Reaching into his jacket he pulled out his communicator and sent a single character, ‘?’. Romanov and Vonn were familiar with Lyssandra, it was worth the second to confirm that it was the right person. There was a reason why they said even the best laid plans didn’t survive the first engagement.

Alston Mace - CIA Contractor

Confirmed. came the reply, and then Bodyguards neutralized. There was no break in the music, no commotion in the crowd; so whatever had happened was quiet indeed.


Lyssandra glanced at the man next to her as he checked his communicator, her eyes then traveled over him and she smiled as they landed back on his hands and there was no ring. Married men could be fun, but too much trouble. “So who’s keep tabs on you tonight?” She pulled a small mini PaDD out, “Mine is my boss. Thinks I breathe only to do his tasks.” Her smile was overly flirtatious. She was a woman who liked attention.


A smile grew on Alston’s face as he tucked his own communicator away in his coat and turned towards Lyssandra. “Ah, and that’s why I got rid of the boss,” he said with a laugh. “Tonight though it’s a client updating me on when their next shipment will be available for pick-up. Some sort of production delay, and the shipment won’t be ready till tomorrow now. Which means I get to overnight here on Oed for the first time.

“I’m so sorry, where are my manners,” Alston said before setting down his drink and extending it towards her. “Charles Finley.”

Alston Mace - CIA Contractor

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She smiled and took his hand. “Lyssa Hauser. Such a pleasure, Charles. Well, aren’t we lucky,” her eyes roamed over him, “I’m only here for the night as well. Have you ever had Narvalan Vapor Ice? It is quite the experience.”

“Once or twice. I must admit, one of the reasons why I made my way over here from the space port was that I was told this was the place I needed to go to have the best experience while here on Oed.”

“I hope it lives up to the hype. If not, it should still be an interesting evening.”

Across the room Eryn continued to socialize, flirt lightly, and blend with the crowd. No need to be spotted too soon. That might tip Lyssandra to their little ambush. She gave a mental shake of her head. She had either already made Mace or was over confident in her anonymity and body guards. Eryn leaned towards the over confidence. It had always been Lyssandra’s weakness. Relying on others to do what she considered menial work.

Eryn Romanov

=/\= You have a reservation, Mr. Finley. Twenty minutes. And the coordinator is open to a ‘adjustment fee’ if you wish to bring a guest. =/\= Vonn said.


A small smile appeared on Alston’s face. He reached into his coat and pulled out his communicator. =^= Please pass along my thanks. =^=

“He does make a good point though,” he said as he tucked his communicator back in his pocket. “There is nothing that quite helps to improve the experience like the company of a lovely woman. Would you care to join me?”

Alston Mace

“That is very true. It is much better with a companion.” Lyssandra gave him a lecherous once over. “That is a proposition worth taking.” She turned reaching for her glass and paused, the Betazoid woman across the room catching her eye. Her brow twitched to a furrow for half a second before she turned back to Finley with a smile. “Are you staying on Oed or are you going to stay in a stuffy tin can instead?”


“The tin can isn’t that bad,” Alston said with a small laugh. “It does have its advantages, but I have to admit the room service is definitely subpar. Though sometimes the view can be pretty good.” He gave Lyssandra a wink as he picked up his own drink and took a sip.

“But mostly, I haven’t had the right proposition, yet…” he said trailing off while raising an eyebrow.

Alston hadn’t missed a beat as he noticed the slight twitch of her brow, and the pause as she reached for her glass. From where she was looking, there was a decent chance she was looking towards where Romanov was. He could only hope to distract Lyssandra enough so she wouldn’t spook and take off running, or worse alert backup. Oh and hope that since he only recently arrived on Oed that no one would even think about connecting Romanov and him together.

  • Alston Mace (aka Charles Finley)

“My room is quite nice, and very comfortable. Though I think you would increase the value of the internal view significantly. And,” she grinned, “I have room service.” Rather than being spooked, Lyssandra was trying to determine how to catch the woman. She needed the distraction of Finley, but the prize of nabbing the Betazoid woman, on her own, without her guards was a temptation she couldn’t pass up. She would have to find a way to have both. “Do tell me you aren’t the kind that considers their ship their lover. She can last a night alone, can’t she?”


“Well she might get mad if I don’t call, but she’ll just have to get over it,” Alston said with a laugh. Internally his awareness was still very high. Every once and a while plans would work out, but any operative who let themselves just go with a plan that was going smoothly was just asking to be shot. Fate always had a way of interfering when you could least afford it.

Tipping his drink back he finished it off before placing the glass back on the bar. They still had a mission to complete, now just to see which way she would turn. “Would you care to join me for another drink? Perhaps someplace, quieter?”

  • Mace (aka Charles Finley)

“Hmmm…before Narvalan vapor? And the proprietor was kind enough to adjust your reservation.” Lyssa had learned in her new position to never offend those that could be easily manipulated. “If you will be doing business here often, it would be a shame to offend him. But after…the night is still early after all.”


=/\= Heart rate increased, pupils constricted. Fine motor control fluctuating. She’s focused on something. And I do not believe it’s Mr. Finley. =/\= Vonn’s synthetic voice said inside the ear of Eryn and Mace. =/\= Modifying extraction location to dressing room outside of the Vapor room. Suggest moving up timeline by three minutes. =/\=

Vonn, CIA


=/\=Moving in 30.=/\= Eryn’s voice came to their ears. The ebony haired woman was approached by a server. After a brief conversation, she followed him toward the dressing rooms and refreshers. She passed directly in the line of sight for Hycon before disappearing.

Lyssa downed her drink. There had been no flicker of recognition on the other woman’s face. All to the good. She could aguire the woman, leave her with the guards, and still enjoy the evening with the charming Mr. Finley. “It looks like they are beginning. I am going to make use of the refresher.” She leaned in quite close, thinking herself quite seductive. “Don’t go anywhere without me.” Then she slipped away toward the changing rooms.

Hycon slipped down the far end of the hall where the server was just closing the door. He gave her no notice as they passed. Hycon carefully tried the door, smirking when she found her quarry was too careless to lock the door. The door closed with a soft snick behind her and the business end of a disruptor pressed into the Betazoid woman’s back. “Turn around slowly, Valkyrie. Hands up.”

Eryn turned, “Hello Giga. Nice of you to finally join me.” Hycon looked confused. Realization that she had been set up never had time to register before Eryn released the zombie gas in her face. =/\=Target ready for extraction.=/\=


Alston smiled back at Lyssa, keeping her eyes on her as she slipped back towards the hallway. As soon as she turned the corner he turned back towards the bar and laid several strips of latinum on the bar and pushed them towards the bartender.

“Please close out the ladies tab as well as my own. Keep the change.”

With a nod the bartender made the latinum disappear. With one last quick look around to make sure that Lyssa hadn’t made her way back while his back was turn, and to double check that no one was watching the hallway, Alston made his way over and followed in her path. He had just turned the corner when he heard Romanov’s report. Quickening his pace he moved down the hallway towards the new extraction point.

Right before he was set to open the door, Alston dropped one of his collapsible batons into the palm of his hand, just in case. Calmly he opened the door to Eryn and Lyssa standing there.

“Ready?” he asked of Romanov.

  • Mace

Eryn turned Hycon around gently. “Oh yes, she is quite ready. She’s had a little too much to drink already, I think. Best to let a friend take her home.” Over the comms Eryn asked, =/\=Have ve managed to back track her location yet?=/\=

=/\= Transport en route. ETA to back door one minute ten seconds. Clearing rendezvous location now. You are clear for exit. =/\= came the synthesized voice of their overwatch. The door to the dressing room opened and a svelte Denoblian woman came in. She didn’t look at either of the two operatives, they simply walked over, grabbed the disruptor that had fallen to the ground and vanished it into some kind of pocket in her dress. She then grabbed the stunned and drugged Lyssandra and, locking her arm in hers, began walking her out the door. “Oh, dear… you never have been able to handle your Cardassian whiskey love. I told you it was bad news, but noooo…” The voice was melodic, airy… and to the trained ears of both Mace and Romanov, wholly artificial. But it was passable in the loud club hallway leading to the rear exit.

Vonn, CIA

Eryn looked at Mace, “Give me a moment.” She reached for a bag she had stashed in the room earlier that day. In quick movements she had a wig in place that matched Hycon’s light brown curly hair, a jacket that was similar enough to the passing eye, and she’d altered her make-up and changed her contact lenses. She tossed the bag in the waste and then slipped her hand onto Mace’s arm. Then in a perfect imitation of Hycon’s voice and mannerisms she purred, “I do believe Mr. Finley we’ll be much more comfortable in my hotel.” Now, if anyone asked, they would all remember the flirtatious couple leaving the Essence Cafe.




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Alston nodded as he peaked out the doorway as Lyssandra and Vonn moved towards the exit. He carefully tucked the baton in his hand back up his sleeve.

Turning back towards the room, he nodded in approval of Eryn’s quick change before opening the door wide.

“That sounds like a marvelous suggestion, shall we?” he said as she slipped her hand around his arm.

As they slipped out of the cafe, they got a block away before Alston clicked open the comm.

=^= All clear? =^=

  • Mace

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=^= Package secured. En route to processing. =^= came the reply after a moment. =^= Recommend an appearance at her hotel. The longer she isn’t missed, the better. =^=

Vonn, CIA

=^=On our way there. Parallel Secret Hotel near the space port.=^= Eryn nodded to the agent that was holding a slider door open. He had changed into the clothes of Lyssandra’s driver. She slid in, pulling Mace suggestive in with her. When the driver was in and the slider began to move, “Parallel Secret.”

“Lyssandra vas quite chatty.” Eryn held up a key card for the hotel. “Her boss vill be at zhe same location. Ve just have to determine vhich room. Most likely vithin 2 floors of each other.”


“Among other things,” Alston said with a chuckle. “I know it wasn’t the original plan, but you don’t often get your target walking up to you and basically offering themselves up.

Eryn chuckled, “It is alvays nice vhen zhey offer zhemselves up.”

“What kind of hotel is it? Any chance the staff is friendly? Or are we looking at making an end run down a hallway through of goons? Your disguise might be good enough to let us get out of their cleanly, but I doubt it will get us through Drez’s security cleanly.

“Parallel Secret caters to those businesses zhat have short layovers but vant a bit of luxury for zheir brief time on Oed. High end, very professional. Zhe staff is extremely friendly. Especially if zhere is a tip involved. My disguise vill fool zhe hotel staff, but it vill not fool Drez’s crew. Ve vill have to simply neutralize them.”

“If he’s that paranoid, I’m willing to bet that there will be a pocket of rooms around him, as a last ditch buffer. That would at least give us some place to start looking. Chances that the staff will be willing to give up the room list? Or are we going to be calling in some help from Mr. Reilly to get one of the code monkeys to get that for us?”

  • Mace

“Knowing Lyssandra, she has hacked into zhe hotel database and is running it from her room. She probably has access to zhe security systems as vell. If not, ve can call zhe code monkeys.”


Alston nodded. “Simple enough, and keeps the number of variables to a minimum. Get in, get up to her room, and see if we can find where Drez is held up. If we need it, I have an agency strike team on standby,” he said pulling his communicator out of his pocket. Typing out a quick message he sent it off before tucking it back into his jacket pocket. “After we get an idea of where his men are stationed, we can make the call on if we need them right away, or just let them deal with all the clean-up work when we are done.”

“Anything else you think we are missing before we get there? Because I don’t know about you, but it almost feels like it’s going a bit too well.”

  • Mace

“Lyssandra vas easy. Drew vill not be.” Eryn thought a moment. “I can zhink of several zhings. Lyssandra may share a suite vith him. Zhere may be other guards on her room zhat vill know I am not here. Biometric security on zhe room. Fail safes and multi method authentication to zhe room or her systems. And overly helpful staff.”


=/\= So we empty the hotel. =/\= Vonn’s voice said over the comms. =/\= Probability dictates that the target will exit with employees, not guests, through a pre-planned exit. Building shows four emergency exits. Wait one. =/\= There was a pause for almost a minute and then Vonn said =/\= Emergency plan says Floor Captains will be stationed on every floor in the event of an emergency evacuation. We take over the role of floor captain for the target’s floor, direct him where we want. Comms from Lyssandra’s communicator show she contacted room 2184 over a dozen times just today. Security footage of that floor shows two guards outside that room. Wait one for drone surveillance. =/\= Another minute passed and they turned onto the street the hotel was on. =/\= Confirm. Target in room 2-1-8-4. Biometric match via surveillance. Floor Captain for this shift is one Nadr Drenc, hotel security. =/\=

Vonn, CIA


Alston nodded. It sounded like a reasonable plan. If they could capture him, and contain the equipment, even if the list was destroyed it would still be a win.

=^= Has Nadr clocked in for the evening yet? I’m thinking last minute call off from work, and we just happen to step in to cover the shift. Vonn can you arrange to make sure Nadr is not available? I’ll be the replacement Floor Captain. =^=

=/\= Affirmative. Will redirect subject. Alias packet incoming. =/\= Vonn said.

Alston turned towards Romanov, “I’m guessing we will need to do more then just pull a fire alarm. Are you feeling up to getting us an empty hotel?”

  • Mace

Mace’s micropad chirped as it recieved a file. In the file was a hotel ID and alias. He would be hotel security, and named Jaxson Fyve.

Vonn, CIA

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