Long Awaited Honeymoon

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The door opened for the two and Mike let Revna slide inside first, taking the opportunity to appreciate all the dress revealed and what it left covered. He climbed in after her, and soon they had arrived at the Opera House.

The round, domed building was done in a classic Terran style with towering pillars around the entirety of the seven story structure. Lights and vid camera drones were everywhere as their slider came to a stop right in front of the red carpet that led to the main doors. Mike looked at Revna and said “Ready?” as the door opened. He exited and held out his hand to her, helping her up from the slider’s seats. As they stepped out, there was a lull in the paparazzi and onlookers for a moment as many tried to figure out who had arrived. Then a voice yelled out “Hey! That’s Lady Revna McKenzie!” and the vids started to click and flash.

Revna hated the press. She hated the vids about them and all the speculation. What she hated more was she was supposed to smile and be polite like everything the media was doing was ‘okay.’ Instead she’d like to take her shield and bash a few cameras, or maybe her bow and shoot a few drones out of the sky. As long as she was with Mike though, she was ready for anything. She took his hand and one long sleek leg on a high-heeled sandal appeared through the slit in her dress, then the other foot. Revna stood giving Mike a dazzling smile. Then someone yelled her name. Revna’s hand tightened slightly on her arm, but she turned that smile toward the dreaded press. “You did this didn’t you?”

Mike chuckled and said “So they recognize you now and not me? I swear, it’s this monkey-suit you got me in. Hang on, I gotta change something.” he reached up and grasped the top of his sleeves with the opposite hands and RRRRIIIIPPP- the sleeves tore away and were dropped to the ground. He took off the jacket, flipped it around… and there were dozens of patches sewn across the now-vest. ‘Anti-Flag’, ‘The Ramones’, ‘Leather Nun’, ‘The Tossers’, ‘Street Dogs’, Dropkick Murphys’, ‘Rancid’… and in the middle of the back far larger than any other patch was the iconic gavel-smashing-skull symbol of the band ‘Government Kills’. Mike grinned at Revna and said “Hope that I still look good to you, but I gotta be me.” and he bent down and kissed her as the vids and voices began to increase in volume as the couple was recognized as Revna and ‘Big’ Mike McKenzie from the vid of their reunification on Event Horizon station.

‘Big’ Mike McKenzie

Revna watched him rip the sleeves off and turn it around. She laughed and said loudly enough the press would hear her, “Now, there’s my husband. I wondered where he had gotten to.” Then Mike was kissing her. The kiss ended long enough for her to whisper against his lips, “You look best when you are being yourself, and right now I just want to get back in the slider and take you home.” Revna kissed him again, forgetting all about the press in that moment.

Revna McKenzie, wife to ‘Big’ Mike

“You got us into this. Gotta stick it out.” He turned and started walking her up the red carpet. “Hey! Hey Mike! When can we expect you back in the studio?!” yelled a photographer. “And when are you releasing a sex tape, huh?!” he yelled directly after. Mike’s head whipped around, but before he could react, a large blue hand grabbed the floating vid-cam in front of him, smashed it into his face with a loud CRRRUUUNCH, and an Andorian of no small stature yelled “ACH! THAT BE LORD AND LADY MCKENZIE YER SPEAKIN’ ABOOT, YA CRASS BASTARD!!” with a brogue as thick as Seamus’s. Mike paused, blinked a few times, and the Andorian just looked up and gave him a single nod. Mike shrugged and went back to leading Revna up the carpet as the bloodied paparazzi and the Andorian were suddenly of more interest than the diplomat and her rock-star husband.

Revna whipped around Mike to get a look at the person the question came from. It seemed the problem was taken care of. She continued on with Mike. “I need my comm. Lady Freya! I have to call Ragna and tell her. She and Seamus will never believe me.” She laughed as they stepped inside where it was somewhat calmer.

Once inside, Mike looked down at Revna and laughed softly. “I dunno which was weirder… the question; or an Andorian with a Scottish accent.”

‘Big’ Mike McKenzie

“The Andorian with a Scottish accent,” Revna quipped. The question was rude and crass, but then again so was most of the paparazzi. They seemed to feed off of stuff like that. They were quickly met by a person from the Opera House staff. “Lord and Lady McKenzie. If you will follow me please?” He kept looking back at Mike, like he couldn’t decide if he should ask for the autograph or not, but his manners stopped him from doing so. They were led toward a staff door and through a couple of halls until they were behind the stage and moving down a line of dressing room doors. The man rapped his knuckles on the door. The door opened and a man appeared. “Yes?” He was a in his early 30s but looked tired. He spotted Revna and his eyes went wide. “Lt Edman!” and rushed past the guard and towards her taking both her hands in his and then seemed to compose himself. “You are the special guest my sister bragged about?”

Revna squeezed his hands and smiled. “Yes Rokvaj, I am. It is so good to see you. You look good. Traveling with your sister has been good for you. I’d like to introduce you to…”

“Michael, Big Mike, McKenzie. Yes, everyone was quite excited to know there was another celebrity attending tonight. So it is true the vids I saw of you the two of you.” He made a formal gesture, “It is my honor to Revna’s husband.” A beautiful elegant woman, wearing a silk robe over her costume came out and smiled, wrapping Revna in a hug. “This woman saved my brother’s life, the least I could do is provide you with tickets.” She made the same gesture as her brother, “It is an honor to meet you, Lord McKenzie.”


“Call me Mike. I save the ‘Lord’ stuff for the stuffy people.” Mike said with a grin. “And Revna saving someone doesn’t surprise me in the least, although I bet it makes for a great story. Maybe we can do that after the performance?” He looked around and grinned. “Been a while since I’ve been in a backstage dressing room. Weird… no matter what the show, the genre, or the venue… they all smell the same.”


Eylanya laughed, “That they do. It’s a heady mix of exhaustion and elation. I do apologize, but I have to finish getting ready. If you are willing to stay after the performance, we would very much like to catch up.”

“I can show you to your box,” Rokvaj glanced between them and where his sister disappeared. Revna gripped his hand. “Stay. I know you have your traditions. Mike and I can find our way.” Rokvaj nodded, “Yes, alright. I will come to your box after the performance.” He made the same formal gesture and then suddenly hugged Revna and hurried away without a word. Revna slipped her hand back onto Mike’s arm and turned back the way they came. The guard that escorted them down appeared and led the way to a private box overlooking the stage.


Mike got a some glances as theyvtraveled through the halls; almost as many as Revna. When they were seated, a bottle of champagne was brought to them and two glasses poured. Mike grinned at Rev. “Gotta say… this is pretty nice.” and he looked out on the stage. “You know, when I started playing, I always wanted to play a place like this. Not much call for punk in an opera hall, though. Besides… most people that can afford to go to these shows tend not to take kindly to songs about using a guillotine on the rich.” and he laughed. He raised his glass to his wife and said “To the arts.” and chuckled.


Revna raised her glass, “To the arts. And paying on debts owed to my husband.” She laughed softly and took a sip. It was good, lots of bubbles, but didn’t have near the smoothness of the mead she preferred. “No they probably don’t take to people screaming ‘off with their heads’. Advertise to the right audience though, they’d enjoy it. It would sound impressively powerful in a building like this.”

It wasn’t long before the house lights dimmed, the stage lights came up, and the tapping of the conductor’s wand on his podium was heard. The fast paced rhythm of the opening movement began, the curtains parted and the performers made their way onto the stage.


Many people didn’t like punk rock. They saw it as loud… brash… violent… simple… even primative. Most people weren’t musicians, however. And fewer still were musicologists. And for all the loud, confrontational, in-your-face political and class-based messages of the genre, the majority who understood music were aware that many punk bands were extremely talented; and when asked what bands were the most talented, the most musically capable, Goverent Kills was on almost every list… usually at or near the top. And Mike was a significant part of that.

He was never formally trained. He never took classes or lessons… never had a proper ‘mentor’. But what he did have was an almost prodigy-like intuitive understanding of music: it’s complexities… it’s nuances… it’s ebb and flow and how music wasn’t only played; but how it effected those who listened to it. It was this understanding that was his blessing… and his curse. As the first piece started, he was lost. Every fiber of his being resonated with each note, and he sat enthralled and smiling. Music for Mike was more than a livelihood, more than an enjoyment. For him, music was living. And no matter the style, the genre, or even the civilization… if it was music, Mike had it in his soul.

He watched as the performers came on stage and he unconsciously reached over and took Revna’s hand, squeezing it in anticipation.


Revna took his hand and turned her attention from the stage to look at him. Music was essential for her, the air and breath in her lungs, a piece of her soul, but it was so very much more for Mike. She watched the anticipation and the smile on his face, and Revna thanked all the gods for every moment and choice that brought them together, so that she could be here, right now, with Mike and give him this. She spent more time watching him watch the performance than she did the actual performance.

The orchestra was outstanding, the performers gifted and in love with their profession. Eylanya’s performance was stunning and magnificent. She had all the training and range of a classically trained opera singer, but had that something more that allowed her to intuitively play with the notes and melody as she sang. Creating a unique experience each time she performed. Rather than enthusiastic applause after her solos there was only awed silence where sighs of contentment were heard in the momentary silence.


As the opera reached it closing number Mike leaned forward and watched, fully engrossed in the music. The entire performance had been emotional for him; his very being experiencing all the emotions brought to bear from the music. Fear, anger, sadness, joy… he felt them all to his core. As the closing notes of the number faded and the crowd sat in blissful silence, a single voice filled the auditorium…

“F^<K! YES! WOOOOO!!!” Mike yelled, on his feet and jabbing his finger towards the stage and the singers. His hands bamged together in a thunderous applause that spurred the crowd to their feet joining him; although the glances cast towards their box were not unnoticeable. Mike didn’t care. He just grinned and clapped louder and louder. “F^<king GREAT!” he said loudly, and looked at a couple in the box next to them. “Right?! Amazing!” The older woman rolled her eyes at him, but the older man chuckled. “Indeed… I believe ‘F^<king great’ is the best review possible.” The woman smacked her husband’s arm and he laughed. “Pull the stick out, Merideth. He’s right.” and he clapped for a moment longer before being drug out of sight.


Revna rose to her feet a loud whistle echoing out of their box. The performance was stunning. Revna laughed loudly at the couple’s reaction in the next box. The cast didn’t seem to mind Mike’s outburst. In fact they all smiled and waved. Eylanya raised her gaze to their box, kissed both her hands and blew it towards them and curtsied deeply. She was laughing too. There was of course the usual parade of the cast and stage hands. Revna was glad to see Rokvaj among them. And of course the orchestra. After several rounds of that and thunderous applause the house lights finally came up and the crowd began to make it’s way out.

Revna slipped an arm around him. “So, was this worth the late night?”


He looked at her and grinned and said “What? You didbt hear my ‘F^<k yes’? Maybe I should been louder.” and he laughed.

They made their way down stairs and were taken towards the stage. As they arrived, a few of the orchestra were waiting. One, holding an oboe, said “Excuse us Mr. McKenzie, but could we get a pic and maybe an autograph? We’re-” and he gestured to the four musicians standing with him, “- huge fans. Your music is so amazing.” Mike grinned and said “Sure. And it’s Mike.” He looked at Revna and said “Gimme a sec.” and he kissed her cheek and walked over, shaking hands and complimenting them on their performance.


Revna grinned and watched him with them. She spoke to a couple of the musicians and the conductor on their performance. Making sure to mention specific things that she particularly enjoyed. She laughed quietly as Mike posed and blended in with them like he’d known them all his life. He had a way with people. Her most of all. That made her grin a little bigger. How close she’d come to turning down his bet. She would have been miserable for the rest of her life.

Her attention was pulled away when Rokvaj walked up to her. “Lt.” She held up her hand. “Just Revna. I left Star Fleet. Now I’m just Mrs. McKenzie.” He glanced between her and Mike and grinned. “I am glad that you have found your other half, Revna. Come sit while they talk.” They sat on the stage steps and talked quietly, catching up just a bit.


Mike spent about fifteen minutes with the musicians, even signing a few instruments. At one point the conductor returned and Mike autographed the nights book of sheet music for him. After they left, he walked over to Revna and set a hand on her shoulder. Looking at Rokvaj, he said “Great show! Powerful. I really enjoyed it. Thank you for having us.”


Her hand reached up to cover his as she stood, and she tucked into his side. “It was an excellent performance. Everyone was superb.”

Rokvaj stood as well. “I am pleased that you could attend.”

There were quick light footsteps across the stage, “I am very pleased you enjoyed it, Mika. You as well Revna. Your praise is the best I have heard in a long while.” Eylanya laughed and chugged the rest of the bottle of water. She had changed from her costume into loose pants and an almost off the shoulder blouse. She looked much more comfortable. “I am sure some of the patrons were scandalized, but we all enjoyed your enthusiastic appreciation.”

“Scandalized folks like that is kind of my thing.” Mike said with a grin.

Eylanya chuckled darkly. “And their reactions are always so entertaining.”

She moved down the steps. Rokvaj hugged her, “My sister is amazing, no?”

Eylanya grinned, “You are biased.” She looked at Mike and Revna, “We have a very late meal ready. I get too many chjumics in my stomach to eat before a show. Will you join us?”


“We’d love to.” Mike said. “And I hear ya about not eating before a show. I could never do it either. Tried it once… it did not go well.” and he laughed.


Eylanya and Rokvaj shared a sympathetic look with him. “Then please come. Join us as our guests.” She turned and led the way past the stage and changing rooms to a back stair. It led up to the residential floor or a partial one, anyway. A buffet style meal was set out on a central table. The rest of the room invited the occupants to relax and indulge. “Please help yourself.” Rokvaj quickly filled 2 plates and found a seat while his sister downed another bottle of water.

Revna filled a plate with various things and took a glass of a local wine as well.


Mike piled a plate with almost some of everything and grabbed a bottle of fruit juice and sat down next to Revna. Before he began to eat, he looked at Eylanya and Rokvaj. “So how long have you two toured together? And what got you into music to begin with?” he asked as he picked up a fork and began to eat.


Eylanya smiled slightly. “We are Ilrinenian Siren twins. We travel everywhere together. We have to. It is impossible to be seperated for too long. We have been touring since we were 10 by Earth years.”

Rokvaj nodded, “Though if I had the choice I don’t think I would have it any other way. Our voices, of course have always been unique because of our bond. I don’t really remember when there was not music between us. Even when we were very little. The passion has never left us.” Revna watched him carefully. It was a hard instinct to break, especially having been his counselor. She wondered if he had found his way back to the music at all.

“And you, Mike?” Eylanya asked. “How did you become to be a musician?”


Mike pause and shrugged slightly. “Oh, I just kinda fell into it I guess. I was maybe… twelve? Thirteen maybe, when I first got a guitar. Took to it pretty quick, and then I found the bass and punk rock and it was all over after that.” he said with a laugh. He was, of course, glossing over the years of pain and abuse that led him to seek such an outlet. While his childhood was public knowledge, many fans hadn’t delved that deep into Mike’s past. The interviews where he discussed it were few and far between. “Music has been with me ever sense. And between that and my flair for holodeck programming, I was able to trick Revna here into marrying me… so I guess it was worth something after all.” He looked at his wife and grinned.


Revna laughed, “He assumes I didn’t know what he was up to. Though I will admit seeing our faces plastered all over every media outlet within hours was a shock. He told me he wasn’t that famous.”

The two people across from them looked at her with a type of shock. “You…you didn’t know who he was?” Revna shook her head. “No. I should have asked my sister though. Apparently she frequented his concerts and regularly tossed intimate pieces of clothing at him.”


“It was once!” Mike said with mock indignation. “And I gave the bra back to her, didn’t I?” and he laughed.

Revna gave him a stink eye. “Yes, which she then very quickly returned to me since she stole it years ago.” Rokvaj looked between them, trying to follow the mental tennis. “Which sister was this?” Revna laughed, “My twin.” Looks of understanding spread across his and Eylanya’s faces. “Ohhh…”

He looked back at Eylanya and Rokvaj and said “Okay… so tell me about this ‘saving your brother’s life’ business, if I can be so bold as to ask. I mean, I can see Rev burning through a starship hull with a phaser and taking out some pirates… but I have a feeling there may be more to it than that?”


“I am not the one prone to dramatics; you are.” Revna huffed dramatically before taking another bite of her food.

Rokvaj chuckled, “She would do that.” Then he looked at his sister and took her hand and squeezed it. The memory obviously painful. Eylanya squeezed his hand and smiled slightly before turning to Mike. “We were scheduled for a debut performance on Morus VI.” Which was a hotbed for classical performances for music and theatre. “Because of the type of audiences Morus draws, there was a lot of pirate activity. We were assured there was no more trouble because Star Fleet had already arrived and dealt with the problem.”

“There was a direct assault on the opera house. I was in the back, changing costumes and Anya was on stage. The stage collapsed around her and she was buried underneath. The explosion rocked the entire building. Walls, supports, beams all came down. I was knocked unconscious. When I came around, I knew Eylanya was dead.” Rokvaj paused to take a breath and patted his sister’s hand. “I’m alright, Anya.”

“You’ve heard how twins have a special connection. I mean you live with it now,” Revna said, “Ilrinenian Siren twins have a very unique form of telepathy. It only works with each other and it makes it impossible for them to be physically separated for very long or for vast distances. We hadn’t found Eylanya yet, but she was in such a deep coma from the fall and injuries, Rokvaj couldn’t sense her.”

“I lost my mind. I had to find her, and I ran back into the building. I quite literally stumbled into some of the pirates looting rooms and people. I rushed them screaming like a mad man.” Rokvaj shook his head, “I am no fighter, not even when necessary. It wasn’t hard for them to over power me. I taunted and insulted them, I wanted them to kill me.” He shook his head again. “I’ll spare you the details, but it was the longest 2 minutes of my life. And then out of nowhere the man in front of me was gone, hit by a phaser and this woman,” he nodded at Revna, “stood there, and as politely and quietly as could be told them to let me go or she’d shoot all of them. Needless to say they didn’t believe her, and they all ended up on the floor. Then I heard laughter and this big Star Fleet security officer came up behind her, told her she should have saved some for him and then he started restraining them. Revna walked over to me, took my hand, and we walked out of the opera house. She sat with me until they found Eylanya.”


Mike nodded in somber understanding. “I remember that attack. It made all the scream sheets. We actually re-released some of the old Government Kills albums to raise funds to rebuild the theater. But I didn’t know that you were there, Rev.” he said with a smile.


“I woke up about 3 or 4 days later. I had a very long recovery. I was very relieved to see Rokvaj next to me. He was hurt, but his injuries were mostly healed by then.” Eylanya stood with her plate and moved over to the table for more food and then returned. “It took them hours to get to her. She and the other actors on stage were trapped under all the rubble, and they rescue teams had to work their way in to the middle where the stage had been.” He smiled, “I remember the fund raisers. Our troupe did a benefit performance there when it was rebuilt. It was something to see all the different artists across the quadrant come together.”

“The Centaur was all over the place. We were a rapid response medical ship. Usually in hot zones. We were on our way to Starbase 21 for a refit when we got the distress call. We rerouted to go. We were the nearest hospital ship. The Avalon, IGW Ilmarriven, and eventually the Argo were all there with us....” Revna began to laugh as realization dawned on her. “Oh…oh I hadn’t put that together till just now. The security officer…” she kept laughing, until tears ran down her cheeks.


Mike looked at her with confusion. “What? What’s so funny?” he asked and looked at Rokvaj. “Did I miss something about the security officer?”


Revna tried to take a deep breath, looked at Mike and started laughing again. She picked up her glass hoping forcing herself to take a drink would cease the laughter.

Rokjav shrugged, “I do not know. He was the most massive Orion I have ever seen. Voice sounded like boulders smacking together. Nice guy though. He was everywhere during the whole thing. He even came by and checked on us.”


Now it was Mike who started laughing… hard. He looked at Revna and almost yelled “Seriously?!?! It was him?!” and he howled with laughter.

Rokvaj and Eylanya gave each other a confused look and then slightly concerned as they both continued to laugh.

A few moments passed before he could catch his breath, and he waved off the confused and concerned looks. “That guy- the big Orion- is my best friend! His name is Gravel. Gravel Mardusk. He’s actually the Security Chief on the ship Rev and I met on. Actually… He’s the reason we met.” and he shook his head and laughed. “Hell of a bassist, too.”


Revna nodded and wiped her eyes. “Oh…hew… I wonder if he remembers? Probably does and was having a good laugh at my expense for not remembering.”

“Well it was pretty chaotic and lots of people. Did you even run into him again?” Eylanya asked.

“Mmm Once or twice with the rescue efforts. But once we had most of the people out of the Opera House we all returned to the ship or hospitals. That’s where we were needed.”

“But he is the reason you two met?”

“He is. Gravel was in serious need to blow off some steam, so I got to be his drinking buddy for a couple of hours.”


“And that is no small feat, let me tell you. I can hold my booze, mind you, but Gravel is… is… well, I guess you’d call him a kind of ‘drinking prodigy’. I once watched him drink an entire Klingon Commamd staff under the table… one at a time. I’ve never known anybody that could hold their own against him.” and then he chuckled and looked at Revna. “Well, at least until recently.”


“You know she had to be extremely sick afterwards. There is no way she wasn’t.” Revna turned to the pair, “Mike recently won a bet at his friend’s expense and that of his fiance. I honestly don’t know who is in more trouble. Gravel or her.”

“The galaxy seems so small a place at times, does it not?” Eylanya commented. “Revna said you were traveling. How long are you here?”


“A few days.” Mike replied. “We are taking this opportunity to have a proper honeymoon before we get to Oed V and have, well… more work ahead of us than I care to think about right now, that I can tell you.” and he chuckled.


Eylanya smiled, “Then I am glad that you enjoyed the performance, and we could add to your festivities.” Rokvaj’s brows drew together, “Oed? That’s way out there isn’t it? At the very edge of Federation space? They’ve made quite a ruckus in the news, putting the council on notice. What is taking you all the way out there if I might ask?”


Mike scowled slightly and said “I javen’t been keeping up with news lately, I will have to look into that. As for what takes us there…” and he looked at Revna and took her hand in his before looking back at Rokvaj.

Revna scowled slightly as well. As much as they needed this vacation, they needed to be aware of what was going on outside of themselves. She tried not to sigh as the responsibilities couldn’t stay away for a few more days. She would look into it as soon as she had time. She’d reach out to Ragna too. She smiled when he took her hand and laced her fingers with is. It was a daunting thing they were doing, but she was excited for it.

“We recently formally joined our two clans, the Edmans and the McKenzies. Both clans have a large population, and a lot of us live more ‘traditional’ lives than many in the modern tech-centric environment most individuals do. Bringing the clans together meant a large population tland not a whole lot of space for all of them. So… we are relocating the majority of us to Oed V. We have been fortunate to find land and we plan on making it home. That task is complicated by the fact that the planet is so barren right now. But the clan has a massive wealth of knowledge with regards to agriculture, sustainability practices, animal breeding and care, and we felt that knowledge- amassed over hundreds and hundreds of years- would benefit the colony. So we all decide to move. We have some Clan remaining on Earth to keep our ancestral lands; but the majority are on a colony ship right now.”


“I remember you said you had a large extended family. That is the clan, yes?” Rokjav asked and Revna nodded. “I am surprised you are not traveling with them. The way you always talked about your family, it was hard to imagine how you were serving in Star Fleet away from them.”

Revna grinned. She was very attached to her family. “We would be if we had been on Earth. After I left Star Fleet, I worked with the diplomatic corp for about 2 years. My last posting was in the Delta Quadrant. So we are meeting them there. My sisters and his brothers helped to coordinate the move. We’ll arrive a few months before the colony ship. Hopefully it will allow us a little time to set up some foundational resources. It’s a huge undertaking,” she glanced at Mike, squeezed his hand, and smiled, “but I think it’s worth it. No better way to bond people together.” Then she laughed, “It’s certainly better than our traditional ways of pirating and raiding.”


“Although our clans have a history of raiding one another, too.” Mike said with a laugh. His chronometer chirped. He looked down and then said “Alarm. Revna and I have an early morning appointment tomorrow, but we can stay a bit longer if you all want to.”


Revna laughed, “Hmmm, we do. The spoils are so much richer when we do that.”

Eylanya smiled, “I would very much like that, but I’m afraid I’m fading. And thought I can sleep in, Rokjav has an early morning resetting the stage. I am so glad we got to see you again Revna, and to meet you Mike.”


Mike nodded and stood, offering his hand to Revna.

Revna set her hand in his as she stood. It was such an old fashioned gesture, but she loved it.

“It was truly a pleasure to meet you both. And again, the performance was absolutely incredible. If you ever find yourself on Oed V, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’d love to see you again. I’m sure the Clan would even love to sponsor a run of the show, if you are so inclined. Just stay in touch with us.” and he held a hand out to both siblings, shaking their hands in farewell.


“It was truly a pleasure to have you both here. We have been talking of expanding the locations of our tours. Perhaps I can convince them that Oed is the place to do that.” Eylanya shook his hand and then Revna’s. Rokjav shook his hand firmly. “We will keep in touch. We will make our own good fortune and see you again.”

“Eylanya, thank you so much. This was a marvelous experience,” Revna hugged her lightly. Then she took Rokjav’s hands, “I am so thankful our paths were able to cross again.” She hugged him tightly and said something only he could hear. He laughed but it was obvious whatever Revna said meant a lot to him. Then he called down for their slider and walked them down to the back entrance. “The press should be gone by now, but this will give you a quieter exit.”

Revna slid across the back seat of the slider, but only far enough that there was room for both of them to sit close.



Mike climbed in and put his arm over the back of the seat. “Ok… that was awesome, I gotta say.” and he smiled at Revna. “Thanks for taking me out on the town. Been a hot minute since I was in a proper theatre. And that one was amazing. And the show was straight fire.”


Revna smiled as Mike exuded energy. “Well it’s not often I get to show you off. I like it. I don’t count those last few boring diplomatic dinners on Event Horizon.” She leaned in and kissed him. “I’m glad you enjoyed it. Their troupe is amazing. I’m glad we were here when they were and that you happen to like opera.”


“People who don’t like opera have no soul.” Mike said with a grin. He held her close as the slider took them back to their bungalow, and he helped her out of the vehicle and walked her inside. “Now then… we have an early morning tomorrow, so tonight we sleep.”

Revna’s laugh was sultry. “But Mike, I promised to finish what we started earlier, and I always keep…”

He looked past her and grinned. On the bed were two day-bags, obviously packed. “Good. They packed us up already. So all we have to do is get up in the morning and go.” He kissed her cheek quickly and then walked into the bedroom and began getting undressed.


“Waitwaitwait…what? We’re leaving? How long?” She muttered under her breath. “This is what happens when we both try to plan surprises at the same time. If we won’t be here tomorrow night, I have to make a call.” She slipped out of the strappy heeled sandals and used her toes to flick then into the closet as she reached into her bag for her comm and padded barefoot toward the balcony.


“Day bags, doll. Just the day, don’t stress.” Mike said and then stretched and flopped down onto the bed. “But seriously… you specifically will need some sleep. So no hijinks. Sleep.” and he chuckled and started to get comfortable.


Revna turned back around and headed back into the bedroom. She grinned at him. “No hijinks? How am I supposed to get to sleep otherwise?” She laughed and began to pull pins out of her hair to let it down. She was absolutely not trying to start anything. She was being quite matter-of-fact about getting ready, but that didn’t mean much. “So do I get to peek in the bag?”


Mike closed his eyes, put his arms under his head, and smiled. “Nope. And no picking up and shaking or testing weight.” he said.


Revna chuckled, dropping the pins on the table beside the bed. “Keeping secrets are you? How enticing.” There was a sound of satin slithering and pooling on the floor and then the room got dark as she turned out the lights. The bed dipped slightly as Revna slipped into bed beside him. “No hijinks if you insist.” That didn’t mean she wasn’t going to kiss him though. After a long moment, she settled against his side, head on his shoulder, one arm draped across him. “Good night, Mike.”


“Yeah… it really was. Thanks, hun.” he said softly. He put an arm around her and pulled her close, and soon his breathing evened out and he was asleep.

-------------------------------------------------------------- The Next Morning----------------------------------------------------------------

“C’mon! Get up, lazy! We gotta go!” Mike was up and dressed in a pair of shorts and a loose white shirt. He was standing over Revna and grinning. “Let’s go Skipper. Time to shove off!”


Revna took a deep breath and opened her eyes. He was far too excited for this early in the morning. “Miiiike, I thought being retired meant we could sleep late?” She was grinning though. His enthusiasm was contagious. She stood up, gave him a quick peck on the lips, grabbed clothes, and slipped into the bathroom.

Seven minutes later, Revna stood in the living area. She had on a pair of khaki shorts and a loose, sleeveless button down shirt. Her hair was tightly braided, and she had a light grey ball cap on with a winged emblem that read “Valkyrie; est. 500 b.c.; Your ride to Valhalla” Followed by runes. “Alright, let’s shove off.”


Mike led her out the back patio doors and down the steps cut into the cliff face upon which their villa sat. He led her down to towards the beach where they spent their first afternoon, but instead of heading to the beach, he turned and grinned at her and pointed.

Revna followed him down the stairs back to the beach. The air smelt of the sea, but here the wind blew and one could taste the salt on the air. Stepping onto the sand her eyes followed where he pointed. A huge smile broke across her face.

Floating in the middle of the bay was a catamaran. It was large, with a central mast and a smaller fore-mast; both without sail at the moment. It was sleek, shiny, and built for speed. There were five figures on board who waved as the couple came down, and one jumped into a small hovercraft and shot across the water to the shore. The woman stepped out and walked up to Mike and Revna. “Good morning! She’s all ready to go.” the woman said to Mike and then looked at Revna. “You must be our captain for the day. I’m Bernadette, First Mate of the Sea Stike. C’mon! The crew is waiting!” and she motioned for Revna to get in.


Revna shook her hand, “Revna. It’s a pleasure, Bernadette.” Revna turned to Mike before following the woman. She leaned in, kissing him just below his ear. “Oh Mike. We are so perfectly suited.” She laughed and followed Bernadette to the hover craft and stepped on.


Mike followed and took a seat. Bernadette powered up the craft and steered them towards the Strike. “Lord McKenzie says you are an experienced sailor. She’s a racer. Won the Targent Cup three years in a row. Think you can get her up to speed?” she asked in a teasing fashion.


“That’s quite the record.” The Targent Cup was a well known race that was a stepping stone into the quadrant finals. Revna grinned. She had won many races in her day. She wasn’t one to boast though. “I guess we are about to find out. The Strike looks like a modern take on an F50.” She chained her neck looking at the engines. “What’s her top speed?”


Bernadette smiled. “We’ve had her up to almost seventy-four knots. And we don’t have an engine, so that is all wind.” Mike chuckled. “I got five slips that says if you put it in the right wind, Revna can beat that.” Bernadette looked Revna up and down and then shrugged. “Okay. It’s a bet. But just so you know. The crew will probably want in on that.” and she laughed as they pulled up next to the Strike. “Well, here ya go, Captain. Bernadette said and gestured to the ladder.


Revna cast a look at Mike. Way to put her on the spot. With another bet no less. “And what do I win, Husband, if I win you that bet?” It had been a few years since she sailed a real ship. The holodeck didn’t count. It was the one regret from their trip home. There just hadn’t been time.

“I didn’t bet you, wife.” Mike said with a smile. “But I may have said that your entire lineage are some of the best sailors that ever lived… and they laughed.”

Revna just shook her head. “Oh so no pressure then. Just the honor and reputation of our combined clan then. Alright let’s do this.”

Revna glanced up at the ship, no ropes, and then grabbed the rung of the ladder. Before climbing she glanced at Mike, “Hey look at that, no planks.” Her eyes danced and she laughed as she swarmed up the ladder like a spider.

She introduced herself to each of the crew, before divesting herself of shoes, socks, and pack. Philip stowed them safely away. It was easier than riding a bike, finding her sea legs again. She walked over to what passed as a navigation table. “I am unfamiliar with these waters. Do you have a suggested route or areas to avoid?” she asked Bernadette. “And what’s the forecast for today?”


Bernadette smiled. “There is a reason this planet is home to so many Cup races. We have the best seas available for it. No reefs near the surface anywhere we are going, and the water stays flat even at high winds. Weather today is windy, Skipper, and lot’s of sun.”


It might be the best seas, but that also meant a lack of experience with anything less than ‘ideal’. Sometimes it was those challenges that made the sailing worth it. Revna glanced up at the flag on the main mast for the wind direction and then back at the map. “Weigh the anchor,” Revna’s lilt carried easily, not that the wind and waves were loud just yet.

“Aye, Skipper!” Came the response and Revna grinned. A catamaran moved easily with the type so there was no need to push off or use oars. The tide took the boat out, and because they could be sailed in shallow water, Revna could turn the wheel so the rudder pivoted them about to face the open ocean. “Hoist the main sail.” The large sail rose quickly like a living thing. It flapped and billowed and waved not doing much. “Tighten the luff! We aren’t even at open sea yet. How are ya gonna handle the real thing?!” They were messing with her and Revna knew it. The crew laughed, the ropes were hauled, the sail snapped into form and the Strike shot forward across the waves.

Revna wanted to get a feel for how she moved through the water before really taking off once they cleared the main traffic near the shore. She ordered some very basic adjustments watching the crew and how they worked. She locked the wheel and looked at the map. “Bernadette? What’s your best time to they Weyley Chain?”


Bernadette grinned. “Three hours and ten minutes. But just so you know…” and she pointed st the map, “… right there are rollers. Big waves that don’t crest. We’ll be getting some air under the keel if you go through there.”


Revna nodded. The key to letting a boat surf a wave was speed and then angle of decent. Rollers didn’t crest so the energy didn’t help push the ship forward. The angle down would have to be slightly steeper to maintain the speed to climb the next one. Too steep and the boat would leave the water as it went down. It wasn’t a pleasant ride.

Revna looked up at the pennant again. There was a cross breeze at work and so far they were traveling along under the stronger wind. Revna grinned. “Coming about. Tack the head sail and jib the main.” They looked at her like she was nuts, but did it anyway. The Strike slowed as the sails lost the wind. Revna turned the wheel slightly and the head sail filled with the weaker cross breeze and began to pick up speed. They struggled with the main mast for a moment and with a slight adjustment of the wheel, the main mast grabbed the head wind. The catamaran shuttered and shot forward like a bullet. “Let’s go surfing Bernadette.”

Bernadette laughed loudly and said “Aye aye, Cap’n!”

It was a test of skill to keep the boat angled to catch both winds to full advantage and not let the sails get torn to pieces. Soon they were up to 40 knots, then 60, then 70. Then they hit 74 knots, the Strike’s top speed. Revna kept her there, getting a feel for how the boat responded to the speed and strain. She experimented gently with the rudder. The wind shifted slightly and Revna called out and then winked at Bernadette. “Ready to break that record?”

When they neared the rollers the ship was coasting along at 81 knots.


The crew was a solid team of professional racers… and they were positively giddy. They moved along the deck with grace and ease, despite the massive amount of speed. As they crested a huge roller, the boat ‘s front half left the water and they slid down the waves front with only their back half in the water. When they reached the bottom, they hit hard and the feeder winch to the foresail was jarred loose, sending the line spooling out and the sail going wild. Mike ran forward and grabbed the line, yanking it back and wrapping the rope around the spool before cracking the sail taut again. Bernadette looked at Revna and said “What? You both sail?”


Revna’s laughter carried across the deck. “We do. Though this is the first time we’ve sailed together.” She called out, “Alright, we’re gonna surf this one and cone about in the trough. Tack the main and reef it. Then jib the head sail and luff it as much as she can stand it.”

This allowed Revna to keep her speed, but gain a little more control as they rode the waves down. They still caught some air, but the landing wasn’t quite so jarring.

The last wave actually crested, and Revna turned her angle to a more shallow approach. The force of the wave pushed them forward adding to their speed. On the horizon they could see the mountains of the Weyley Chain growing closer. Revna checked the speed and distance. 2 hours 37 minutes roughly. “Mike! You wanna bring her in?” Revna loved this and it showed. She was thoroughly enjoying herself.


Mike wiped spray from his face as he moved to the back. “Nope. This your day, Skipper.” and he looked at Bernadette. “And this is the second time we’ve been sailing together. She’s forgetting our first date.” and he grinned at Revna and then took a seat.


“On a Holodeck! Controlled by a computer. It’s not the same thing and ya know it.” Revna laughed, “You also know good and well I will never forget that night.” She gave him a lecherous once over, “I’m going to tell you the same thing you told me that night. Hush and enjoy the ride.” That had the desired effect of wolf whistles and catcalls from the crew.

It wasn’t too much longer before Revna had them furl the mainsail, using just the fore to power them into the bay along the Weyley Chain. Once they crossed into the actual bay, they furled the foresail and let the tide carry them closer to shore. A catamaran, with it’s double hull, sat higher in the water and could go into shallower water than a single hulled ship. “Drop anchor!” That also meant it was likely to float away if not secured.

“Aye Skipper!” The boat slowed to a soothing bob in the tide. She turned and grinned at Bernadette, “2 hours and 37 minutes. Not too bad.”


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