Self-Doubt is a Captor

Posted Sept. 28, 2023, 8:55 p.m. by Commander Janusz Korczak (Counselor) (James Sinclair)

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Posted by Commander Janusz Korczak (Counselor) in Self-Doubt is a Captor

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Sharah Fayth (Chief Star Fleet Medical Officer) in Self-Doubt is a Captor
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The morning and early afternoon had been long. They had prepped everything they could for a rescue of a small 5 man crew. There was nothing more they could do before hand. Medically anyway. Sharah didn’t like to stand over her staff and watch and micromanage. Most of them had more experience than she did. Now at the end of her shift, they still had a few hours before they arrived. She headed to her quarters, wanting to be alone. Or at least she thought she did. Or, if she was honest, she didn’t want to run into a specific someone right now. She should be mad, but she was just hurt and uncertain. She didn’t expect him to forgive her or be friendly; she just hadn’t expected him to cross that line. She would never have thrown his deepest fear in his face for her own gain.

Entering the door, her hand reached to run across Hope’s leaves, but Hope wasn’t there. She’d left her at ho… with Yavia. She wanted to call them, talk to them, but what could they do from there? Nothing. It would only upset them. Eilah was far away now. She could write him, but the answer wouldn’t return until days after she was back on Oed.

She paced about her room feeling trapped, but unable to do anything about it. He wasn’t the first one to want to use her and her sickness like that. With an aching despair she knew he wouldn’t be the last either. Today would not be the first time she considered the benefits of moving alone to a lifeless asteroid to live out whatever life she had left.

Afyee several minutes of sketching and balling up papers in an attempt to vent, Sharah let out a frustrated groan. Wallowing wasn’t going to help. =/\=Fayth to Korczak. Are you busy?=/\=

Fayth, CMO

There was only a slight pause and then the oddly-accented voice said =/\= I have been relegated to my quarters until they figure out how I came aboard. So… no. Can I be of assistance? =/\=

Korczak, Counselor

Sharah really really should ask what he was talking about. She could and avoid why she had commed him in the first place. Would he be able to tell without seeing her? With her luck? Probably.

She hesitated a moment. She was supposed to be competent and in charge. A member of the senior staff. =/\=I think I need a session if it’s okay.=/\=

Fayth, CMO

=/\= The door is open. =/\= was all he said and the comms went dark.

In his quarters, Korczak nodded once to himself. The call was not unexpected, but it was later than he thought it would have been. “That is a good sign.” he said to himself. He stood up from the chair he was sitting in, reading, and he went to the replicator and got a pot of hot water and two cups. He set the tea set on the low table in front to rhe small couch and then went to his bag at the foot of his bed, retrieving a small wood box. He opened it, pulled two teabags out, and put the box back before moving back to the seating area. Dropping the bags in the hot water, he sat back and waited.

Korczak, Counselor

Sharah asked the computer where his quarters were. She left her quarters, though she would have preferred to meet in hers. Only because she wanted to avoid people. The ship was too small to not encounter people. Arriving at his door she took him at his word and pressed the control allowing the door to open. She stepped through, the door closing behind her.

Fayth, CMO

Korczak was pouring tea. “Good evening.” he said and set the pot down. “Black currant and lemon. A family favorite.” He looked at her and gestured to the sofa. “Please, sit. Let’ talk.”

Korczak, Counselor

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