The Shopping District Gala (Open to all non-Gala peeps)

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A big important event such as a diplomatic Gala always got people talking. Talk of the event, the clothes, the politics and speculation of the night fueling people’s imaginations in the upcoming weeks. Though clearly holding the colony’s attention, very few were able to attend the event. Leaving the masses outside sighing wistfully. Wouldn’t it be grand to attend a marvelous party like that? To wear your nicest dress or suit and drink from the finest bottles of wine and partake of intergalactic gastronomy. A fanciful daydream but that’s all it would ever be. . . right?

Argam of Lux Incorporated, understood the plight of the people. Everyone dreams of that night of fancy and luxury and what sort of businessman of fine luxury good would he be if he did not meet the interests of the market? It took some quick planning and the oiling of a few palms (Jezem helped though he said Argam best not ask about the methods he use) but the Ferengi managed to put together his own event the night of the Gala.

The Grand Shopping District Gala. Posters went up a week in advanced and everyone took attention. For one night the Streets of the Shopping district were decorated in the luxury glitz and glam of an official Gala. Various shops along the street partnered up, hosting their own smaller and themed party rooms. There was even a contest where guests could vote on their favorite party room. It was a happy night for all. The people got to live their dreams of attending a gala, businesses received a boost of new customers and visibility. The heart of the party, of course, was established in the space before Argam’s own humble business The four story building that homed Lux Incorporated. There he set up a fine banquet of tables laden with fine foods and drinks. A little further down a live band played before a dance floor lit up with sparkling nights.

Tonight was a night for everyone to live their dreams and live to the fullest.


Not one to pass up an opportunity to meet new people, Kristina has come across one of the posters while she was at a little café studying for a test. Very soon she would be starting her first internship in the government building but the official assignments hadn’t been announced yet. She wished it had already started so she could have been at the Museum tonight. Also, that was not the case, but the public party beckoned to her. She somehow didn’t think that it was Michael’s thing, but then again the man was ever a surprise. She told him she was going to investigate.

Cosgrove did not own anything on the level that the people attending the official gala would be wearing, but having a half-sister who had been in this government and was now a cultural ambassador had given her the chance to add to her wardrobe on a few occasions. She slipped on a black dress that was covered in a large pale pink rose print and trimmed with delicate black lace at the hem, waist and neckline. thick black straps held the fitted bodice in place, allowing the loose knee length skirt to flow. She pulled her hair up into a high ponytail, slipped on some black heels and headed out, clutch in hand. A tiny part of her was nervous to just roam about at night, but this was a very populated area and the chance of her being mugged like she had the very first day she had arrived on Oed years ago was exceptionally small.

Kristina heard the party before she even saw it. Turning the corner, she grinned at the sight of people milling about outside and also moving to and from the building. She moved to the entrance and followed people in, taking in the sights.

~Kristina Cosgrove

Eryn had seen the flyers of course. She had even posted some in her shop. She had expected to mixed in with the media during the Gala, but this impromptu party would be an excellent opportunity for someone to sow dissidents or create a catastrophe and blame the Vren. Their presence was advised. With Eryn being a prominent artesian on the colony she could have attended the official Gala, but a good business woman supported her own.

She pressed the comm button down to Vonn’s suite, not quite hiding the laughter in her voice. “I hope your ready to go. Eryn must arrive fashionably late and in such a crowd her primary body guard would never let her go alone.”


“We should be at the actual Gala, Eryn.” was the only response she received, but the now-familiar thud-thud-thud of the armored boots on the stirs from below indicated the Breen was already on their way up.


The comm went quiet but not before her laughter was heard. She made her way down to the main floor. She was wearing a deceptively elegant dress. Floor length, black with metallic threads, a slit to her knee, three quarter sleeves and a mandarin collar. The bodice, gave the impression of being sheer and hints of more, but hid her scarring well.

“Vould you rather go play nice with all zhe fancy people and Star Fleet brass and Diplomats, or go vhere there might be some fun?” she slipped back into the accent as they headed for the slider. “Ve can alvays change plans.”


The Breen gave her silence as a response, but escorted her to the private slider, checked the driver, opened and held the door for her and closed it behind her, and then sat in front with the driver.

As they approached the Shopping Gala, the helmet swiveled to look at the driver. “Rendesvous point three. Two hours.” The driver simply nodded and said “Understood.” Vonn exited the slider and opened the back door and held a gauntlets hand to her to help her out.

Gran (in public)

He was irritated. Eryn gave a mental sigh. She had no way of knowing if it was at her, the ‘assignment’, or something unrelated. She took his gauntleted hand, tapping out a pattern against his hand. A simple acknowledgement. She faced the crowd with an air of disinterest and distraction. In reality, Eryn took it all in, the patterns, the oddities, the people, the routes in and out. And she took in the essence of what was going on around her. She moved into the crowd toward the ‘main’ event staying well within ‘Gran’s‘ area of protection.


Like any good hosts, Jezem and Argam greeted guests outside of Lux Incorporated. Argam in his best Ferengi-style suit of deep purple with dark green accents swirled with muted gold. A decorative head piece to matched wrapped around the back of his head and attached right behind the ears. Beside him, Jezem stood out in formal Orion attire made of flowing pure white fabrics, shiny gold pauldrons and white leather. Overall they looked resplendent together as they met with guests and subtly coordinated with their small army of staff and security keeping things running.

Jezem caught Eryn’s eyes from across the streets and waggled his fingers at her in greeting an acknowledgment. He noted the shadow trailing behind her and thought ‘ah, so that is her mysterious partner’. Jezem leaned down to whisper into Argam’s ear, “I’ll be right back, I’m going to go say hello to Miss Romanov.” Argam asked that Jezem extend his own greeting before turning to address the concerns of a waiter.

With the grace of a lean and large cat, Jezem navigated through the busy crowd to meet with Eryn face to face, “Glad you could make it Eyrn, though I am surprised to see you. I thought you would have an invitation to the proper gala.”

Jezem (And Argam)

Eryn blinked and looked at Jezem as if surprised he spoke to her. Of course she wasn’t. It was all part of the facade. She was sure Gran was smirking behind that helmet at the reminder they should be at the actual gala instead. “Ah, Jezem. Yes, vell one must support zhe other artisans and entrepreneurs. I am surprised Argam did not choose to attend zhe Gala. He is prestigious enough.” She half turned, her attention fully focusing on the Breen slightly behind her. “Zhis is, Kashir Gran.”


Jezem twirled a strand of perfectly coifed hair around a finger, his expression every bit of the dumb trophy husband he liked to pass himself off as, “Oh, you know how Ferengi are. Their lobes start tingling and then there’s nothing you can do to dissuade them from whatever venture they pull together. He’s done quite an amazing job hasn’t he?” Eryn would know him enough to know that Jezem was behind 60% of the entire event. He gave Eryn’s Breen friend a coy smile, “A pleasure to meet you Mr. Gran.”


The Breen didn’t move or speak, and the helmet made any interpretation of intent impossible. But the name was not an unfamiliar one. Kashir Gran was a name that made the rounds of all the unsavory and illicit circles in the Quadrant. Syndicate enforcer, sometime freelance operator, all the time reputed to be both very dangerous and dangerously professional. Stories of their exploits were plentiful (if you were ‘in the know’); and looking at the heavily armed and armored figure standing behind their latest client most of them seemed far more plausible. In fact, the latest rumor was that Gran had taken offense to a Syndicate Underboss’s actions against the family of a rival and had… well… polite society said that the Breen “removed the Underboss of all further responsibilities.”… Syndicate speak for something quite brutal and final. And it was apparently not viewed negatively by the Syndicate, as no price had been put on the Breen’s helmet. Some even went so far as to say that even the Syndicate leadership didn’t want the blowback from Gran if whomever they sent to collect failed.


Jezem knew who Gran was, despite playing dumb. Gran quite likely knew who Jezem was. Though perhaps only as a name connected to someone far, far more important within the highest echelons of the Syndicate. A woman who know doubt would have needed and employees people like Gran. Someone whose reputation mirrored that of the Syndicate itself. Jezem was her protege and she his witness into the organization all years ago. Naanni was a hard woman to forget, as deadly as beautiful, and she took care of those deemed worthy of her respect.

He ignored Gran to give Eryn his full attention, “Eryn, you should come try the desserts. I know there’s a table out there just looooaded with all your favorites. Plus a few of mine I really want to introduce to you. Ever had Orion Spiced Chocolates? They’re, like, a sweet kick in the mouth that’ll have you begging for a glass of lassi.”

The was an air of excitement in the colony and Lai could understand why. Despite the risk and old wounds, people seemed genuinely curious about the diplomatic turn of events. She, of course, had been following the news as she tried to grasp the details of this Universe. That last thing she needed was to make a stupid slip. So far no one from the Government had come to tell them to keep it to themselves, but it was just the smart way to go.

Turning down the street, she saw poeple gathering at various shops and the merriment was contagious. For a brief moment she smiled. Then the dread kicked in. Lai stopped dead in her tracks and admonished herself for forgetting that this was not like before. They were safe here. Or so she tried to convince herself. Akem was better at it. It was in Lai’s nature to reach out and feel things and right now she wanted to do more of that rather than stayed cooped up in their apartment out of fear.

In a rare moment of fearlessness, she approached the larger of the venues and the one that frankly looked the fanciest of the set-ups. She was not quite dressed for it, though the plain black skirt and sleeveless floral top were okay. As she moved, people either ignored her or did a double take. Inwardly she laughed as they saw wha they thought was someone’s döppleganger. The truth was way stranger than whatever story they told themselves. As she entered, she sent Akem a message:

||There’s a party sort of thing going on in the shopping district. Do you remember what fun felt like? I don’t. Join me?||

~Lai Kitrian

Akem had been tracking info on Oed for some time as they learned more and more about their new environment. Typical Deltan attire was not what he was used to. He had grown so accustomed to hiding his identity with clothes that he wasn’t totally sure what to do. Would these people expect him their in his nude deltan glory? Or was he make like everyone and else to fit in? Clothes were probably safer.

||Fun has always been a rarity. I’ll be there soon if you truly think it worth while. Any suggestions on how i might present myself there?||


She smiled. ||They seemed to be all dressed up. More so than I. I think this is meant to be a chance for people to dress more formal than they normally would. Do with that what you will.||

Sending her reply, Lai ventured father into the space. She didn’t expect to see anyone she knew here, and it wasn’t like very many people even knew her, so for the moment she was moving about with apparent anonymity.

~Lai Kitrian

Argam was a good host, and greeted everyone as though they were old friends. Though the Ferengi hasn’t lived in the colony for a full year yet, he had a good reputation as an honest business man and fair with is dealings. The Ferengi approached Lai, sensing that she felt out of place amongst the gathered crowd. “Welcome, young miss!” He greeted with a wide smile, “Thank you for coming to this little gathering tonight. Please, enjoy all the food and drink you could want! Everything is free and provided for so you may enjoy your night without cause for concern!”

Jezem (And Argam)

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