Oed Museum- A Diplomatic Gala- The Vren Arrival (OPEN TO ALL)

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All the guests would enter into the Oed Museum through multiple doors at the front into a large open tiled space in the middle, and were directly across from a matching flank of doors at the back that led to outdoor gathering spaces. The two left and right were exhibit areas (North and South Wings) with various rooms surrounding a larger exhibit space. There were a second and third floor with more exhibit spaces and a kids learning centre, but the middle space was open on the main floor, and this openness was copied in each central exhibit in the wings. This central main floor space was where the gala was being held and round tables were staggered through the space, leaving lots of space for people to move about and mingle. Light filtered through from the skylights high above them. Event staff had prepped a podium area where speeches and what not would happen (flanked by the Oed Five and Federation flags) and to the corner were buffet tables with a small set of them set perpendicular for the Vren’s specific food.
___ An Hour Later ____________

The truly massive form of Lord Duroc parted the crowd like a icebreaker ship going through frozen seas. He approached the Governor and Lieutenant Governor… and the Vren Ambassador… and stepped directly in front of them. He eyed the Vren guards for a split second before focusing his deep red eyes on the Ambassador. “Ambassador. I am Urg’tohn, Lord of Klingon House Duroc. I spoke with you when my ship escorted yours from the border to Oed space. On behalf of the Klingon Empire, we welcome you to Oed V.” He looked at Hyrushi and then smiled slightly and leaned in close to him. “And yes, that actually is official; not just me speaking for those pompous targ droppings on the Council.”

Hyrushi actually smiled slightly and nodded. “Much thanks to the Council for their support of this initiative, Lord Duroc.” he said very softly, but with a glance at Eela. He then looked at the Kek and said “I was unaware you had met Lord Duroc already. A more adamant friend to the colony we have not. His is a welcome presence.”

Hyrushi, Governor

Interesting. Curious that they were only finding this out now, but then again, the Klingon High Council rarely did what you expected. She simply returned the look Kenzo gave her.

Kek bowed and said “Lord Duroc, yes. We appreciate your attention and ensuring our safes arrivals. Your ship is most… impressive.” One of Kek’s guards leaned in and croaked something softly to him and the Ambassador seemed to perk up slightly. “Oh yes! Our ship’s Captain was hoping to speak with you. Your ship peaked his interest to no end. He is here, just coming in.” and he turned slightly as another group of six Vren entered. The one at the front was larger than the rest, and unlike the rest of the Vren contingent their skin was a solid bright blue. As they approached, the bright blue Vren walked up to Urg. He was even slightly taller than the Klingon, but exuded an air of authority. “I am Captain K’grl. I remember your face from the escort. You are Lord Duroc?”

Kek, Vren Ambassador

Urg nodded and said “I am. Come, Captain. We can speak of important matters while the politicians pretend to be productive.” That elicited something like a loud scream from the Vren Captain, and it took a moment for the non-Vren to realize what it was… a laugh. The two figures moved away and Urg looked back at Hyrushi and Dasca and gave them a nod.

Urg, Lord Duroc

Dasca returned the nod to Urg’ton. She was sure the two would have plenty of interesting things to talk about.

Mathis smiled at the exchange and made a note to find Lord Duroc later. While she had moved in next door office-wise, there hadn’t bene time to pay a formal visit to her fellow Ambassador on Oed.

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The children’s presentation had been, to her mind, a stroke of genius. It really was an incredible and warm welcome from the colony to the Vren delegation. Astrid watched from the side. She was a part of the leadership OED V and therefore stayed in the place assigned to her for the presentation.

She knew many of the leadership by face though perhaps not in a personal fashion. They were all dressed in finery of some kind or other, showing the importance of the occasion, or simply the strong desire to dress in fancy garb. Astrid enjoyed watching every bit of it.

This many people she didn’t know surrounding made her feel a bit uncomfortable. She shook away the feeling that anything bad would happen. This was a very locked down event and she had her own security to comfort her. Still she rolled her shoulders as a strange ache settled on her spine. Her dark eyes scanned the crowd, not sure what she was looking for, if anything at all.

Finally her eyes fell on The Lady of Duroc as Lord Duroc moved away with a Vren, she smiled. Urg had been a dear friend to her. Her lessons had continued as he demanded. She had to let out a little laugh at that thought though. So rarely was Astrid used to being ordered around, friendly demand or not, that she had to laugh at it. With one last look around, she moved to stand beside the Lady.

“I believe it is a great honor to finally meet you Lady Duroc. I am Astrid Rousseau, Head of Judiciary here on OEDV.”

Astrid Roussuea, HotJ

As Urg went to speak to the official party, Jal’na’s guards moved to fill the space he left. She tried not to show unfamiliar she was with it. At least her guards were good natured about her learning curve. She turned to make her way towards their table, but paused as Chief Justice approached. She recognized the members of their House amongst her guards. “Justice Rousseau,” Jal’na nodded to her. She recognized her of course. Jal’na had lived on Oed for many years before she ever met Urg. She was familiar with the faces and names of the colonial leaders even if she didn’t know them personally. “It is an honor to meet such a good friend of my mate. Please call me Jal’na.”

Jal’na, Lady Duroc

OOC: Okay, things are starting, and people should be at or moving to tables. Given how long this thread is, it really needed to be snipped. Hopefully I didn’t cut out anything that needed to be replied to. There will be speeches, then people can grab food from the buffet and mingle. Side threads are welcome BUT don’t ignore the main thread and the other players in it. Remember that this in an opportunity for characters to interact when they don’t normally. Even cabinet members who presumably see each other all the time at cabinet meetings might not get to have more in depth conversations. Now’s your chance. If you want to split off for a side thread, please alter the title so others don’t get confused about where they should post. Also, if you are conversing with someone/people in one side thread, unless you leave the building or go off where you can’t be seen, assume that it’s open for others to join in to. Yay for possibly awkward socializing?
Jeanette gestured to Ambassador Kek and his aide to have a seat at their table. Behind her, Jones appeared, radiating calmness and surety. “Ambassdor Kek, D’ssl’t Mawrg, I’d like to introduce you to my attaché, Dashiel Jones.”

Dash gave a deep bow of his head. “A pleasure and an honour,” he said.

~Ambassador Mathis & Dashiel Jones

Eela caught the subtle look Dash gave her as they all came to the table, but true to form he was nothing but professional and keeping his emotions tightly reigned. Just as it should be. When they had a moment to talk ust the two of them, well, that would surely change.

Once the Ambassador’s sat, Eela took her seat.

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

It was the first time the pair had been officially out in public and the EGV that rolled up to the Gala at the almost very last minute was flanked by a trio of OED PD hoverbikes to the front and back left no doubt that the man inside the heavily armored limo was absolutely done hiding their relationship. The Holloway family crest on the front plate removed any doubt to whom the vehicle belonged. Outside the Gala, the slowly disbursing Press Corps turned quickly and returned to their posts as the motorcade worthy of a head of state came to rest in perfect alignment with the carpet. A set of doors behind the front row opened and four tuxedoed security agents stepped out, two flanked the carpet… one stood by the back of the vehicle… and the other stood by the door, a moment later opening the door.

A long caramel-skinned leg snaked out the door, a glittering heel on the leg’s foot. Then, wrapped in an elegant, curve-hugging dark emerald green evening gown with a thigh-high slit on her right side… came the tall, athletic form of HHI’s COO, Dominique Alexis Brunner. Cameras flashed like mad, many gasping at the executive’s look, and then a cheer came from the crowd as HHI Chair Lucas Elliot Holloway stepped out in an Armani black tux with a perfectly matched emerald green bow tie, swatch, and cummerbund. It was the first time Lucas had appeared for a public event since the attack on him & Calvin. Though the magnate still walked with a slight limp, a shining black cane in his right hand… he proudly walked with Dominique on his left arm, one security agent to each side and one each front and back. They stopped at the photo backdrop and paused… smiling brightly with his date… then turned and entered the Gala.

Dominique & Lucas

Karina watched the brief exchange with Lord Duroc and then as the most VIPs of the VIPs took their seats. She sat and turned her attention to the podium where speeches would be given. Her official duty for the Gala was through. Now the only thing left to do was listen to the speeches and make polite conversation with the rest of those in attendance.

Enger, DOE

At their assigned table, Erin watched in awe at the Vren’s official party. It wasn’t the first time she had seen a member of the Vren, but it was the first time she was seeing them live.

Sitting next to her, Erin heard her sister clear her throat, and felt a soft bump on her elbow. “You’re staring, Erin.” Came Molly’s voice. “As a member of the cabinet, you should probably refrain from doing that.” Erin sighed, looking instead around the room. She spotted her uncle with his new girlfriend coming in. “There’s Uncle Lucas.” She pointed out, hoping that her sister would stop mothering her, even though Erin knew she was right. After living apart for so long, Hazen had forgotten how overbearing Molly had been in the past, and she could only hope the trend was not going to come back. Still, she couldn’t help but feeling like a child on Christmas morning. There was so much to take in, so much to learn! As a scientist and researcher, meeting a new species was a dream come true, but Erin knew that it wouldn’t be very polite if she made their new guests feel like they were animals in a zoo. It was especially worse given her current job.

Looking around the room once more, and at all the familiar faces, Erin let her gaze fall on the podium where the speeches would soon be starting.

Erin Hazen-Cooper, Director of Terraforming

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