Spotted Glass ( TAGS-Fen, Fayth, Seamus McKenzie. Nia Harmon, others also possible)

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Tannenn opened the doorway with a smile, “Come on in, thank you very much for coming over Doctor Fayth, as soon as the others arrive we can discuss everything at once in the meantime while we wait, I took the liberty of ordering dinner. I figured a pot-luck type of layout was safest, though if nothing is to your liking let me know and we’ll sort it out.”

Keen, CFSO

McKenzie, Conservation Director

Sharah waved the offer away. “Whatever you have will be fine.” She looked around the office, relieved to see it looking different than the last time she was here. Memories flooded her as she made her way over and grabbed a few things onto a plate and then sat. Keen wouldn’t know, but she made a point to sit away from what had been her usual spot. “I have to say that I am quite intrigued. Cmdr Woods never mentioned any special project to me.”

Fayth, SFCMO

Tannenn gave a slight shrug, “There’s a lot of notes but from what I saw nothing was started as of yet. It seems like he was collecting names for the team and had likely planned to get it going once everyone was on board but for whatever reason with his transfer and mine coming in as replacement.” she shook her head, “Nice you meet you, and I will explain everything once the others arrive.”

Fayth nodded, “Probably will save time. Thank you for arranging for food.”

“Aye lad, thank ye.” a voice said as the door opened. The doorway was filled with a large man with fire-red hair and beard. He wore a loose fitting shirt that did nothing to truly hide the muscles that made up his frame and a kilt. On his feet, soft leather boots came up to his calves. Two Security officers flanked him and one said “Commander Keen? Mr. McKenzie here to see you.” McKenzie looked at the women in the room and smiled. “Seamus McKenzie, at your service. How can I help?”

Tannenn blinked at the tall, very handsome, muscular red haired man in a kilt no less. she smiled, “Welcome to the Fleet science labs. Mr McKenzie, I have had a dinner prepared since this meeting may take a while. I want to wait for everyone to be here, before I start explaining why I have asked you all here. That way I’m not repeating over and again, risking boring everyone. Please make yourself at home. You can call me Tannenn if you wish.”

Keen, CFSO

Fayth looked up and up. He was tall and she supposed good looking. The kilt was interesting, she’d never seen one except in pictures. She had heard of the man though. Hyrushi had mentioned a new conservation director, and out of curiosity she had kept up to date on the position. If he impressed the Governor there had to be something special about him. “It’s a pleasure, Mr. McKenzie. I’m Dr. Fayth, but you can call me Sharah.”

Seamus McKenzie

“Seamus. And if we’re gonna be a here through dinner, ah better be callin’ my wife. She’s not one ya want ta be making angry, let me tell ya.” He pulled out a small communicator and stepped to the back of the room… but his eyes seemed to be everywhere as he walked to a place of moderate privavcy.

Seamus McKenzie, Conservation

Sharah liked him instantly. Not only was he being thoughtful of gis wife, but the love and respect he had for her swirling in a lovely bright pool around him. She could tell the statement of the wife’s temper was accurate, but that he loved her without reservation and he had a bright fun presence with an underlying fierce loyalty. It reminded her a bit of Jal’na and Urg.

Tannenn nodded, as Seamus moved to a more private spot in the room, his wife was a lucky woman if his brief open loyalty just then was any indication. She felt a brief pang of guilt but shook it away, it wasn’t her fault nor anyone else’s that Iria had perished before she and her fiancee could have enjoy their lives together.

Nia had been working split shifts since her original conversation with Woods and was able to juggle things around a little to make the meeting work. She slipped in just behind an unfamiliar man, but then again on this new posting unfamiliar people were a given. Her blond hair was pulled back in a short braid at the nape of her neck and her uniform was in a good state except for a bit of what looked like dried dirt at the hem of her jacket. “Commander, Lieutenant Nia Harmon,” she greeted with a nod and friendly smile. “I was expecting we’d be talking sooner rather than later.”

~Nia Harmon, Sciences

“I called when I found Woods list. I don’t think he had intended to transfer in the middle of this.” she shook her head slightly, “Make yourselves comfortable I will get things started shortly.” She made sure the room was secure and then with an apologetic smile she put the brief details of the genome on the screen behind her. “This is a ‘gift’ from our new friends, that we need to make sure isn’t going to turn the planet into a mess instead.” Tannenn paused for a long moment, “Based on what I have read it is highly reactive to any material and so far that the simulations have shown it binds completely with the host matter in less than micro-seconds. It’s like nothing I have encountered myself and I am both curious and wry of it.” Tannenn paused again looking at each person before she continued in a light yet firm tone. “So I welcome your ideas and input. If you want to bring in folks to help I welcome it. Please make sure anyone you bring in is aware this is highly sensitive and can not be taken out of the labs. I have also been given a time table which is less than ideal but I think it is possible if nothing else to either prove or disprove the gift is real or a masked monster.” Tannenn finished and sat down to allow the others to either view the genome on the screen or ask what questions they would.

Keen, CFSO

Sharah’s food was forgotten as she stared at the screen. It was fascinating, and would be a huge advancement for the colony. “Two initial questions. First, what is our timeline to figure this out. Two what information/instructions for use were sent with this gift. That would be a good place to start.” She tapped a finger against her leg. “We are going to need a self contained sealed environment with irradiating capabilities in case it gets out of hand.”

Her mind was tripping through the process of testing it. “You saidbit binds almost instantly. How fast is the growth acceleration? How do we slow it down or stop it? Does it do that itself? What is the reaction when it encounters a different organic matter? Does it assimilate or by pass?” She was rambling, thinking outloud as she scribbled on a PaDD.

Then she came back to one of Keen’s last comments. “I can see several implications for medical, but not anyone who would be able to contribute at this early stage. There are several skilled botanists in your department. I am not sure of their clearance levels though.”

Fayth, SFCMO

Seamus had completed his call and was looking at the screen as well. His brow furrowed and he said “Alright… I dunnae know why exactly I’m here. I’m nae geneticist, nae any kind ‘a doctor of biology or such. I studied ecology an’ conservation of natural resources. And that right there-” and he pointed at the screen, “-seems like a Pandora’s Box of waaaaaay too much biological developmental power.” He moved closer and pointed at specific sections of the model. “Again, nae a doctor like the rest of ye so I may be talkin’ outta my ass, but look here. These gaps in the base code…it’s like a universal adapter for DNA. Whatever this is, it’ll bind to whatever ya put in it or put it on and then grow it. How fast, I have no idea… but it’ll be a lot faster than is natural, thats for sure.”

McKenzie, Director of Conservation

Nia nodded. “When Woods and I were talking over a plan of action, my thought was to gather various soil samples, including Oed’s current native soil, and do a series of tests in small quantities. We can use the plant samples that Terraforming has already been using, start small and scale up. If this thing works as quickly as we think it does, then we can get some solid data pretty shortly. It might not be complete, but it would show the generally trends. We have facilities at the Science and Terraforming complex set up specifically for this sort of sensitive operation. Clean rooms, biohazard programming, the works. Access is easily locked down to the few individuals set up for it.” She had bene giving it a lot of thought since her meeting with the previous CSO.

~Nia Harmon, Sciences

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Keen, CFSO

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