Recreation Centre - I Need Break From My life (open)

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Posted by Civilian Karina Enger (Director of Education) in Recreation Centre - I Need Break From My life (open)

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An Orion male swept through open doors of the recreation center. Garbed in more modest attire of a loose tunic with a wide neckline that brushed against his shoulders. Tight white slacks that ended mid-calf and smart black boat shoes. The too carefully casual look of a rich person that decided to “dress down”. Or as regular people would say “you paid how much for a plain blue shirt?” Though, what did regular people know? They liked replicated clothes. The cost was nothing to him. The value of real clothing crafted by hand from organic fabrics? Priceless.

Jezem rubbed a hand over his tired eyes. A whole week of slumming it lurking in shady bars, stalking suspicious ports and lingering outside businesses of ill-repute. What did he gain? Too little information to mark the trip as a success but enough that he couldn’t write it off as a total loss. And in the end? An exhausted and frustrated orion who needed bare minimum one afternoon to relax before de-tangling whatever mess waited for him at home. How. How does one man end up caring for two disasters? Sisters help him. Jezem needed all of their guidance and divine inspiration.

He glared at the holographic display of the center’s many offerings for rest and relaxation. Deciding upon an activity to provide the most relaxation while requiring as little of him as possible took careful calculation.

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“So many different choices to choose from aren’t there,” Alston said as he stepped up besides Jezem at the display. He was dressed simply in a clean cut black t-shirt and a pair of dark jeans.

He looked briefly over at the Orion before turning back to the display. “Any recommendations on what is good here?”

~ Mace

Jezem studied the man that came up beside him for a moment. Face blank as he considered the personality to adopt for this particular interaction. In the blink of an eye Jezem slipped into the easy role of a bored and privileged spouse of a wealthy partner. “The spa is always at the top of my recommendations. It’s not, you know, the best but it still ranks pretty high.” He twirled a strand of silky hair around one finger.

Aiofemi entered the recreation center with a gentle smile on her face, her eyes curiously scanning the various activities and people scattered around the room. It was her “day off” and trip to the rec center seemed like the ideal place to do a quick workout and then relax in a spa.

Approaching the holographic display, she noticed two beings deep in conversation about the available choices. One she was sure she recognized, Mr. Mace who was apart of the cabinet and worked with OED CIA. Aiofemi, being a friendly and sociable person, seized the opportunity to make some new friends and engage in casual conversation.

“Hello there!” she greeted them warmly, her eyes lingering on the options on the display. “It’s Alston, right?” She said to him as she offered a hand to each of them. I’m the director of Medical and Social Services. It’s a pleasure to meet you both.”

She glanced again at the activities listed on the display, “What are you guys up to?”

Dr. Ai Oshiro, DMSS

Alston turned away from the display towards Ai, taking her offered hand. “That is correct Doctor, it’s nice to meet you in a, well, less stressful setting,” he said recognizing her from the earlier cabinet meeting. There were good reasons for him to keep his reason for being on Oed quiet as long as possible, he was going to have to tread carefully with the Doc as she knew just enough.

“Since I only recently arrived here on Oed I figured I’d try out a few of the different amenities, such as the Rec Center. I was just asking our friend here,” he said gesturing to Jezem, “what might be a good activity to participate in. Do you have any favorites?”

  • Mace

A new face. These two knew each other. This could be interesting. Jezem smiled at the new face, noting her title and appearance. Was this Alston also someone important?

Jezem hummed, considering the options on the board. He tapped one well-manicured finger upon his bottom lip, “Oh! The relaxation yoga is amaaazing. It’s like a little of hot yoga with the sound bowls and the instructor, Linsaede, is so charming and sweet. Oh, and I’m Jezem, spouse of Argam of Interstellar Lux Incorporated.” He introduced himself in the Ferengi way since his husband was a Ferengi and a prominent businessman on the colony.


Alston raised his eyebrow when Jezem introduced himself, there could be something useful there.

“Alston Mace,” he said in reply. “Nothing quite as prestigious as Lux Incorporated, but I do have a small trading company, among other things.

Karina didn’t get a break often these days, and though she was sure it was just in her head she had been in so many meetings she felt like her voice enhancer was giving out. She was also developing a migraine. At the urging of her assistant she booked a spa session for the day and Terlisa had rescheduled all her appointments. She entered and paused at the small crowd around the board. She recognized all three of them. 2 being cabinet members. She hoped they didn’t stop her for work. She smiled a greeting. “The center is popular today,” she remarked by way of greeting. She had yet to take advantage of the rec center and so scanned the board looking for where she needed to go.

Enger, DOE

Jezem recognized Karina, and gave her a small smile. Seems all kinds of important people are gathering at the rec center today along with his humble little self. “Rest and relaxation is always popular,” He said by way of greeting.

Aiofemi nodded as she greeted them both with a warm smile, dressed in her yoga clothes as she had planned to do that exact activity. “Nice to meet you both. Relaxation yoga sounds wonderfu.” She said looking at Alston and Jezem. “We should definitely do it together. Welcome to Oed.”

As Karina joined the conversation, Aiofemi acknowledged her with a friendly nod. “Indeed, the center seems quite busy today,” she agreed. “I think it’s great that we can all take a break and enjoy some recreational time. Jezem here recommends the relaxation yoga; would you be interested in joining us?”

Glancing back at the holographic display, Aiofemi added, “I was actually thinking of doing a quick yoga session when I walked in. Jezem just sealed the deal for me. Afterward, I planned on spending some time in the spa. I’m open to other suggestions too. It’s my day off, and I intend to make the most of it.”

Dr. Ai Oshiro, DMSS

He shrugged. Relaxation yoga was not something he would typically be interested in, but it would be something to do at least. And who knows what may come out of it.

“Not my usual cup of tea, but I’m not going to be known for not trying something new. So I’m game.”

  • Mace

Karina looked at Mace and grinned, “I agree. I am always up for trying something new. As long as I don’t show up to the office or log in to my account I don’t think my assistant will care.”

“Even if, like, the yoga part isn’t your thing the singing bowls have a way of setting your mind free and at ease. And the teacher, Linsaede, she’s Deltan and so cool, has a way with words.” He paused, considering Aiofemi’s clothes, “I’ll meet you all in the yoga room, I need to change into more yoga appropriate clothes.” Jezem said after glancing down at his current wear. Which was good for looking effortlessly casual but not so much for stretching and exercise.

Alston looked down at his own clothes and let out a small chuckle. “I should probably get changed into something a bit more, flexible, as well.”

From a console set into a wall he placed a request for workout clothes, replicated on the spot. Keeping his activity partners in mind he kept the clothes to something simple. Comfortable dark blue yoga pants and a white crop-top with short sleeves that just covered the shoulders. New clothes in hand he got changed, old clothes stashed in a locker, and arrived outside the yoga room to enter with his new friends.


He followed Jezem over towards the console, and after he was complete, replicated his own set. It was a minor expense, but he considered it a business expense. Maybe he could charge it back.

Karina was wearing a loose short sleeved shirt, pants, and sandals. She didn’t know if that was appropriate wear for such an activity, but she didn’t see the need, at this point, to waste the credits on something new. She spoke to a coordinator at the desk to rearrange the appointments Terlisa had made for her and then made her way to the indicated yoga room.

She looked at Jezem, “What exactly is yoga?”


Jezem hummed, rocking back on his heels while he considered his answer, “The answer can be different depending who you ask but I would define it as. . . physical and mental exercises that focus on achieving harmony between the mind and body and elevating both. So, a workout for your body and your brain wrapped up into one. Lots of different species and cultures have developed their own brand of yoga. Linsaede uses Earth-style yoga with Deltan mind exercises.”

Karina’s expression showed deep thoughtfulness as she considered the Orion’s description. “It sounds intriguing.” She was particularly curious about ‘Deltan mind exercises.’ As a telepath she was always curious about other telepathic species.


Having finished up in the locker room, and secured his regular clothes in one of the lockers, Alston was quickly able to find where Jezem and Karina were waiting.

“All set. How long until the next class starts?”

  • Mace

“Shouldn’t be long now, the doors will open when Linsaede is ready for us.” Jezem said.


Aiofemi smiled at the group’s enthusiasm and openness to trying something new. “I’m glad you all are up for it! I think you’ll enjoy the experience, especially with Linsaede as our teacher. I have not personally met her but I have heard that their approach is truly unique and effective.”

As they all made their way to the yoga room, Aiofemi chimed in, “Yoga has many benefits beyond just physical exercise. It helps with relaxation, mindfulness, and improving flexibility. It’s a holistic practice that can enhance both your physical and mental well-being.”

Karina’s interest in Deltan mind exercises piqued Aiofemi’s curiosity as well. “Deltan mind exercises sound intriguing indeed. I’d love to hear more about them sometime, Karina. Maybe we can exchange some insights during or after the yoga session.”

Dr. Ai Oshiro, DMSS

Karina smiled gently. “Oh I know nothing about them. As a telepath I am always interested in other telepathic cultures and how they adapt. We do not have voices. Our telepathy evolved to such a degree that on our planet we no longer needed it. When we began to travel in space, we discovered a need and now those that wish it, have surgery to implant vocal enhancers. I find it fascinating to see how other strong telepathic species developed both forms of comm…” she shook her head and smiled ruefully, “pardon. Communication simultaneously. Especially with empathy as we Cairn do not have that particular gift.”

“I’m not sure I’m familiar with Deltan mind exercises,” Alston said as he lightly stretched his arms while they waited. “What do they entail?”

Karina smiled toward Mace. “Perhaps we are about to find out, yes?”

The yoga part he was at least familiar with. There were was only plenty of time to pass between ports, plenty of opportunities to try out different forms of exercise whenever he got bored.

  • Mace

As the group settled into the room and found their spots on the floor, their teacher entered from a side entrance and smiled at the group. She opened her arms wide in greeting and said, “Welcome to my class, I see many new faces today. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Linsaede, a senior instructor here at the recreation center.” Like all Deltan’s she was hairless save for the thick and dark eyelashes that framed her bright blue eyes. Her whisper soft skin was the color of honey and smile lines crinkled at the corner of her eyes. Dressed in pale violet tights that came up to her waist and a form-fitting tank-top she moved with the grace and poise of someone dressed for a ball rather than a yoga class.

Jezem greeted Linsaede with a touch on her shoulder and she leaned in brush her cheek against his, “Meet my new friends who I convinced to try your class,” He said, a look of mischief in his eyes, “Though I think they’re more interested in your mysterious Deltan Mind Exercises”

Linsaede laughed at that, “Then I shall not let them down. Everyone, grab a mat and let’s begin.” She motioned towards a pile of yoga mats set against the wall. Each of different color, size and thickness. Jezem selected one of the thinner mats for himself and laid it out at the front of the room closest to Linsaede. The two shared a smile. Linsaede continued, “We’ll start with a series of simple yoga poses to warm the body and stretch the muscles.”


Having no idea which to grab or the differences in them, Karina chose a mat at random and followed the rest of the class in rolling it out on the floor and taking a place on it.


Alston grabbed a thinner mat himself and laid it out on the floor next to Karina. As he waited to start, he slowly shifted his feet to get a feel for the mat. Unknown equipment always posed a potential challenge, and the last thing he needed was to cause a scene in the middle of the class.

  • Mace

“Let us begin,” Linsaede snapped her fingers and a track of singing bowls began to play. The sounds designed to create a ponderous and relaxing atmosphere. Linsaede’s voice slipped through the ringing of the bowls in musical harmony, “Position yourselves at the center of your mats and sitting with your legs crossed before you. Follow the guidance of my voice, breathe as I breathe. Very good. As we stretch breathe in through the nose. . . and out through the mouth. Feel where the muscles pull and follow the sensation back into your core. . . Allow your mind to connect with your body, bringing greater awareness of the consciousness.”

Linsaede lead the group through the first stretches, mainly focused on the arms, shoulder and neck. She described each motion and counted each stretch to five. Next, a series of core and back stretches that ended in child pose before having everyone come up in a kneeling position. “Rejoice in the stretch of muscle, luxuriate in the sensation of pushing your body past its boundaries. Even pain is welcomed. Pain is part of us, it tells us when we have gone too far, when we are hurt, it tells us how we must protect ourselves and our areas of weakness. Have you ever woken up sore after a day enjoying a new physical activity? That lingering echo of pain we feel is our body speaking to us.

“Everyone, on your backs,” Linsaede instructed.


Over all Karina enjoyed the opening stretches and Linsaede’s focus on being fully aware of what the body was doing. Karina was rather limber and in decent shape. Though the planning and opening of the university had put self care on the back burner. It felt good to stretch more than her mind.

Karina sat up and shifted to stretch her legs out and then lowered herself to her back. She glanced around at her fellow classmates as she did. Curious how the others were experiencing the class.


As the class progressed, it was easy enough for Alston to fall into the rhythm that Linsaede was setting. He had done other types of yoga before so the forms were familiar. He could lose himself in the forms and just concentrate on his body movements. He took each stretch to the limit, feeling his muscles start to protest, and then took it that extra step past that.

When it was time to lay down, he easily shifted onto his back to continue the next set of forms.

  • Mace

Jezem laid back and grinned at anyone he happened to catch eye-contact with as everyone waited for the next set of instructions. So far they seemed to be doing well but now the real fun began. He relaxed ontop of his mat, waiting for Linsaede’s guidance.

Linsaede observed her students for a moment before satisfied that they could begin with the next segment. She spoke again once she laid on her back, “We shall begin in corpse pose. Close your eyes. Become one of body, mind and soul. Breathe, and weclome the air into your lungs, that which gives us life, oxygen to our blood and carries our words. Breathe and exist.” She gave her students time to settle into the new pose and to find balance within themselves. “Now we transition into the bridge pose. Center your body, brace your feet on the ground and breath as you lift the hips until you form a bridge from shoulders to knees.

“Prease down into the arms and shoulders, engage your legs, buttocks and back until you feel the stretch. Breathe, hold this position for six breathes then exhale. Slowly rolling your spine back to floor. And repeat. Listen to your bodies, feel the curve of your spine and the tauntness in your buttocks. What do these sensations remind you of? What memories do they bring to mind? Allow yourself to fall into these recollections as you go through the pose again.”


Karina followed the directions without problem. She heard several nervous chuckles from around the room. It always surprised her what others found so embarrassing. Cairn were so incredibly open and honest. They had no concept of secrecy or privacy until they joined the Federation. It was still a very new concept for her people to adjust to. Despite working off world for many many years, she still found it strange and curious.


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