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At 0758 hours, Eela arrived back at Kenzo’s building. She had discreetly called Captain McBride and filled him in, and he agree that they should move to a ‘quiet’ yellow alert until the news broke. Starfleet Security was now called to duty stations and extra patrols initiated.

Then she called Caridee, and as expected her daughter was worried for her, empathetic and supportive. She understood her mother’s request to remain put and agreed to wait at Eela’s place. Eela was just glad they were talking over the comm. She wasn’t sure she could handle Caridee’s empathy and awareness. She really didn’t need a psychiatrist at the moment, and certainly not someone who connected to her.

Stepping out of the slider, Eela repeated the earlier movements up to Kenzo’s and it all felt too much like dejavu. She was just going through the motions. She was let into his place and this time just stood in the entryway. “I’m back…” she called out. A simple and obvious statement gven he’d sense she was there and very much like before, all focused mind and no emotions.


“Kitchen.” came the reply, accompanied by an aroma that was hard to place but definitely delicious.

She slipped off her boots and moved through the entry and into the kitchen.

Kenzo was standing in front of the stove, apron over his pants and shirt. He didn’t look up from what he was doing, he just said “Have a seat. Breakfast will be ready in a minute. And yes, you are going to eat.”


An audible inhale and exhale was her only response as Eela slipped up on to a barstool where she had sat when he had made sushi for her. Again, more strange threads of deja vu.

She watched him cook for a minute before she finally spoke. “Jeanette and her family are… well, you can imagine. But she and I did make the call to his family. We got a hold of his sister Clarissa, as we couldn’t reach Ellie, his mother. That… sucked. But then again, as I told Mathis, making those calls never gets easier.”


“No. It does not.” he agreed as he turned and began plating. Rice steamed in miso with a delicate folded egg and tofu omelet laid gracefully across it was set in front of her. “I have a call into the police. They will keep us apprised as they find out anything. And Ms. Fen called. The administrators are circling wagons, as the saying goes; so for the time being all we can do is wait.”

“I called McBride. He’s shifting Security to a soft alert, so all there will be a discreet increase in their presence anywhere Starfleet is. Once the news is being released, the whole Starfleet Complex will shift to yellow alert.”

He set a plate in front of her along with a tall glass of water; then mirrored that on his side. “Eat, Eela. That is an order.”


“You know I’m not a breakfast person, but it does look lovely. Thank you,” she commented, reaching for the water glass. “Though Dorma did bring us all some wickedly strong coffee that was most welcome at the moment.” She sipped the water and then reached for a fork, cutting off a small bite of the omelet and popping it in her mouth. It was good, and it was vegetarian as well, which she appreciated. Had she ever actually told him that? She didn’t think so. Then again, he was a most observant person and had access to all sorts of information, so if he hadn’t figured it out, someone else had.

She really didn’t know what else to say, so she picked away at her rice and omelet, the bites tiny as she gauged how food was going to settle in her stomach. She certainly wasn’t hungry.


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