PRSIM: The Mystery of Dash Jones

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Unfortunately, it had been too long, and there was no heart function and zero brain activity. There was also cellular death present. The scans in this setting would also note facial fractures, a spiral fracture to his left arm, and contusions to his right hand, his hand and face having been bad enough to bleed, but nothing that would have killed him.

~Ambassador Mathis

Vaek removed the cardiac and neural stimulators. Then he began do document everything they had done and recorded the time and date. Flyzza got up and moved a few feet away to call dispatch and cancel the ambulance.

Pangolin nodded at the Ensign’s words “I have little concerns regarding contamination from you Ensign” He very pointedly did not look at the ambassador “CSU is still a few minutes out” He looked inside and with eyesight considerably sharper than humans he could see the pronunciation of death, he’d seen that scanner information enough times to recognize it “I won’t be entering until the medical team clears out and CSU arrives, can you tell me what precipitated the wellness check?” He asked not mentioning that the man in question was already dead. He’d get a report from the team soon but he wanted to have some answers before having Starfleet Security whisk the ambassador away to safety. This was going to be a big headache, there was likely to be a task-force formed with the fleeters to investigate this because of the victim’s job You better get back soon old man He thought to himself.

DCI Pangolin

Jeannette Mathis was of average height, but as many people in her profession could, she could draw herself upright in a way that drew attention. She pushed off the wall and closed the small distance between herself and the group. “I instigated it,” she said simply. “There was an… issue, and after awhile my spouse decided to try and call Dash to get his input. But he never responded, which is highly unusual for him. However, he shares his time with others than just myself and my family these days, and so we called the Lieutenant Governor to see if she knew where he was. He had left her place sometime after 2am, which is just before I started feeling… unwell. She was the one who suggested the wellness check as protocol and as Commander-in-Chief requested it of Ensign Murdoch.”

“The timeline tracks,” Ensign Tate said. “I was working the desk downstairs when Mr. Jones came home. It was around 0230.”

OOC: I’m going to start a post on the board that I will link on the MOTD that will keep track of all the evidence, as people uncover it. I will note who knows what, so people don’t get confused by what is publicly known, the investigators know and what individuals might know that is still unshared. So long as no one replies to the post, I can edit it as we go along.

~Ambassador Mathis & Ensign Tate, Security

Pangolin nodded as the ambassador spoke but didn’t add anything, there would be time for questions later and early questions was what uniforms were for. He’d soon be able to visit the scene itself.

Flyzza stepped into the hall and caught Pangolin’s eye. She nodded her head for the inspector to come in. Her expression said it all.

When he came in she stepped back over to where Jones lay. “There was nothing we could do. He already been dead too long. His wounds aren’t severe enough to have been fatal. I wouldn’t hazard a guess as to the cause.” She moved away as Vaek joined her.

The paramedics stopped outside the door. Flyzza met the Ambassador’s gaze with compassion. “I’m sorry, he’s gone.”

SH Paramedics

Pangolin had a neutral expression on his face, he’d expected this result so he wasn’t surprised but he didn’t show any reaction to the statement.

Tim was standing near the door when Jean was told. He knew this was going to be a big deal as it seemed Jean was already very upset. He stood in the door way to make sure that Jean didn’t rush in and cause any problems with the crime scene. He waited to hear more information about what the police are going to investigate. He was hoping he was not going to have to restrain Jean but he thought it might come down to this. He waited to see her reaction, which he knew would be negative, but not sure about how much she would try and get to the body.

Ensign Murdoch
Star-fleet Security Officer

Mathis nodded to Flyzza. “I know,” she said sadly, as it it had been inevitable. Could there really have been another outcome given everything this morning? She didn’t think so. She had hoped, but it had vanished when he hadn’t answered.

~Ambassador Mathis

Flyzza watched the ambassador. She looked unsteady, which was expected. “Are you alright? Do you need anything?”

SH Paramedics

Timothy was impressed with the way that Flyzza was handling Jean and making sure she was alright. He was impressed with her bedside manner, even though they were not technically at the bed side. He always like watching other do their job and it helped him keep aware of things going on around him. He thought it made him a better security officer. He continued to watch everything else on what was going on.

Ensign Murdoch
Security Officer

Jeanette blinked and looked at the paramedic. “Alright? No, I’m not alright.” She sucked in a breath, trying so desperately hard to not get overly emotional in front of a bunch of strangers. She could handle crises easily but this was so deeply personal and the exhaustion from her lack of seep was wearing on her more than it might otherwise. It was like pacing her home had used up all the strength. Tears blurred her vision though she fought them back. “What I need is to go home to the rest of my family, who are undoubtedly as devastated as I am.”

~Ambassador Mathis

The paramedic gave a brief nod to her partner. That was good that she could state she wasn’t okay. “Would you like me to give you something, just very mild, to help with the stress? Or I can request a doctor come by and see you later.” Flyzza looked around for the ambassador’s security. It would be good to get her out of here and back home quickly. “The medical examiner will be in touch with his family later today.”

SH Paramedics

Her pale blue eyes widened. “No!” Mathis said. “I should be the one to contact them. This shouldn’t come from a stranger and I know his family. I’ve worked with him day in and day out for eight years. Dashiel was family to me.”

~Ambassador Mathis

Flyzza gave her a compassionate look. “Of course Ambassador. I was not suggesting otherwise. I thought you might want to be able to tell then when they could expect to hear from him, that’s all. I apologize for the confusion.” If the police thought it should be handled differently it wasn’t for her to say. They could take care of that.

SH Paramedics

Jeanette gave a tiny nod, even though inside her stomach was twisting at the thought of having to tell Ellie and Clarissa this terrible news.

Pangolin stepped in, nodding to the paramedic, they’d done what they should have. Been compassionate and kind “Madam Ambassador, there’s a police cruiser outside that’s going to escort you and be on standby at your residence until Starfleet either takes over or simply adds to it, I’ll be recommending to Starfleet Security that you and your family be put under tighter security as a precaution” He spoke slowly, more so than normal “I’ll have someone take your statement after you’ve had time to contact the victims family” He wasn’t really being generous, it was just that until they’d start investigating Matis was at the top of the suspect pool. Hell without any information she was the sole member of that list, that was likely going to change soon but not necessarily.

DCI Pangolin

Mathis gestured to Ensign Murdoch. “The ensign here is a part of my team and can ensure my safe return,” she said before she sighed. “I’ll be at my residence when someone is ready to take my statement.”

There was nothing more she could do here, or for him. Trying to hold her composure together a bit longer, she simply turned and. headed for the lift, willing herself to not try and steal a glance into Dash’ apartment. Deep down she didn’t want to remember him in any way other than the smiling and laughing man she had come to admire and care for a great deal.

~Ambassador Mathis

Timothy looked over at the ambassador and nodded back to her. He wanted to make sure that Jean was aware he knew what she wanted. He then stepped over to Jean and whispered in her ear, “I am here for whatever you need.” He just waited to see when Jean was ready to go. He then took a few steps away and just waited to escort Jean back to her apartment but only when she was ready.

Ensign Murdoch
Security Officer

Mathis gave a simple nod to Murdoch and gestured for him to go with her. They were leaving the building and going back to her home. There was nothing more for them to do here.

~Jeannette Mathis

Pangolin stepped aside and watched the Ambassador leave, one of the Constables at the end gave him a nod and he visibly relaxed, lowering his posture to a slight hunch and turned to the approaching crime scene investigators “Go in, I want a full holographic scan for the records, PS Lester, go deal with building security I want all of their data for the last twenty-four hours, if you have an issue call DS Lian he’ll get you a warrant” The group immediately went to work. The team of half a dozen or so CSU technicians and specialists walked around the apartment in their dark blue jumpsuits to avoid cross-contaminating the scene. Pangolin watched a feed from their head visors outside on a holographic display. He would go in once they’d finished their work but in the meanwhile he started to get a feel for the apartment.

DCI Pangolin

While the CSU techs got to work another group was cleared and sent up. Two individuals in coveralls and carrying modified medical bags stepped out of the lift. An older man, Hikya Lail, would be familiar to Pangolin. The Bajoran medical examiner worked with the police force often enough. He walked over with his assistant. “Pangolin. I got a call.” He stared through the open door, but didn’t offer to go in until they were cleared to do so.

Hikya Lail, medical examiner

As CSU combed the apartment and gathered images and scans of the scene, a few details would surface:
- there was a mark of blood on the edge of the entryway into the sleeping area 180 cms up from the floor and DNA matched the victims. It looked like it was from a high impact.
-below that and smushed into the carpet by footwear was a tendril, organic in origin that was from a Flaxian.
-other than the tendril, there were no other DNA traces in the apartment that did not belong to Jones.
-the office was the most tossed about, as if someone was searching for something
-there were no signs of forced entry. The door and the electronic lock are intact, as also evidenced by the fact that it was closed and locked when Mathis and security arrived for the wellness check.

OOC: I will provide more info as you ask for it, and try to keep the evidence post updated.

~Eela Dasca

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