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It was a standard day at the Spaceport, people coming and going, and the hustle and bustle of everyday travel filled the wide hallways of the Oed V spaceport. Most travelers had a look about them, tourists gaping at the city proper and returnees looking for loved ones or just regulars minding their own business. CCDA officers patrolling or assisting civilians, Starfleet Officers roaming and the occasional Colonial Police Constable chatting with members of their sister organization. It was a lovely normal day. That is if you ignored a man standing around in neon green shorts and a red floral Aloha shirt, blue duffel bag, and a bright yellow cane sauntering down the hall whistling a jolly tune. He could have been in his early fifties but his face showed hints of his true age, although now he did look younger than he had just six months prior, his deep-set wrinkles and round spectacles gave hints of a higher age. Nobody would guess at first glance that the man in question had passed his seventy-first birthday. Joseph Karlson, former Lieutenant General of the Federation Marine Corps Special Operations Division, former Oed Governer, and current Commissioner of Colonial Police was in an exceptionally good mood today. He’d just spent the past few months on a vacation cruise with his wife of 46 years and it had been the most refreshing trip of the past twenty years. Traveling the stars in a luxury liner gifted to him by his elder brother and traveling across the outskirts of the Federation, hitting every major vacation spot possible, spending time breaking up petty pirate gangs, and dropping medical aid where needed was just the vacation the two of them needed. That and spending much-needed time with their children. His wife stayed on Trill to spend some time in meditation with her parents and their eldest daughter.

“Hey old man” He turned his head and his smile widened as he saw his younger daughter Tal’lia jogging up to him. Tal’lia Veyo still wore her Marine Flight Officers Uniform, Her rank pip of Lieutenant Colonel prominent on her collar. She gave her father a firm hug “Lia, it’s good to see you again” She’d joined them in the early parts of their trip but had to cut it short due to a border crisis near Cardassian space. She pulled out of the hug and gave his colorful outfit a critical look “That’s an interesting look, dad” She had a half smile on her face “Well I felt this was the best way to go back to work, I think it’ll give my deputy a stroke” He answered with a laugh.

Commissioner Karl

Jal’na sighed, she was being trailed by Tearson and Desh. They were all bedecked in their house armor, and Jal’na other than the medallion she wore, was dressed as any other person. Did they really have to follow her here? She had come to meet D’amash and Kliw. D’amash had been stubborn and refused to leave when the ship came back with all of her parents’ things, even their house. D’amash had several requests for pieces before he left. He had promised not to take additional jobs, but he wouldn’t leave until he was finished. He hadn’t wanted to come, but Konjah’s viciousness was causing no end of trouble and fights. D’amash wouldn’t let it stand, and never lost a fight. He had no delusions that Konjah would continue to harass him and his mate, but Kliw needed a change. He wanted a happy and honorable life for her, and this seemed as good a place as any to give it to her.

Jal’na spotted the commissioner in his wild clothing. She grinned, it was so different than the public serious side she had only ever seen. He was a good friend of Urg’s though, and she supposed it would be wrong to not at least say hello. Though she wasn’t sure the man had any idea who she was. “Commissioner, it is good to see you back on Oed.”

Jal’na, Lady Duroc

Joseph had been in deep conversation with his daughter so he seemingly didn’t notice the Klingon entourage. He stopped and turned and smiled at the woman “Ahh Lady Jal’na” He said pleasantly as he faced her “It’s good to finally meet you” He turned so that Lia was also facing the woman “Tal’lia, this is Lady Jal’na of House Duroc” He wasn’t actually sure if there was a Doctorate involved with physical therapy and healing within the Empire, his personal experience had mostly been dealing with the Warrior cast “She’s head of Physical Therapy at Sacred Heart,” Joseph was of a height with Jal’na but his daughter was shorter, she was also Orion with no hint of Human or Trill on her features “This is Lieutenant Colonel Tal’lia Veyo, my youngest daughter”

“It is my pleasure to meet you, Tal’lia Veyo,” she reached out her hand to take the other woman’s.

Tal’lia put a hand out to shake “I was unaware Duroc had a Lady on the planet” He asked in a friendly manner “I believe it was a recent development when I took my leave, hadn’t had a chance to congratulate Urg on it yet” Joseph answered simply

Commissioner Karlson & Lt. Col. Veyo

“Yes, it was very recently,” Jal’na confirmed. Her guards grinned because it was also very swift. “You and your family should come and feast with us. Urg’tohn will be glad of your return.”

“You may still not get that chance, Commissioner.” a voice said from behind the group. The speaker was a human male, shorter than the three conversationalists but carrying himself with an ease that told those who paid attention to such things that he was comfortable… and confident… in his ability to handle himself. He was attractive, at least by human standards, and had an easy smile that those in politics knew was a harbinger of someone about to ruin someone’s day. He walked up to the group but looked only at Karlson.

Joseph sighed deeply and very audibly as he turned around to face the new arrival, his smile fading almost entirely. He seemed to quickly assess the man with an intensity that gave the impression that he’d soon be able to size the newcomer a bespoke suit as well as tell him what he had for breakfast the day before last “Can I help you, son?” He asked in a not unkindly voice, he wasn’t happy to be interrupted so soon but that was no fault of this man.

“Commissioner, my name is Riley. Jason Reilly.” Reilly fully expected the man to know his name if not his face. “And if I could have a brief moment of your time, I have a pressing matter I think you should know about. Just a minute or two, sir. I know you just arrived and I don’t want to interrupt reunions.”

Reilly, DD-CIA

There was a spark of recognition in Josephs’s eyes at his introduction. He’d made sure to learn the names of the ones in charge of the newly formed intelligence agency, he knew little about the man beyond his rather sparse file but he hadn’t dug too deep. He sighed again “Excuse me for a moment” He gave Jal’na a bow of his head and squeezed his daughter’s shoulder, Tal’lia had been giving Reilly a decidedly unfriendly look.

Joseph walked to a nearby wall, not looking back, clearly expecting to be followed. By the time he’d arrived at the wall, he was standing with a straight back, no longer leaning on his staff. His unusual garb no longer made him look like an elderly retiree, he was now the Police Commissioner and made his brightly colored outfit look like a dress uniform “Son, I have a Deputy currently doing my job, I also have an office, three secretaries and five days left of my vacation” He didn’t say anything more, the implication that this had better be important was there.

Commissioner Karlson

Reilly seemed unphased by the man’s change in demeanor. He simply looked around and then stepped forward, speaking almost directly into Karlson’s ear while facing the wall. “You also have a dead Federation ambassadororial staff member with indications he may have been killed by the Vren.” and he stepped back and looked at Karlson. He was sure the man was aware of the Vren’s arrival on Oed and their newly-forged status as Diplomatic delegates. If anyone other than the Federation Ambassador, Governor, and Reilly could understand the precariousness of the situation, it was the man standing before him. “Now. If you would like me to leave you to enjoy your last five days of vacation and go give this… event… to your Deputy- who I know is a skilled investigator- then simply say so, Commissioner. Otherwise, I think your own expertise could keep this from becoming a riot. There are already a lot of individuals and groups against the new arrivals being here. I have no doubt that this could fan the flames of outright violence.”

Reilly, DD-CIA

Joseph sighed, it was just his luck to arrive just as some diplomat got himself killed and with the political implications he would have to get involved more directly than he’d prefer with a murder investigation “Good thing the cross-training with Urg’s been going well, nothing like Klingon training to prepare yourself for a riot” He said in a grim tone “Alright you’ve got my attention, What indications point to the Vren committing this deed. I want evidence, conjecture and conspiracy theories” If Intelligence Officers were good for anything it was reading into a situation from different points of view, Joseph didn’t have patience for such nonsense. He was taken back to a moment nearly ten years past when he’d held a man upside down out the window of the Hospital tower, he wondered if he would get away with doing the same to a Vren diplomat without starting a war and if not he wondered what he’d need to win that war.

Commissioner Karlson

Reilly said “I said indications. Evidence is still being gathered. And I’m not here to step on your toes, Commissioner. I just thought that you’d want to know sooner than later.” He handed him a data disc. “That’s current to thirty minutes ago. Colonial Intelligence has not been called in, and wr have zero intention to insert ourselves into it unless you feel we can help. This isn’t a jurisdictional gray area or anything. Apparent murder, civilian in the employ of Fedrration government. It’s your deparment’s case, Commisioner. The only thing the CIA will do right now is keep FedSec and Star Fleet Intelligence off your back so you can investigate without them breathing down your neck. But we are willing to help if you need us. Just give me a call.” and he held out a hand to Karlson.

Reilly, Deputy Director- Colonial Intelligence Agency

Joseph snorted in amusement “Sometimes I forget how young your agency is, This was a Federation Official, Starfleet gonna want in on it” he shook his head “I’ll want one of your people along for the ride, Ambassadorial staff getting murdered means I get to form a task force, it’ll be Major Crimes in lead with members of all the other groups. If you have someone with either experience with the Diplomatic services or just general intergalactic politics under their belt that’d be best” He said “I want your department involved, your flow has been dependable” The only reason he was taking the man seriously was because the OCIA had come through in the past with good intelligence, they’d earned some leeway with him “I’ll head to my office and give this a once over and go over the homocide reports.” He took the data disc and put in the shirt pocket of his colorful vacation shirt. “Have a good afternoon Deputy Director”.

Commissioner Karlson -

Reilly smiled and said “Oh, I’m sure we will be seeing each other soon. Call me when the task force is set. I have just the guy for you. Take care, Commissioner.” and he waved as he turned and walked away from the area towards Customs and Immigration.

Reilly, CIA

Joseph sighed when Reilly left and let his posture relax, his grip on his cane firmed and he returned to his daughter and the new Wife of his friend “Apologies my Lady” He said with a half bow “Even though I may rest crime does not” He chuckled at the cheesiness of his own line which made Lia cringe the way she had when he made similar jokes during her youth “I hope I haven’t held you from anything of importance” He asked with a smile that could only be described as grandfatherly, at least to Humans. Klingons often found the sharpness of his gaze to be more predatory, the Duroc Brothers always found that amusing but they were of course mostly all mad.

Commissioner Karlson

Jal’na had made small talk with the commissioner’s daughter, her guards standing close by like menacing shadows. “Jal’na please.” She was never going to get used to be addressed in such a formal manner and it sounded in her voice making her guards smirk. “No apologies necessary.” She found his gaze reminiscent of Urg, but not nearly as unnerving. She could see why Urg liked the man. “Not at all. My brother and his mate are arriving from Qono’S. Their ship isn’t to arrive for a bit yet, but it was better to leave Sacred Heart before someone else needed me.”

Jal’na, Lady Duroc

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