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Posted Nov. 22, 2023, 9:50 p.m. by Civilian Caitlyn Dillon (Director, The *House* Sanctuary) (Jennifer Ward)

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Posted by Civilian Caitlyn Dillon (Director, The House Sanctuary) in Protection Comes in Many Forms (Tag Karlson)
The next letter that Caitlyn sent out was to the police commissioner. This was one that she was familiar with. She’d worked with the police in her own case and spoken to them many times concerning other members of the House.

To: Joseph Karlson, Police Commissioner, Oed V
From: Caitlyn Dillon, Representative, The House Sanctuary

Commissioner Karlson,

Along with a small group of colleagues, I am moving to Oed V. We, this small group and I, would like to open a sanctuary or shelter for victims of abuse. We have such a facility on Earth and have worked very closely with Law Enforcement. If you would be willing to speak with me about opening such a facility and how we can assist those in need, I would be grateful.

Caitlyn Dillon


As was standard when new messages were sent to Joseph Karlson the name of the Sender was put through a standard background check which was opened next to the letter in question as Joseph read it in his office near the top of the Government tower. He slowly sipped a cup of coffee as he read through the letter again before nodding and starting to write his reply.

Caitlyn Dillon’s background check proved mostly innocuous. Her parents were honest hard working people who never had any problems with the law. They were both deceased now. She performed well in school and was a rising chef of some renown until she disappeared 6 years ago. A police report at the time listed her as a victim of domestic violence. She disappeared from work and life in general until the following year when her case went to trial. Her husband was convicted and sentenced to serve time and a divorce was granted to Caitlyn. Then she vanished into obscurity again.

Until two months previously where she was listed as a passenger on the colony transport ship Beck.

Until a few weeks ago Dillon’s name had never been mentioned anywhere in connection to The House Sanctuary. It was founded and run by a Mr. and Mrs. Cuyler Edman and their daughters Revna McKenzie-Edman, Runa McKenzie-Edman, and Ragna McKenzie-Edman. The McKenzie-Edman name would be familiar to anyone keeping track of population and development because the McKenzie-Edman clan had bought just over a million acres of land and were moving 10,000 people to Oed V on the colony ship Beck.

Thank you for reaching out Madame Dillon.

I am very much in favour of opening such a place of safety on Oed, I have not personally had any interactions with your group but my eldest daughter is a part the Lian Swartz Memorial Foundation. Which you likely know deals mostly with victims of criminal violence. She speaks well of your organization as have colleagues of mine on Earth. Encoded into this message is my personal subspace channel, feel free to reach out whenever is convenient.

If you do require physical facilities on the Colony my brother owns a number of properties that I’m certain can be made available to your group, will make inquires if you require it.

Jósef Karlson, PhD
Police Commissioner Oed V

Commissioner Karlson

Caitlyn wasn’t sure how she felt about the house being known about off of Earth, but within law enforcement and other support organizations she wasn’t surprised.

Commissioner Karlson,

We have worked with the Lian Swartz Memorial Foundation before. They are dedicated and compassionate people. As I am sure you know, an organization such as ours works because of the privacy, security, and even secrecy we provide. We will not be arriving for another 3 months, but I would like to set up a point of contact so that if your officers or our staff should need to refer someone we can do so in a way that is quiet and safe.

We are in possession of land that we can build on, but an established location would also have merit. It is one of hundreds of decisions that must be made. We all appreciate your generous offer.

I have included my comm as well. I look forward to working with you, though in a perfect universe we would not need to in this manner.

Caitlyn Dillon
The House Sanctuary


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