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Kenzo ate silently, eyes on his plate, as she picked at the food. When he had finished he stood up and put his plate in the recycler and then sat down and looked at her, black eyes focused on her as his arms sat folded on the counter top.

“So when do you think you will let yourself feel what is happening? The longer you wait, the more damage it could do.”


She ate maybe half and set her fork down, gazing at her plate. Eela shook her head and looked up at him. “It’s not something I’m doing. At least not a conscious decision. I just don’t feel anything. I can feel for people, but everything else is just… not there.” She knew all about grief, but this was different than she had experienced and witnessed with others. She was’t pretending everything was okay, either, because it wasn’t. “I keep waiting for something to bubble up. Anger, despair, sadness, anything.” It was like finding yourself in one split moment to be nothing more than a shell. “And here we did all that work after Hurricane Corey whipped through for me to get comfortable with my having strong emotions.”


Kenzo kept his gaze on her. “You are in shock, Eela. As one should be.” His head tilted slightly to the side. “Tell me… if you were still a Counselor… what would you say to a patient in your situation?”


Shock often was accompanied with numbness. There was none of that. Eela shook her head, trying to find a way to explain. “It’s not a numbing of emotion, Kenzo, it’s an absence of it. I’ve had all kinds of shocks over my life and the reactions have run the gamut. This isn’t that. But if I were a counsellor, I’d remind the person that grief takes many forms and it carves its own path. And I’ve experienced a wide range of it too. I’ve lost lots of people in my life Kenzo, not just my parents, which was probably the most difficult situation, with the Steadfast being a close second.”


“So what makes this different?” Kenzo asked softly. “What has you co.pketely shut off?”


She shook her head again and shrugged slightly. “I honestly don’t know,” Eela said softly. Should she be worried? Afraid? Given how hard she had to fight to regain control over her emotions after the the accident, this space where there weren’t any at all was honestly unsettling.

“With everything that happened to Corey, there was a distinct feeling of confusion and shock. I couldn’t understand how it had all happened, that he would do that to me. And I know I had to really work through a lot of feelings about my reality, some of which I have still been working on. I had this moment the other day after Dee showed up early where I realized that while having her, Kian, and Alais here brings me so much joy, there are hard things we need to work through together. It won’t be fun. And I can do that, even now, but I don’t know how fully explain what has shifted. I can analyze things from a clinical perspective, but it it doesn’t track, because I’m not avoiding feeling anything.” Her hazel eyes settled back on him and she just seemed mystified.


Kenzo looked at her for a long moment and then nodded. “Okay. We will deal with that as we can, alright? For now… go find a place to be comfortable. There is fresh juice in the chiller. Drink some. I will back in a moment, I need to make a call to Ms. Fen.” and he turned and left the kitchen, taking off the apron and hanging it on a brass hook by the counter before leaving and walking up the stairs.

Inhaling and blowing out that breath, Eela nodded. She indeed grabbed some juice and moved to the living room, settling into the corner of the sofa wher she could look out towards the exterior landscape and enjoy the loveliness of the gardens. Well, enjoy might be a stretch, but they were soothing to look at.

Kenzo went into his bedroom and closed the door. He did indeed call Dorma to check in, but that was more for his own need to not outright lie to his friend. His true purpose was to make a different call. He entered the code to Eela’s home security detail and waited a moment. =/\= Governor. The Lieutenant Governor isn’t in at the moment, sir. Can I take a message? =/\= Kenzo didn’t answer, he merely said =/\= Connect me to her daughter then, please. Carridee Sevren. =/\= The guard said =/\= Yesir. One moment. =/\= and the screen went into a hold icon.


The Sevren’s had indeed moved up to Eela’s apartment and the family was currently playing on the patio, enjoying the always nice weather that they were unaccustomed to living in San Francisco. At the summons, Caridee frowned and moved swiftly to where she could answer the comm, which happened to be one of the small displays on the outer edge of the kitchen near the casual eating area. =/\=Governor Hyrushi, what can I do for you?=/\= she asked, her voice tinged with concern.

~Eela & Caridee

Kenzo was quiet a moment, just looking at her. Finally, he asked “Have you spoken to your mother this morning? Has she told you what happened earlier this morning?”


Caridee nodded. =/\=She called me after leaving the Ambassador’s residence.=/\= She shook her head. =/\=It’s terrible… devastating news, but also, the timing and everything else everyone is dealing with. How is she? I know if I ask I won’t likely get a straight answer right now, and I didn’t want to impose myself on her before she was ready.=/\=


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