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The Sevren’s had indeed moved up to Eela’s apartment and the family was currently playing on the patio, enjoying the always nice weather that they were unaccustomed to living in San Francisco. At the summons, Caridee frowned and moved swiftly to where she could answer the comm, which happened to be one of the small displays on the outer edge of the kitchen near the casual eating area. =/\=Governor Hyrushi, what can I do for you?=/\= she asked, her voice tinged with concern.

~Eela & Caridee

Kenzo was quiet a moment, just looking at her. Finally, he asked “Have you spoken to your mother this morning? Has she told you what happened earlier this morning?”


Caridee nodded. =/\=She called me after leaving the Ambassador’s residence.=/\= She shook her head. =/\=It’s terrible… devastating news, but also, the timing and everything else everyone is dealing with. How is she? I know if I ask I won’t likely get a straight answer right now, and I didn’t want to impose myself on her before she was ready.=/\=


“That is why I am calling you directly.” Kenzo said. “I do not think she is well, but I cannot tell if it is shock, depression, loss… I don’t know what it is. She isn’t feeling. And by that I do not mean she is numb. She is emotionless. And for a woman like her, whose emotions are her guiding path… it is concerning to me. I… we… need her at her best right now. And this isn’t her.”


Caridee almost jerked back, frowning deeply. =/\=Emotionless…=/\= She shook her head. =/\=You’re right, that doesn’t sound like her and I can understand why you’re concerned. How can I help? Did you want me to come by?=/\= There was only so much she could do with that bit of information but if her mother needed help, than they were best to get on that right away.


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