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Mary smiled broadly at Yavia and said “I told Sharah about Chuck’s quick draw expertise. I think it shocked her a bit, is all.” and she smiled and wi ked at Sharah. Charles looked at her through narrowed eyes and said “And just what, exactly, did’ja tell her?” Cecil chuckled and shoved almost an entire roll in mouth and Donna pulled both her lips between her teeth trying not to smile. Mary grinned even bigger and said “What? I just told her that you were superfast on the draw and that a lotta folks found that very… impressive.” and Cecil almost chocked trying not to spit his roll across the table.

Tenkillers (Goving Grief Is A Family Affair)

Sharah focused on her food and did not look at Mary at all. She knew exactly what everyone meant and what they were thinking and what they felt about it. Even the things tangentially related. It made her uncomfortable. It always had, but at least she didn’t go screaming from the room like she had as a child. She glanced across the table at Yavia one brow raising slightly with a mental sigh.


All at once Yavia got the whole thing from Sharah. Sharah had been honestly discussing TK’s proficiency with all the different weapons he owned, and Mary had turned it into some much more risque. Sharah was mature and knowledgeable in many ways, but in others she was still very innocent and scared. Yavia admitted though that Sharah’s mental picture of TK all decked out was delicious. She’d have to tell TK to make sure to dress up like that for Sharah some time. Her lovers would both appreciate the effect.

So many comments came across Yavia’s mind, but she didn’t want to send Sharah running for her room either. “That’s because what comes after is the best part and deserves the most attention.”


It was Cecil whoanaged to change the subject. Checking down the roll with the last half of his beer, he wiped his mouth and cleared his throat. “So, Boy… you still pickin’ that there guitar of yours?” and his eyes darted to Mary and he said “NO comments!” Mary looked at him with mock indignation, but remained silent.

Charles nodded once and said “Yessir, I am. Me and a couple’a friends even did a show at a club while back. Yavia and Sharah were there, in fact.” Dinna smiled at him and then at the two women. “He always had a talent.” Mary bit her tongue and looked at her brother who looked back with a slightly embarrassed smile and mouthed Stop! silently at her, causing her to put her napkin to her face and try really really hard not to laugh. Cecil shook his head at her, but smiled before saying “Well, maybe you an’ I can do some pickin’ out on that back porch of yours. You up for a little jam session?” Vharles smiled and said “Always up for playin’ with ya, Pa.” The elder Tenkiller nodded once and said “Good. Then y’all eat and then we’ll bust out the strings and see if we can still make your Mamma dance.” Donna smiled broadly and said “Only if Yavia and Sharah join me.”


Sharah remembered that night, but not because of his singing. She didn’t really notice much of it. That day was burned into her memory for a much sadder reason. It was okay now. She found it comforting to know she’d been dragged there by Yavia to see Charles. They were taking care of her then too, they just hadn’t known it. That memory really didn’t hurt anymore though, but it linked inevitably with their most recent mission on the Centurion. Tonight wasn’t the place for such things and she put it away.

Yavia sat up and looked at her plate that was still mostly untouched. “I’m done. I’ll go start the fire pit.” She looked at Donna, “I’ll dance, but it usually embarrass everyone around me. Sharah on the other hand,” she grinned wickedly at the other woman, “is an amazing dancer.”

“It’s been a long time since I danced,” Sharah shook her head no. “And Yavia won’t dance. She’s like a poor sailor and the sirens when Charles starts singing. We’ll never get her away from him.”

“Well it’s time to pick it back up again isn’t?” She chuckled and snatched the roll off her plate and took a bite as she sashayed to some unknown horrible rhythm on her way out the door.


Sharah watched her go and looked at Charles, “Well at least she didn’t choke on her food.”


“Give her a minute, it’s a few steps to the pit.” Charles said with a laugh. He ate a few more bites and then said “Well okay then. Dad, I’ll go get my guitar. You need one?” The older Tenkiller smiled and said “Sure, if’n ya don’t mind.” Charles nodded and said “Nope. Meet y’all out back.” and he stood up and moved towards the studio past the den.


Sharah stood and started collecting plates, “You three go on outside, I’ll get this.” She started taking everything into the kitchen. Leftovers were put away and scraps were put into a small compost bin that Sharah used for her plants. Then she set the dishes to soak and joined everyone else outside.

She reached into the storage under the seat and pulled out a light blanket and wrapped it around her shoulders as she took a seat next to Yavia, who was settled in to a seat looking like it was Christmas. Sharah nudged her with an elbow, “He plays every day.” Yavia grinned, “I know.”


The Tenkillers came out and sat down. A minute or two later, Charkes appeared with two guitar cases, one in each hand. “Here ya go, Pop.” and the younger Tenkiller handed Cecil one case before taking a seat across the fire pit from him.


Yavia grinned, but looked around in the gathering dark. She was looking to see if Abby had come back. It was a shame she was going to miss gathering with her family. She looked across at the other ladies. “There are blankets under the seats if you need them. Does anyone want a drink? We also have coffee and hot chocolate.”


The two Tenkiller men took out the guitars and strummed, tuned, picked, tuned some more, and then started just idly playing softly. Charles looked at Sharah and Yavia and smiled. Mary smiled at the smile, as did Donna. Donna looked at Yavia and said “Oh… he’s sang for you, hasn’t he?” and she laughed.

Yavia was flushed an obvious blush, but she didn’t care. “Oh yes ma’am, almost every might. Though, I won’t forget the first time. I knew he was a gifted story teller, but I was quite astonished to see him on stage when we all went for a night out.” She slipped an arm around Sharah and grinned. “We had a little chat later about him holding out on me,” she laughed and winked at TK.

The music began to solidify into something and Cecil grinned at Charles. “You remember it?” Charles grinned back and said “Hell yeah. Kick it off Pop. I’ll back you up.” Cecil nodded and adjusted himself a bit and then started playing. And then… he started to sing

Two six packs of Shiner
99 cent butane lighter
Lucky Strikes and a fifth of Patron
Ice down that Igloo cooler
Tank of gas that oughta do er’
I can feel a good one comin’ on

Charles began singing…

Throw in a little Ray Wylie Hubbard
Sing along to ‘Redneck Mother’
Any blues I had before are gone
Another workin’ week is over
No chance of stayin’ sober
I can feel a good one comin’ on

Then the two men and Donna all sang together:

Yea we’re gonna roll all night
We’re gonna get the feelin’ right
We’re gonna keep this party rockin’
Till the break of dawn
I can feel a good one comin’ on

Cecil took the next verse and grinned at Donna, who’s dark red skin blushed even in the firelight…

Three girls in a rag top Mustang
Followed us down to the lake and…
Didn’t have to think about that too long
Skinny dippin’ in the bright moonlight
Situation couldn’t be more right
I can feel a good one comin’ on

And the then three sang together again:

Yea we’re gonna roll all night
We’re gonna get the feelin’ right
We’re gonna keep this party rockin’
Till the break of dawn
I can feel a good one comin’ on

Tenkillers (with special thanks to BlackBerry Smoke, ‘Good One Comin’ On )

Yavia grinned at Mary as Donna blushed. She leaned over and kissed Sharah’s temple. You do have that Sweetheart. Always. TK and I are never going to change our minds or let you forget.


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