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=^=On our way there. Parallel Secret Hotel near the space port.=^= Eryn nodded to the agent that was holding a slider door open. He had changed into the clothes of Lyssandra’s driver. She slid in, pulling Mace suggestive in with her. When the driver was in and the slider began to move, “Parallel Secret.”

“Lyssandra vas quite chatty.” Eryn held up a key card for the hotel. “Her boss vill be at zhe same location. Ve just have to determine vhich room. Most likely vithin 2 floors of each other.”


“Among other things,” Alston said with a chuckle. “I know it wasn’t the original plan, but you don’t often get your target walking up to you and basically offering themselves up.

Eryn chuckled, “It is alvays nice vhen zhey offer zhemselves up.”

“What kind of hotel is it? Any chance the staff is friendly? Or are we looking at making an end run down a hallway through of goons? Your disguise might be good enough to let us get out of their cleanly, but I doubt it will get us through Drez’s security cleanly.

“Parallel Secret caters to those businesses zhat have short layovers but vant a bit of luxury for zheir brief time on Oed. High end, very professional. Zhe staff is extremely friendly. Especially if zhere is a tip involved. My disguise vill fool zhe hotel staff, but it vill not fool Drez’s crew. Ve vill have to simply neutralize them.”

“If he’s that paranoid, I’m willing to bet that there will be a pocket of rooms around him, as a last ditch buffer. That would at least give us some place to start looking. Chances that the staff will be willing to give up the room list? Or are we going to be calling in some help from Mr. Reilly to get one of the code monkeys to get that for us?”

  • Mace

“Knowing Lyssandra, she has hacked into zhe hotel database and is running it from her room. She probably has access to zhe security systems as vell. If not, ve can call zhe code monkeys.”


Alston nodded. “Simple enough, and keeps the number of variables to a minimum. Get in, get up to her room, and see if we can find where Drez is held up. If we need it, I have an agency strike team on standby,” he said pulling his communicator out of his pocket. Typing out a quick message he sent it off before tucking it back into his jacket pocket. “After we get an idea of where his men are stationed, we can make the call on if we need them right away, or just let them deal with all the clean-up work when we are done.”

“Anything else you think we are missing before we get there? Because I don’t know about you, but it almost feels like it’s going a bit too well.”

  • Mace

“Lyssandra vas easy. Drew vill not be.” Eryn thought a moment. “I can zhink of several zhings. Lyssandra may share a suite vith him. Zhere may be other guards on her room zhat vill know I am not here. Biometric security on zhe room. Fail safes and multi method authentication to zhe room or her systems. And overly helpful staff.”


=/\= So we empty the hotel. =/\= Vonn’s voice said over the comms. =/\= Probability dictates that the target will exit with employees, not guests, through a pre-planned exit. Building shows four emergency exits. Wait one. =/\= There was a pause for almost a minute and then Vonn said =/\= Emergency plan says Floor Captains will be stationed on every floor in the event of an emergency evacuation. We take over the role of floor captain for the target’s floor, direct him where we want. Comms from Lyssandra’s communicator show she contacted room 2184 over a dozen times just today. Security footage of that floor shows two guards outside that room. Wait one for drone surveillance. =/\= Another minute passed and they turned onto the street the hotel was on. =/\= Confirm. Target in room 2-1-8-4. Biometric match via surveillance. Floor Captain for this shift is one Nadr Drenc, hotel security. =/\=

Vonn, CIA


Alston nodded. It sounded like a reasonable plan. If they could capture him, and contain the equipment, even if the list was destroyed it would still be a win.

=^= Has Nadr clocked in for the evening yet? I’m thinking last minute call off from work, and we just happen to step in to cover the shift. Vonn can you arrange to make sure Nadr is not available? I’ll be the replacement Floor Captain. =^=

=/\= Affirmative. Will redirect subject. Alias packet incoming. =/\= Vonn said.

Alston turned towards Romanov, “I’m guessing we will need to do more then just pull a fire alarm. Are you feeling up to getting us an empty hotel?”

  • Mace

Mace’s micropad chirped as it recieved a file. In the file was a hotel ID and alias. He would be hotel security, and named Jaxson Fyve.

Vonn, CIA

Eryn chuckled. “Should I be vorried you are giving me zhe easy job?” In this case it would be rather simple. She just needed to time it right. She pulled off the wig and shrugged out of Hycon’s jacket. She ran her fingers through her white blonde hair. “Drop me a block before zhe hotel.” She tapped her ear, “Tell me vhen you are in place.”

The car slowed and Eryn slipped out, jogging to a side entrance and slipping through a door.


Alston laughed, “Easy job? I think you have the fun job. Plus you will also be nicely in place when we grab Drez on his way out of the hotel. Unless of course you are feeling up to fending off all the other guests…”

Alston trailed off as Romanov made a quick exit out of the vehicle. As soon as the door closed the driver pulled around to the staff entrance where he stepped out. He was able to time it right to piggyback through the exterior door off another employee, and a quick flash of the provided hotel ID at the security guard stationed inside the door, and he was through.

Following the general trail of people, it was quick work to find the employee locker room, and exchange his ‘street clothes’ for one of the hotel security uniforms. Grabbing a few essentials from his pockets, he tucked his clothes away in a locker, that judging by the layer of dust in it, hadn’t been in use for quite some time.

One ride in the employee lift later, Alston found himself on the 21st floor. He nodded to one of the housekeepers who was walking out with a few extra towels in their hands. As soon as they had walked through the doors into the public area of the floor, he did a quick check to make sure it was all clear before he keyed his comm.

=^=In position.=^=

  • Mace

=/\= Same. Ready for target exit on your mark. =/\= Vonn’s synthevoice said.

Vonn, CIA

Eryn had made her way through the kitchen, donning a server’s jacket. What looked like a long onyx bead on her bracelet, slid open with a twist and she took out a small capsule. Picking up a tray of water pitchers, she made her way towards the dinning room. She refilled several cups as she made her way to the furthest bussing hold. It mostly empty and the section was empty. She dropped the capsule into the water pitcher. =/\=Begin 45 second count to mark.=/\=

She waited until the capsule began to turn opaque and then left. Another server was heading in that direction. “You don’t want to go that way. You know who is over there.” There was always someone. The server rolled her eyes and muttered as she turned around. Eryn stopped to answer a question as she kept count. She moved away from the table. =/\= 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… mark.=/\=

There was a loud explosion as the casing disolved around the sodium metal. Glass shattered hitting porcelain plates, rattling cutlery, and splintering wood. The hotel’s safety and security systems reacted, setting off alarms and sprinkler systems. Chaos ensued in the dinning room as the staff hurried people out. Eryn disappeared into the crowd.

Eryn, causing distractions

=/\= Alarms localized to ground floor. Wait one. =/\= Vonn said. Less than twenty seconds later, a call went out over all Hotel Security comms. =/\= Attention all Security Staff. Evacuate all guests and staff. Floor Captains to your posts. The guests will be told it was a water main break. Evacuate immediately. Repeat. Evacuate immediately. =/\=

Vonn, CIA

Alston chuckled as the explosion went off, followed shortly by the alarms on their floor. He was looking forward to seeing Reilly’s face when he heard they had to set off the small explosion.

As the call went out, he signaled his acknowledgement back to the hotels security system before stepping out onto the floor.

“Alright, everyone please remain calm. It looks like it was just a water break, but we are needing to everyone to calmly exit the premise until repair crews have assessed the incident,” Alston said motioning people towards the far staircase down to the 1st floor of the hotel. “Please remain calm, you should hopefully be back in your rooms shortly. Please come this way,” he said continuing to motion to the floors guests.

It wasn’t long before he noticed two big private security guys pushing their way down the hallway, it was a safe bet that Drez was behind them. Alston quickly waved over one of the hotel security staff that had just arrived.

“Keep the group moving, I’ll take care of the VIP.”

With a quick nod he walked down the hallway, against the flow of the traffic towards where he assumed Drez’s crew was. He quickly flashed his fake hotel ID at them, “this way please. Do you have your entire group?”

He gestured off to the side as he led them back towards the staff elevators. He raised his comm unit up to speak into it, sending the signal to his own team, and not hotel security. “Control, Floor 21. Need elevator 4 cleared for VIP’s, express to ground floor.”

  • Mace

“Understood 21. Access granted. Lift Three available for your guest.” Saif a noticeably feminine voice. A moment later, the lift doors opened allowing the Security team, Drez, and the Hotel Floor Captain to step inside. Drew was speaking to a comm piece in his ear. “I don’t give a damn! You tell her to answer her damn comms right now!”… “No no no, it’s some stupid water break or aomething.”… “You find her and you tell her to meet us at the ship. And I don’t care if it’s the Grand Nagus himself with her! Get her pants on and get her to the ship!” The lift came to a stop and the doors slid open.

Standing on the loading dock was a Breen… a large Breen. That would normally be enough to give people pause, but Vonn was never one to take chances; hence the two Federation Marine Issue Phaset pistols that fired once each as the door opened. Stun settings at vlose range had a negative effect on their targets… more so when the pistols had been modified with a neutophasiv diseuptor frequency. The two body guards fell- hard- and stared siezing. A gauntlets had then shot forward and cracked Drez in the temple with the grip of on e of the pistols. The Breen looked at Mace and said “Slider.” and he stepped past Mace to pick up Drez. Parked in the garage was a slider with heavily tinted windows, but otherwise average looking.

Vonn, CIA

Alston just raised an eyebrow at Vonn as he stepped towards the Slider.

The floor emptied and Eryn stepped into the hall and used a maid’s Keycard to get into Drez’s room. It was empty, and it didn’t take long to search the room. There was one locked case that contained an interesting collection of drugs and a phaser.

[/] Diez’s room is clean. He’s probably carrying zhe data chip. Entering Lyssandra’s suite.[] Eryn paused as she opened the door and surprised two guards who were collecting the woman’s things. [/] Oh. It’s play time.[] There were sounds of an intense “scuffle” [/] Taken care of and detained for police.” There was a low whistle. [/] Zhe tech guys vould love this set up, and it is portable. []

Eryn left the guards restrained and in posession of their illegal drugs and weapons and passed out. She found the back-up chio searching the portable system and disappeared. [/] Warehouse in 10. [] Her voice came over the comms one more time as she slid into a waiting slider.

Eryn, CIA

=^=Cleaners are enroute, ETA 5 minutes.=^= The police could take the credit for the bust, but he had a tech team enroute to do a sweep of the rooms to make sure that any sensitive material was secured by the CIA.

Alston said looking over at Drez, who was still passed out in the backseat. He quickly started patting him down. His pockets were pretty unexciting. A small phase pistol, a communicator, the usual mundane stuff. But as Alston ran his hands over the seams of Drez’s coat, his fingers almost missed the slight irregularity in the seam, let alone the chips themselves. Whoever had made this coat was a pro.

Flipping out a knife, a quick slice of the coat and 3 chips fell into Alton’s hand.

“I’ve got 3 data chips, now we just need to confirm it’s what we are looking for. How long till the warehouse?”

  • Mace

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