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Kenzo walked out and found her. He looked at her, then the juice, and then back at her. “It does you no good in the glass. Drink. Now, please.” he said firmly.

It was a good solid two seconds before Eela seemed to register his words or even react. Then she simply reached over for the juice and took a sip.

“Caridee is on her way.” Kenzo said with a finality that was familiar. “She will be here in twenty minutes. When she arrives, I want you two to talk.” He crossed his arms on his chest, a very un-Kenzo like gesture for him, and said “I need you to be all you can, Eela. If that is hurt or angry or sad… we need you to feel it. Because that is how you do what you do. And neither of us has the luxury of being anything other than the best we can be under the circumstances. Not now. After.... after we can both fall apart for a bit. But now… there is simply far too much riding on the next few days.”


She turned her head and fixed her hazel eyes on him. “I don’t need a psychiatrist,” Eela said flatly. She sighed and sipped her juice.

“Everyone needs a psychiatrist at some point. You of all people should know that.” Kenzo said flatly.

Twenty minutes later, Caridee materialized in the Governor’s building. Much like she had been used to when she first arrived at her mother’s building, she was scanned, had her ID checked, bag scanned and searched and then was allowed to go up.

When she was let in, Caridee reached out her empathy to take in the tenor of the space. She could sense two people, other than the guards outside, and much as she anticipated, there was little in the way of detectable emotions. She extended her mind out to her mother’s, letting their familial bond reestablish connection. Caridee swallowed. No response. This was worse than she thought, and the Governor had bene right to be alarmed.

~Eela & Caridee

Kenzo looked up for a moment. “Welcome, Mrs. Sevren.” he said. “We are in the living room. Straight in past the kitchen.” He looked down at Eela and said softly “The fact that I spoke to her first is telling.” and he turned and put his hands behind his back to face Caridee.


An uneasy feeling settled in her stomach, but it wasn’t emotion, not the way Eela would have described it anyway. Almost like a bit of nausea that didn’t quite connect in her mind.

Caridee Sevren, Doctor of Psychiatry, was no stranger to difficult patients, nor that difficult patient being her mother. But she wasn’t here as her mother’s doctor, at least not in an overt sense. She moved through to the living room, her wide legged black trousers flaring about her long legs, and she wore a loose knit green sweater overtop. A bag was slung with her shoulder, containing a few things she might (but hoped) she wouldn’t need. Her steel blue eyes peered at her mother, and Caridee radiated compassion and concern. She shifted her gaze to Kenzo. “I’m glad you called.” Yes, his concern was warranted.

Eela watched her daughter moved towards her and on the sofa facing her, setting the bag on the floor beside her. Caridee simply reached out and held her hand palm up. Eela knew what she wanted her to do, but she didn’t see the point. It wouldn’t change anything. Uncertainty appeared in her eyes.

“Humour me,” Caridee said dryly and Eela reached out and placed her hand on her daughter’s. Caridee folded her other hand overtop and held Eela’s hand, rubbing her thumb along the edge of Eela’s palm, all her senses focused on her mother- the physical sensations, the emotions, the essence of her that she had known all her life. It was not quite there. Yes, the part of her mother that was alive could be detected, but it was like the part of her mother that connected to others and things was dampened or nonexistent. She had never felt that from her mother outside of her coma. “What does that feel like? My thumb, I mean. Can you feel that?” she asked.

Confusion filled Eela’s face. “Yes. Well… a bit.”

Dee breathed in and out, waiting to see if anything changed and looked over at Kenzo. “I know it can get muddied when two people are in contact, but you know each other quite well. Can you sense anything?”

~Eela & Dee

Kenzo was an incredibly strong empath. And his abilities had… ‘features’… he tried very hard to keep from becoming knowledge to anyone. His desire to help, Eela, however, was a strong motivator. “I can sense that she has no emotions. None. And not that she has suppressed them. No, it is more akin to… her connection to them being severed.” His black eyes focused on Eela and his want to force the connection back into place was only countered by his extreme discipline… and his desire to not hurt his friend further. “Eela, tell me if you feel this.” He sent a tendril of concern directly from him to her, a line of connection that no one else could or would feel. In it he channeled their friendship… the reserved hope they each held for one another at the beginning… the comradery… the long days… the longer nights… and the freedom of the one night they had allowed themselves to simply enjoy being alive together. He watched her to see if if that still resonated.


Eela watched him intently, waiting. And she still waited, anticipation in her eyes. She was waiting for something that wouldn’t come. It was like she wasn’t even an empath at all right now.

Caridee’s gaze flicked between Eela and Kenzo, and her mother’s sudden confusion said it all. “Okay, well, that’s more information, right?”
“What’s happening to me?” Eela whispered. Had things been different, there would have been a surge of panic.
“I’m… not entirely sure, but there are some things I can check. But first, how much sleep did you get last night?”
Inhale, Exhale. “About three hours, at most,” Eela said.

Caridee nodded, adding that to her mental list. She reached set her mother’s hand down and reached out and rested her hand on the side of Eela’s face. “I know this is all unsettling, and I know given what’s going on that it would be easier to just push on, but the Governor was right to call me, and you know that, even if it’s uncomfortable.” She dropped her hand. “Is there anything left outstanding that you need to do right now?”

Eela shook her head. “I called you after I left the Ambassador’s. We notified Dash’s family together.”
Caridee’s heart broke for her. “Oh Mom, I’m so sorry.”
“Me too.” And she was, but for now it only came out in words.
Caridee blew out a breath. “Okay, I need a moment to think and it’s still pretty early and I could use something warm to drink.” She shifted her gaze to Kenzo. “Do you mind if I get myself some tea or coffee or something?” she said with a significant look that said ‘we need to talk’. At least with her mother so out of it, it was likely that Eela wasn’t picking up the more subtle body language, and she definitely wasn’t going to be able to deduce anything with empathy. Dee just needed to confer about something before she went ahead any farther.

~Eela & Dee

Kenzo nodded once and said “I will make you some tea. Please, this way.” and he gestured to the kitchen. He looked at Eela and said “Drink the juice, Eela. Now, please.” and turned and went into the kitchen.

Eela didn’t say anything and had she been in a different mental space, she probably would have made some sort of petulant remark. Caridee cast one more look in her mother’s direction before following Kenzo.

Kenzo gestured to a stool by the island and said “Please have a seat. I will make the tea.”and he began to set out items to do just that; but his movements seemed to be overly precise, and there was an air of weight and meaning with each item he set down.


Caridee laced her hands together and pressed them into the top of her head, blowing out a breath. Dropping her hands, she slid up onto the stool and watched him for a moment as she gathered her thoughts. When she spoke, her voice was pitched loud enough for him to hear, but low enough to be discreet. “So, when I did my psychiatric residency, I spent a year on Halii studying with a variety of health professionals because they have a very holistic approach to physical and mental health. I wanted to understand that part of my heritage, since being half-Human I don’t experience things the same way other Haliians do. And that year gave me a wonderful insight into my Haliian family, including my mother. I’m a bit of the outsider here, so I only know what my mother has told me about her life here and those around her, but I have noticed a significant change since she’s come here. She’s joyful, more connected, more… at ease even than I have seen her in years, even despite all the challenges.” Even despite her father.

She cast a brief glance towards the living room she couldn’t see into just now and then focused her attention back on the Governor. “When I was on Halii, I did witness a patient with something very similar- that whole disconnect from the mind and body. But the context was so very different. If it is the same thing, I’m baffled, because it’s a form of psychic shock. It’s not emotionally triggered, but physically. It’s neurological. It requires a physical trauma trigger to the paracortex. Now, I can ask her if I can take some scans, because I brought a few things from my medical kit, and I want to be on the safe side and get a cortical monitor on her, but I don’t have privileges here and we’re in an ethical grey area. I’m the most knowledgable person about Haliian issues present here, but I’m also her daughter. We might want to consider bringing in one of her medical team and maybe all together we can figure this out. Regardless, I think it would be useful to put in a call to someone I know back on Halii for a consultation, because while the condition is medical, the solution primarily is not. But it varies from person to person.”


Kenzo finished laying out the tea set and had heated the water while Caridee spoke. He didn’t look at her, but began pouring the water over loose leaves in the small cups. “Do what you must to give yourself the information you need for your consult. Then contact Dr. Sharah Fayth at Sacred Heart. She can assist you from there, and is also the Senior Star Fkeet Medical Officer here on Oed.” He slid a cup towards Caridee, bowing just head slightly as he did so. “As far as privileges go, you may consider yourself working under my authority. As you said, you are the foremost expert on Halian psychology here. It only makes sense that you should be involved. “


Caridee took the cup and gave a grateful nod. “Thank you,” she said before she brought the cup to her lips and sipped. It was soothing and strong and exactly what she needed right now.

“Once I have my scans, I’ll have the info we need, but we need to figure out what the trigger is.” She tapped the side of the cup with her index finger. “It’s too simplistic to say that it’s because Dash died, but I don’t want to discount that because the timing suggests a connection. Also, I know how close they had become and I don’t know how much you know about Haliian physiology and culture, but connection is the currency upon which everything flows. It’s integral to one’s health, but it also goes much deeper.”

“I am aware.” Kenzo said flatly.

“Which is why, especially right now when she can’t perceive her normal connections, that we don’t leave her alone. One person whom she has a solid emotional connection with should be with her at all times until this is under control. The cortical monitor will help when she’s sleeping, but we need to be on the look out for other symptoms. A common one is absence seizures. They aren’t dangerous in the sense of causing damage but they are indicative of her nervous system being hijacked by severe neurotransmitter imbalances. They last fifteen-to thirty seconds and will look mostly like she’s gone very still. She might stare into space, or her eyelids might flutter. She might stop talking of moving suddenly and then resume right where she left off when it’s done. Don’t panic if you see it.” Caridee was definitely worried but this was very one one of those times where she could focus on the diagnostic and treatment process, and in her mind, if the goal was to have her mother in a position to handle the chaos of the enxt few days, the it was time to roll up their sleeves and get to work, herself included.


“Then she will stay here.” Kenzo said. “This is not the official Governor’s residence, and it is secluded enough that medical personnel can come and go without being noticed by reporters or paparazzi. I do not plan on being out much until we see how the news breaks, so I can stay with her. Hopefully by the time the public hears about Mr. Jones, we can have her back and closer to herself.”


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