Oed Museum- A Diplomatic Gala- Braak Sy'rt

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Posted by Civilian Karina Enger (Director of Education) in Oed Museum- A Diplomatic Gala- Braak Sy’rt

Posted by Captain Eela Dasca (Lt. Governor) in Oed Museum- A Diplomatic Gala- Braak Sy’rt

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Enger smiled slightly. “Yes and no. I am not with them teaching as much as I used to do. Now my job is mostly administrative, but I spend as much time in the schools and with the children as possible. This particular instance was all their idea. They came to me and the governor and asked to prepare a welcome for the delegation.”

Enger, DOE

“Youth have many interesting ways of seeing the word around them do they not? I like working with them myself. Art workshops,” Braak said, moving along to the next and slightly less depressing display.

~Braak Sy’rt, Vren Cultural Attaché

Karina smiled slightly, “They do indeed.” She allowed him tightly look at the display without interruption for a moment. “Would you possibly be interested in doing an Art Workshop here?”

Enger, DOE

Light shone in Sy’rt eyes, his face taking on an an almost comical animation. “That would be possible? Hmmm, I would have to think of a medium that would be appropriate and there would be some environmental considerations to consider. “His head bobed. “Yes, that sounds most intriguing and very much a part of our goal in coming here.”

Karina smiled, at least this seemed to be going well. “The university has many studios for artists. I would be happy to show them to you whenever is convenient. You also might find some art medium of ours that you might like to try? It would be a good place to start, don’t you think?”

Enger, DOE

Braak gave an eager bob of his head. “Yes, I think it would be. I am grateful for your suggestions. It is not often I get to engage in art these days and it would be nice to come back to it, even if it’s or a specific reason.”

“That is why we are here, to learn about each other.”

“Do you engage in art Director Enger?”

~~Braak Sy’rt, Vren Cultural Attaché

“I have, though I am not very good at it. But I enjoy the process,” Karina told him.

Enger, DOE

Braak studied the woman for a moment before he continued along in the exhibit. “Well, I do hope you’ll participate. Maybe we can make it collaborative. After all, some people believe only those with obvious talent should do a thing, but I am not one of those. Art is all around us and thus I believe it’s an inherent right of each individual to channel it.”

~Braak Sy’rt, Vren Cultural Attaché

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