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Caridee took the cup and gave a grateful nod. “Thank you,” she said before she brought the cup to her lips and sipped. It was soothing and strong and exactly what she needed right now.

“Once I have my scans, I’ll have the info we need, but we need to figure out what the trigger is.” She tapped the side of the cup with her index finger. “It’s too simplistic to say that it’s because Dash died, but I don’t want to discount that because the timing suggests a connection. Also, I know how close they had become and I don’t know how much you know about Haliian physiology and culture, but connection is the currency upon which everything flows. It’s integral to one’s health, but it also goes much deeper.”

“I am aware.” Kenzo said flatly.

“Which is why, especially right now when she can’t perceive her normal connections, that we don’t leave her alone. One person whom she has a solid emotional connection with should be with her at all times until this is under control. The cortical monitor will help when she’s sleeping, but we need to be on the look out for other symptoms. A common one is absence seizures. They aren’t dangerous in the sense of causing damage but they are indicative of her nervous system being hijacked by severe neurotransmitter imbalances. They last fifteen-to thirty seconds and will look mostly like she’s gone very still. She might stare into space, or her eyelids might flutter. She might stop talking of moving suddenly and then resume right where she left off when it’s done. Don’t panic if you see it.” Caridee was definitely worried but this was very one one of those times where she could focus on the diagnostic and treatment process, and in her mind, if the goal was to have her mother in a position to handle the chaos of the enxt few days, the it was time to roll up their sleeves and get to work, herself included.


“Then she will stay here.” Kenzo said. “This is not the official Governor’s residence, and it is secluded enough that medical personnel can come and go without being noticed by reporters or paparazzi. I do not plan on being out much until we see how the news breaks, so I can stay with her. Hopefully by the time the public hears about Mr. Jones, we can have her back and closer to herself.”


The question of where Eela should be was something she was going to bring up, so Caridee was glad that was a non-issue. However, she didn’t want to comment on duration at this time. This was a not a ‘give the patient an injection and everything if better’ sort of situation and she doubted news as big as the death of an ambassadorial aide would stay secret for long. She hoped she could do enough to help her mother before then, but Caridee was going to be realistic.

Slipping off the stool, she carefully grabbed her teacup, took a sip, and nodded. “Alright, here we go,” Caridee said as she turned and headed for the living room.

Eela was where they had left her, with signs she had had a tiny bit of the juice, and she was curled up in the corner with an arm braced on the top of the sofa and her head resting on said arm. She looked exhausted but just gazed out the window as if searching for something.

Caridee set her cup on the coffee table and grabbed the bag she had brought with her, pulling out items and setting them on the table. A cortical monitor, a tricorder, a PADD, and a small metal medallion. She sat next to her mother and tried to meet her gaze and after a moment simply waved a couple fingers in front of her mothers eyes without comment, noting the non-reaction. Caridee grabbed the cortical monitor and then her mothers hand and waited a few seconds.

After a few seconds, Eela focused on Caridee. “You have your tea?”
“I do,” Dee said. “You trust me, right?”
Eela’s expression softened. “Of course I do. You’ve been there for me, Dee, through so much.”
Caridee gave a soft smile. “And this is no different, which is why I going to put this on you”-she held the cortical monitor in her flat palm-“and I’m going to take some scans. If I’m right about what going on with you, then I’m going to need backup, which means calling Doctor Fayth, and calling someone on Halii I know for a consult.”

Eela frowned. “It’s that bad?”
“It’s not good,” Caridee said. “And the faster we act, the better things will be and the better we can get you.” She hadn’t yet discussed the severe effects that could happen if they couldn’t treat the issue, because as far as Caridee was considered, that not only wasn’t an option but it was too early to worry about that.
“Okay,” Eela whispered.

With a nod, Caridee placed the monitor near her mother’s brain stem and then connected the readouts to a PADD. “This PADD will beep when it notices you having absence seizures. I’ve seen one just now, and my guess is you’ve had a few today already. They aren’t harmful, but they might feel disconcerting. The Governor said he’d be here, even if I am not, and so I don’t want you to worry. You’ll be safe.”

Eela looked to Kenzo and nodded. “Bet you didn’t think you’d be stuck with babysitter duty today of all days…”

Kenzo simply shrugged, as if it was nothing.

Caridee tried not to smirk as she grabbed the tricorder and took some scans. A minute later, she downloaded the results to her PADD and tried not to sigh.

“I know that professional look where you’re trying to work up the nerve to share bad news. Spill it, daughter of mine,” Eela said.

She looked between the two leaders of this planet with as neutral expression as she could, but Kenzo would know Caridee was very worried and just masking it. “As I expected, several of your neurotransmitters are severely imbalanced, and there is issues with the paracortex and amygdala. It’s all indicative of Kuskaartiz Syndrome, a form of psychic shock that happens to Haliians. Can you think of anything that’s happened with your telepathy that would cause that?”

Eela frowned deeply. “I don’t think so. I can’t imagine anything happening like that that I wouldn’t be aware of.”

Caridee agreed and looked up at Kenzo. “Is there somewhere I can make those calls?”

~Eela & Caridee

“Other side of the kitchen, down the hall on the right. Desk interface.” he said. He thennwaited for Caridee to leave.

With a nod, Caridee took the PADD and went off to make her calls.

Taking a seat next to Eela, he said “You are physically injured, from what your daughter has surmised. Therefore you will stay here so that the medical team can treat you out of the eye of the public. Until you are cleared by medical, you are not working.” and he held up a hand to the protest that he knew would come. “This is non-negotiable. It is for your own good, but also to protect the office. If you do anything that can be construed as questionable or problematic; your current condition gives credit to an argument of being unfit to continue. I will not allow that to happen. So you will stay here… you will recover… and then you will resume your duties.”


Her hazel eyes searched him, and she wished beyond anything she could feel something. It was like sinking into a void and at this moment she felt like nothing more than a shell. It was devastating, or it would be if she could feel devastated. Eela leaned forward, her brace whirring to compensate, and she puled the medallion of the table, turning it in her fingers. It was a pale silver metal, about 4 cms in diameter and embossed with Haliian script written on the circumference of a circle.

Squeezing it tightly in her hand, Eela leaned towards Kenzo, coming to rest against him. “I can tell my body is tired, but I don’t feel tired.”


Kenzo let her lean on him. “It has been a hard day already. If you think you can, sleep. Even for just a little while. I’ll be here.”


Sleep seemed like a dangerous prospect and Eela didn’t know why. Was it instinct? “My mind seems resistant to it,” she said as she opened her hand and stared at the round metal disc and offered it to him to see.

“It’s a suufa, a token of passing. The words on it are a benediction to the one who has died wishing them a safe passing into the Nasuina, or the Great Mystery. We put them with the body when they are cremated, or in some similar way depending on the tradition of the person in question. That daughter of mine…” she said with a soft snort, appreciating the way Caridee was anticipating her needs.


“Her ability to anticipate the needs of others is a gift.” Kenzo said. “One she inherited from you.” He slid from her a bit so he could fa e her directly. “And that is why it is so important for you to be seen to. You and I both rely heavily on our ability to see past facades and projections people use in their dealings with us. And I rely on you to be the sounding board for me. That level of teamwork has been pivotal for us in the past… there is every reason to believe we will need it here.”


She dipped her head and if she could feel despair, she would. “I hate feeling so useless. Well, I guess I don’t feel useless, but you know what I mean.” Eela looked up at him. “I don’t know how to exist like this. Whatever Caridee can do, I hope it’s enough,” she said softly. To feel like this always was a disturbing thought.

“As much as I appreciate your presence, now that I’m out of service, you’re going to have to handle things. You still need to talk to Kek, and Caputo, and you might want to let the Cabinet know discreetly. I know McBride will tell the senior Starfleet officers so they’re ready to jump into action when we shift to full yellow alert, but I doubt the cabinet would take to finding out too much later than others.”


Kenzo looked at her with his trademark expressionless look and said “Hmmm… not so useless then, are you?” He tapped his comm bracelet and said [[Ms. Caputo, assemble the Cabinet for an emergency meeting. I will be attending virtually, so they may as well. This is mandatory for all Cabinet members. Thirty minutes. Thank you.]] and he ended the call. He looked at Eela and said “I will inform them you have an unrelated and minor medical issue, but are being seen to and will join us as soon as you are cleared by medical.”


She wanted to say that it wasn’t enough, that she… no, he had already told her to sit things out for awhile and given her personal relationship with Jones, it was unlikely anyone was expecting to be galavanting around the colony handling things, even though she wished she could. Eela gave him a nod. “Okay.” No need to worry others unnecessarily and she was loathe to have this public. “Can you do me a favour and let Karilan know? The truth, please. Hopefully it will make things make more sense.” Eela thought about the exchange at the bookshop and she supposed she had been… overzealous. Strange, it was usually her temper that made a mess of things, not a lack of emotion. How very odd.


Kenzo was quiet a moment and then said “No. I will leave that for you to do when you are better. I have no doubt their friendship with you is strong enough to weather this, and it will mean more coming from you.” He left the room, returning a moment later with a large blanket. He adjusted her so she was laying down and then laid the blanket over her. It was startling heavy. “Human creation. It is suris8ngly good at helping one feel more… grounded. Less adrift. Try and sleep, Eela. If you need me, just call for me. I will be here.”


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