Just Another Day

Posted Nov. 26, 2023, 12:39 p.m. by Civilian Ragna Idun McKenzie (Future Citizen) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Civilian Thyr Th’arialat (Resident) in Just Another Day


Some two or so weeks later, Thyr was behind the counter in his shop, but he looked miserable. His antenna were bent to either side as though wilted, he sat in a chair behind the desk looking tired and run down, occasionally coughing, a deep, wet cough, into his elbow. He was sweating and shivering.

He was trying to keep the shop open. Being closed unexpectedly hurt, financially. And he had too many things to pay to want to cut it too close. Thankfully, it was a slow day. Hardly anyone was there.

~ Thyr

It had been awhile since Ragna had stopped into the shop. It reminded her of home and she didn’t really need anything, so she never stopped unless the shop was quiet. She’d brought Thyr some work, none of it cheap, and she was willing and able to pay the fee for such work. Today she had a piece with a knick in it and all the grinding with a whetstone just wasn’t going to fix it.

She walked into the shop and stopped, staring at the Andorian. “Thyr? What’s wrong? You look ill.” She marched across the shop and behind the counter to look at him.

Ragna McKenzie

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