Just Another Day

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Some two or so weeks later, Thyr was behind the counter in his shop, but he looked miserable. His antenna were bent to either side as though wilted, he sat in a chair behind the desk looking tired and run down, occasionally coughing, a deep, wet cough, into his elbow. He was sweating and shivering.

He was trying to keep the shop open. Being closed unexpectedly hurt, financially. And he had too many things to pay to want to cut it too close. Thankfully, it was a slow day. Hardly anyone was there.

~ Thyr

It had been awhile since Ragna had stopped into the shop. It reminded her of home and she didn’t really need anything, so she never stopped unless the shop was quiet. She’d brought Thyr some work, none of it cheap, and she was willing and able to pay the fee for such work. Today she had a piece with a knick in it and all the grinding with a whetstone just wasn’t going to fix it.

She walked into the shop and stopped, staring at the Andorian. “Thyr? What’s wrong? You look ill.” She marched across the shop and behind the counter to look at him.

Ragna McKenzie

Thyr glanced up at her and grunted. “I’m fine.” He said, and then coughed again. He took a couple of breaths. “Okay, I’m a little sick. I’ll be fine. What’d you bring me today?”

~ Thyr

Ragna shook her head. “No you are not. Go, off with you. Go get into bed. I have enough business sense and been in a blacksmith shop all my life. I can take orders and finalize sales. I won’t touch the jobs you are working on, but you aren’t either. So go. You won’t have to close the shop.”


“I can’t ask you to do that. You must have better things to do than watch my shop.” Thyr said. He sat up in the chair, he’d been leaned back with his feet up, and looked at her. “Uh, thank you though.”

~ Thyr

“Nonsense. You didn’t ask, I offered. Now up,” Ragna was incredibly strong. Nowhere near the strength of the Andorian or her husband, but she was stronger than most women her size. He was also sick. She bent slightly, draped an arm over her shoulders and stood, dragging him up with her. “Go on. I have absolutely nothing to do. As we’ve both observed this rock is boring. Anything that might come up I can handle from my comms. Go. Better to take a day and get better, than keep working and get so sick that you end up in the hospital and the shop closed.” Ragna was stubborn and wasn’t taking anything other than him heading up the backstairs to his apartment. “Is there someone else you want me to call to come watch the shop?”


Thyr stood with her. “Alright, alright, I’m going.” Andorians always felt cold, their regular temperature was lower than other species, but he felt warmer than he should. “No, there’s no one else to run the shop.” He could call Jezem, in fact he would, but Jezem knew… not that much about the weapons in the shop.

~ Thyr

“I’ll stay until the shop closes then. If you need anything, just yell.” After he was gone up the stairs, made herself busy organizing the receipts and orders he’d taken in already that morning after she had sent a message to her husband to let him know where she was and she’d see him late for dinner. Seamus was working anyway on some project, so he wouldn’t be back for lunch most likely.


Thyr disappeared upstairs and went to bed. Some hours later, he lumbered downstairs to check on Ragna and the shop, coughing hard into his elbow as he walked down the stairs. “How’s it going?”

~ Thyr

Ragna looked up as she heard him come down the stairs, and then the cough, “Don’t have to ask how you’re feeling.” She held up a stack of receipts. “It’s going well. It’s been steady business most of the day.” There were also several noticeable holes in his display cases.

Ragna wasn’t a sales woman, but she knew weapons and she’d been beside her uncle for enough years to know how to handle the sales. Everything went for asking price. Ragna would have charged more for some of them, but she couldn’t go above the listed price. That was bad business. In addition to the sales he had several new orders for custom pieces.

The Nordic woman looked him over. He looked worse. “Do you need a doctor?”


Thyr coughed, hard, and then shook his head, sitting on the stair step. “I’m fine. I don’t need a doctor.” He nodded, “Steady business is good. I need steady business.”

~ Thyr

Ragna didn’t think he was fine at all, but she wasn’t his mother or a nurse maid. She shrugged. “Well back up stairs with you then. There’s still a couple of hours till you close. Have soup or hot tea. It will break up that cough.”


He stood, slowly, and went back up the stairs. “Thanks.” Upstairs, he huddled on the sofa, his breaths a little bit shallow, but not too bad. He didn’t head back down till closing time. Then he went down and sat on the stair again. He had a small coughing fit and then wiped his hand on his pants. “The day end well?”

~ Thyr

Ragna grinned, “Yep!” She handed him the receipts and orders and then turned back to a box of merchandise that he hadn’t had room to put out. She was refilling the display cases, but leaving a few strategic spots obviously empty. She turned towards him when the door opened.

She greeted the man and offered to help him. He snorted, saying a human wouldn’t understand. Ragna smirked behind his back, but didn’t say anything. She leaned back against the counter, totally relaxed as the man looked around. He asked to see several pieces and decided on one that was obviously a bad fit for him. She told him so. The idea might be to make money, but you wanted customers to return. Selling them a weapon that they couldn’t or shouldn’t use was bad business. After arguing with her for several minutes he huffed and challenged her to prove it.

It took her less than 10 seconds to disarm the man, who was trying quite hard to keep the weapon his in his hands. She then proceeded to explain to him why it was a bad match, how it was supposed to be used and offered him an alternative that would work much better for him. She even game him a thorough lesson in how to use it. She clearly not only knew weapons and how to use them, but she knew how to teach too.

After the man got over his pride, he was so happy he bought two and commissioned smaller ones for his 3 sons and 2 nieces. When he left, she turned back to Thyr. “Feeling any better?” she asked as she went to the door and locked it.


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