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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Sharah Fayth (Chief Star Fleet Medical Officer) in Governor’s Home - TMODJ (PRISM)

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She wanted to say that it wasn’t enough, that she… no, he had already told her to sit things out for awhile and given her personal relationship with Jones, it was unlikely anyone was expecting to be galavanting around the colony handling things, even though she wished she could. Eela gave him a nod. “Okay.” No need to worry others unnecessarily and she was loathe to have this public. “Can you do me a favour and let Karilan know? The truth, please. Hopefully it will make things make more sense.” Eela thought about the exchange at the bookshop and she supposed she had been… overzealous. Strange, it was usually her temper that made a mess of things, not a lack of emotion. How very odd.


Kenzo was quiet a moment and then said “No. I will leave that for you to do when you are better. I have no doubt their friendship with you is strong enough to weather this, and it will mean more coming from you.” He left the room, returning a moment later with a large blanket. He adjusted her so she was laying down and then laid the blanket over her. It was startling heavy. “Human creation. It is suris8ngly good at helping one feel more… grounded. Less adrift. Try and sleep, Eela. If you need me, just call for me. I will be here.”


Lying on her side so she was careful about the cortical monitor, Eela felt the instant compression of the blanket.

Caridee appeared then and grabbed the PADD, checking on the readouts from the monitor as she sipped on her cooling tea. “Oh good, I’m glad you’re resting. You are going to try and sleep, yes?”
“Yes, mother,” Eela said with closed eyes.
“You were one of those snarky teenagers, weren’t you?” Caridee said with a grin. Eela just snorted.

“She is snarky now.” Kenzo said. “I would imaging it comes with years of practice.”

Despite the severity of the situation, Caridee couldn’t help but chuckle. “There is that.”

“Doctor Fayth will be here momentarily. I’m going to greet her and fill her in.” She looked at Kenzo. “Will she know what’s going on? I don’t want to create issues, sharing things I’m not supposed to.”

~Eela & Caridee

Kenzo nodded once. “She will. As the Senior Star Fleet Medical Officer here, she will have e been briefed, I’m sure. Do what you need to do for Ms. Dasca. We can deal with ramifications later.”


Caridee nodded and took a steadying breath. “Alright, let’s see what we come up with.” With a nod of her head, she stepped back over to where she had beamed in and waited for Sharah.

~Caridee & Eela

Sharah had never been to Hyrushi’s home. She had seen the governatorial estate, but when she arrived at this building she knew she was not there. She was not the least surprised that he had a private residence. She had not spoken to him in some time. She worried how both he and Eela were doing. He would have much more on his plate without Eela by his side.

She passed through the check points and was escorted up to the top floor and then let in to the apartment.

Fayth, SFCMO

Caridee was waiting for her and gave a grateful, if weary, smile. “Thank you coming, Doctor Fayth.” She waved the PADD in her hand. “My mother is in the living room resting and the Governor has been staying with her. Unless she’s sleeping, for the time being I’m asking someone to stay with her at all times, just so we don’t miss anything. And time is of the essence, so I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to give you the whole picture as far as I know and then we can go from there. I’m assuming you have access to her most recent scans before this, so we can use that as a benchmark, because I know things have changed a lot since her rehab after her accident when I last saw anything.”

Fayth nodded, “Yes I have them here.” She held up a PaDD, “I accessed them and downloaded them before I came.”

She handed over the PADD, which was showing a continual readout from a cortical monitor. There was also the results from the scan Caridee did before she placed the cortical monitor. Currently Eela was showing the following:

  • lower heart rate

  • slightly low blood pressure

  • a complete inactivity of Eela’s paracortex- not even a background awareness

  • a slight shrinking of the amygdala.

  • imbalance of the following neurotransmitters from Eela’s baseline:

  • -glutamate: 120%
    -GABA: 70%
    -dopamine: 75%
    -serotonin: 60%
    -psilosynine: 150% (these levels usually spike during touch-telepathy)
    -oxytocin: 130%
    -cortisol levels: 50% (due to corresponding lack of production in her adrenal glands)

    Caridee gave her a moment to look everything over before she continued. “Based on her neurotransmitter levels, the lack of paracortical activity and the emotionless affect, it does tend to suggest what is known on Halii as Kuskaaritz Syndrome. She’s also having non-dangerous absence seizures, which also tracks, but I’ve only witnessed one so far. The cortical monitor will tell us when there are more and then we can gauge their frequency.”


    Sharah nodded slowly to herself as she read. She wasn’t a neurologist, but she knew enough about the body and neurotransmitters. “I’d like to talk to her.” The first rule was to find out what had happened recently from the patient or those with them. “You said in your call that this is usually precipitated by physical damage?”

    Fayth, SFCMO

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