The Shopping District Gala (Open to all non-Gala peeps)

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Akem had been tracking info on Oed for some time as they learned more and more about their new environment. Typical Deltan attire was not what he was used to. He had grown so accustomed to hiding his identity with clothes that he wasn’t totally sure what to do. Would these people expect him their in his nude deltan glory? Or was he make like everyone and else to fit in? Clothes were probably safer.

||Fun has always been a rarity. I’ll be there soon if you truly think it worth while. Any suggestions on how i might present myself there?||


She smiled. ||They seemed to be all dressed up. More so than I. I think this is meant to be a chance for people to dress more formal than they normally would. Do with that what you will.||

Sending her reply, Lai ventured father into the space. She didn’t expect to see anyone she knew here, and it wasn’t like very many people even knew her, so for the moment she was moving about with apparent anonymity.

~Lai Kitrian

Argam was a good host, and greeted everyone as though they were old friends. Though the Ferengi hasn’t lived in the colony for a full year yet, he had a good reputation as an honest business man and fair with is dealings. The Ferengi approached Lai, sensing that she felt out of place amongst the gathered crowd. “Welcome, young miss!” He greeted with a wide smile, “Thank you for coming to this little gathering tonight. Please, enjoy all the food and drink you could want! Everything is free and provided for so you may enjoy your night without cause for concern!”

Jezem (And Argam)

Such public celebrations were something Lai had experienced long ago on her homeworld but had all but faded from her memory. Her gold-ringed hazel eyes took in the Ferengi and she couldn’t help but smile a little bit. The energy around her was contagious and she mentally allowed herself to relax, if only a tiny bit. It was hard to fully let down her guard, especially amongst so many strangers, but she felt anonymous here and it was starting to feel actually kind of nice. “Thank you. It seems like a wonderful party.”

~Lai Kitrian

Kristina wandered around the party with a glass of well… something in hand. Should she be worried about the mystery alcohol at a random block party? Maybe not. It was organized by a business district after all.

She turned the corner and stopped abruptly at the sight of the last person she thought she’d see here. Kristina had meant to stop in but things had been so busy with the dig and school. Guilt gnawed at her stomach and she approached to woman who was the exact copy of her sister minus the facial tattoos and a whole weird set of abilities she knew Halai didn’t have. She didn’t even get all the way to her, when Lai turned and stared right at her. “Hey, Lai. I didn’t expect to see you here. Are you and Akem settling in okay?”

~Kristina Cosgrove

Lai peered at the woman who had rushed into her hospital room only to find that Lai was not the one she expected to find. She honestly wasn’t sure how to feel about it all, but she could feel the regret and guilt radiating off Kristina in waves. Lai wasn’t sure whether she should be upset at being forgotten about or if that was even truly the case. She could understand it being hard for the woman to look at Lai and not want it to be her sister. But sisters they were not, even if surface genetics would say they were. “It’s… an adjustment. We’re waiting on something to happen with our refugee status, but we have temporary status and services.” Who knows what they would do if it ended. After all, there was no way some powers that be would let her and Akem galavant about this galaxy as they pleased. No, eventually people would remember they were there and there would be questions, demands. Of that she was certain.

~Lai Kitrian

Jezem looped one arm through Eryn’s and half-dragged-half-guided her over to the desserts table which was a veritable display of sugary confections from across the galaxy. Most of which made here on the colony with as little imported as possible. Upon a little plate Jezem created a selection of Orion favorites for Eyrn, including the spiced chocolates and a sugar confection that looked like a tiny fried birds nest. Nestled inside the nest was an “egg” of honey-soaked sweet cheese with a fragrant and floral smell. “Try these. You’ll love them so much.”

A gauntleted hand closed on Jezem’s arm holding the plate and steered it gently but firmly away from Eryn. “Please. Keep your distance, sir. Ms. Romanov is particular about her personal space.” the synthesized voice of Gran said. They took the plate from Jezem and, after releasing him, ran their other hand over the food and then handed it to Eryn. “It is safe… although how palatable is point of conjecture, I’m sure.”

Oh she wanted to laugh. She was sure that did not go over well with Jezem. Not any of it. Instead she looked rather bored. She took the plate from Gran. “Zhank you,” which person she was speaking to was up to interpritation though. Then she turned her gaze directly on Jezem. “Zhey take zhier duty very seriously. Vorth decuple zheir veight in gold pressed latinum.” She turned a deep look at Gran that spoke volumes and also said nothing. She had already made arrangements for the Tea Room to deliver to garden house and for one of their extra drivers to pick up a small order and bring g it here for him.

Jezem smiled placidly through the whole deal, not once breaking from character. Internally he sneered at the display. He flashed Eryn a subtle look that could be read as ‘is he for real?’ When did Eryn need some one to hover over her like an overprotective mother.

She winked slightly at him. No Eryn did not need a mother or a protector, but like Jezem keeping to character so did Eryn. This was who Eryn was now, to those who didn’t need to know more.

She picked one of the spicier chocolates and bit into it. “Excellently crafted,” she said after a moment, “vho did you get to cater zhe event?”

He preened, “Multiple restaurants and bakeries. Very little was actually imported in, basically anything that couldn’t be made her on Oed. Our primary caterer is the Van Holloway Gourmands.” A family catering and restaurant business that recently moved to Oed V. Argam, after trying their food, thought this event would give them the leg up they needed to break into the market.

Eryn nodded, “Send me zhe list. I know several people zhat vould like a solid recommendation for catering.” She glanced at Gran, “Davivika vould benefit from the connection, do you zhink, Gran?” She turned back to Jezem, “Argam vould agree, it is good business, no, to help and recommend each other.”


Argam sensed the discomfort between the two young women. Normally he wouldn’t attempt to step in between what seemed like a personal matter, as the host of this party he felt obligated to ensure his guests were comfortable and happy. The Ferengi smiled at Kristina, noting she already had a cup in hand, “Ah! I’m glad you are enjoying the party, Miss, do you like the springwine? It is a Bajoran favorite and it would pair nicely with savory grilled skewers being served tonight. To Lai he said, “Would you like something to drink as well? We have both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks available.”

Jezem (And Argam)



Kristina smiled. “I’m quite enjoying it, actually. I’ll have to take your suggestion for the skewers,” she told Argam. “Is this sort of event something you would host anyway at another time, or is it just because of the gala?”

~Kristina Cosgrove

Lai considered Argam, perhaps for a longer than such a simple question should require. She looked beyond their host and Kristina to the people around. There were so many here and she knew none of them except for the woman in front of her. It was a lot of people to inherently trust and trust she did not. At least, not entirely. “I don’t drink alcohol, so something without would be nice, thank you…?” she said, seeking his name. She might as well start figuring out who everyone was around here if they were indeed going to be staying.

~Lai Kitrian

“Mostly because of the Gala. It seemed such a great shame to let such a prestigious event take place yet involve so little of the local community and businesses.” Especially with the public interest at a fever pitch. To host a street gala wasn’t even a question but an answer. People like to celebrate and local businesses get the exposure and free marketing. “I am Argam. My husband, Jezem, is also about somewhere.”

Jezem (And Argam)

Lai studied him with a curious gaze. Street parties were not something she was accustomed to, but it was one of those fascinating details. “I’m… new here, so this might seem an odd question, but what exactly are you celebrating?” Just because people were engaged in diplomacy, didn’t mean it was a celebratory moment. It was more likely someone was waiting for an opportunity to stab someone in the back. Literally or figuratively.

~Lai Kitrian

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