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Eela was always so private about her relationships and it was always with mindful discretion that she shared anything with someone outside of that relationship. She knew telling them about the canar was important, but she didn’t quite understand the connection. Or was it her lack of emotions that made it harder to see?

Caridee moved back swiftly towards the apartment at the sound of her name. “Anything?” she asked hopefully.

~Eela & Caridee

Sharah sighed, she knew exactly what Eela was going through. Well, almost. Sharah hadn’t been connected to a lover, a partner, but someone she had loved and been deeply connected to when she died violently. It had put Sharah in a coma. She had only been 5 at the time, but the memories still gave her nightmares sometimes. “Your mother used the canar with Dashial Jones last night. Though they were no longer using the Canar and he had gone home, they were still linked when he died.”

Fayth, SFCMO

Caridee processed this information and then nodded, realization dawning in her eyes. “The canar causes both psilosynine and oxytocin to spike quite high during its use, and that peak can remain for a good couple of hours after it’s disconnected. Then everything fades from there.” She glanced through the glass into the living room at the sofa where her mother was living in an emotional void. “It’s not something I’ve ever heard of being attached to Kuskaaritz but it does make a lot of sense. Yes, it’s emotional, but it’s a physical severing of something woven through her body.” Drawing in a deep breath, she nodded, more to herself than anything. “I don’t know exactly how we make this better, but many minds are better than one right now. And hopefully Healer Lagald will have deeper insight that will help us.”

“Those deep psychic connections are just as strong or stronger than physical ones. And given her levels of psilosynine and oxytocin are still very high, it was a very deep and very strong connection. She’s lost a part of herself when he died.” Poor Eela, Sharah’s heart broke for the woman.

Caridee nodded slowly. “And on a physiological level it’s all but severed the mind-body connection that Hallians rely on so much. Not entirely though, which is why she’s still cognitively there, and that gives us some room to work.”

Meanwhile, Eela had pondered trying to sit up since sleep was not something her mind wanted to do. In all honesty, she feared whatever emotionless dreams might surface. She looked at Kenzo. “You know-” And then she just stopped talking, gazing blankly ahead. The PADD on the table that Caridee and Sharah were using beeped an alert.

~Caridee & Eela

Kenzo looked at her and knew she was experiencing a dissociation. He turned and walked out to the patio. “She is having an episode.” he said calmly as he turned and walked back in, taking a seat next to her on the couch. He rested a hand on her arm and simply waited.


Sharah turned and went back inside picking up her tricorder and scanning it over her as she sat down in front of Eela. She watched the readings. These were harmless unless something more went wrong, and at the moment that was all she was focusing on. “Caridee would it help for me to put in an emergency request to Healer Lagald?”

Fayth, SFCMO

Caridee watched from close by as her mother’s absence seizure occurred. “It might. But I did state it was urgent. I have no idea what time it is on Halii, or if he’s dealing with his own patients, so I’ve been expecting it would take a little-” She paused as her mother started speaking suddenly.

“-I was think-” Eela paused in her suddenly continuation of her comment as she realized things had shifted around her and she gazed at Sharah. “Well, that’s unsettling.”

“Another seizure,” Caridee said softly. “Forty minutes,” she said, noting the time since the last one that she noticed after she first explained the situation to the Governor and returned to check on Eela. “We won’t know until the next if it’s consistent.” But the presence of the seizures at all made her think about the sequence of events. What if Eela not only had been deeply connected to Dash at the time of his death, but his death triggered the first seizure. Patients have no memory during that time, but their bodies could remember. Bodies almost always did.

There was a chirp that notified Caridee of an incoming transmission. “Oh, thank goodness, that’s Legald.” She turned to Kenzo. “The hall terminal still okay?”

~Eela & Caridee

Kenzo nodded, but remained silent.


Caridee nodded and gestured for Sharah to follow her to the terminal. “Here goes nothing,” she said softly.

Starting the call, an older Haliian man appeared with piercing green eyes and along grey hair pulled back off his face. ||Ahh, it’s one my favourite students.||

“Healer, thank you for meeting with us. This here with me is Doctor Sharah Fayth. She’s the primary care physician for the patient we’re calling about. Doctor Fayth, this is Healer Temmis Legald, a well-regarded healer and teacher on Halii.”

||Doctor Fayth,|| he greeted with a bow of his head. ||I understand you both have someone you believe is experiencing Kuuskaritz Syndrome. How might I help?||

~Eela & Caridee

Sharah pressed her hands to her heart and forehead. =/\=Healer Legald,” Sharah greeted, “Ues. The patient is disconnected. She has no empathic or telepathic awareness. Projection or reviewing. From her scans, I honestly don’t think she is even fully experiencing physical sensations. She is totally emotionless. Other empathy can’t get anything from her.” Then she read off the scan results Caridee had given her. “I understand that Kuuskaritz Syndrome is usually caused by physical injury, but we just found out that she shared the canar with her partner. He died shortly after. She keeps saying ‘It’s gone’.”

Fayth, SFCMO

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