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The holodisplays became active at exactly thirty minutes from when all the Cabinet members were notified of the emergency meeting. Governor Hyrushi appeared in the virtual space and waited for the rest of the colony’s leadership to arrive.

Hyrushi, Governor

Karina appeared a moment later, looking professional, and obviously already at work for the day. She scanned the virtual area to see who else had arrived. “Governor Hyrushi.” She said by way of greeting. An emergency meeting this early did not bode a “good” in that greeting she was sure.

Enger, DOE

“Governor,” Alston said with a nod as he appeared in the virtual space. He disliked being stuck in meetings, and these were one of the worst types.

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The block all Cabinet Members knew very well snapped into view, the man on it in the instantly identifiable red on black of the CCDA. Commandant General Calvin Harris stared out into the virtual space. “Defense here, Governor Hyrushi.”

Harris, CCDA

Zerbo walked in dressed to the nines as always and found his customed chair that fit him. “I am here Governor. Finance is at your disposal.” He said while bowing before he took his seat.

Zerbo, Finance Minister

“We are missing a few, but let us begin. Lt. Governor Dasca has had an unrelated medical issue come up, so she will not be joining us.” Hyrushi said. “Earlier this morning, the body of Dashiel Jones, aid to Federation Ambassador Mathis, was discovered in his home. All signs thus far point to homicide.” He waited a moment to allow the magnitude of the news to seep in. “The general public does not now at this time, but it is only a matter of time before they become aware. This is not something that we needed with the Vren’s arrival, I’m sure you all agree.”

“As of right now, Star Fleet is at a heightened state of security.” Hyrushi continued. “Once the incident becomes public, they will go to a full yellow alert. General Harris, Mr. Mace. I wish you two to work together to ensure that the colony is not under any direct threat or that someone is not trying to color the Vren’s arrival in a negative light. And also ensure our Vren guests are secure and unhampered in their time on Oed. Minister Zerbo. I would like your department to work with Commissioner Karlson’s police to see if there are any financial avenues to pursue in their investigation. Ms. Enger, please see to it that all schools and campuses have an increased security presence once the news breaks. I would recommend that any students of Ambassadorial staff are kept under close watch. Coordinate with Oed police and-or the CCDA to ensure that our students are safe.” He paused and took a breath. “Now I will answer any questions you may have.”

Hyrushi, Governor

Alston nodded, the request was not unexpected. And despite what he would like, this was an internal matter for now, the CIA had to stay hands off for the moment.

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