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“It wouldn’t be hard to set up a few terrariams. Set them all up with native soil so we know it’s lifeless. Then add a different native soil bacteria to each. Have two for each bacteria type, add this compound,” Sharah pointed at the screen, “to only one of each pair. I can get spores for native fungi from the botany lab. They have native soil samples as well.” She looked at all of them, “That is if we want to try a small experiment?” They would have to eventually, but this wasn’t her rodeo.

Fayth, SFCMO

“With the time frame we’ve been given, now is probably even too late. But… no time like the present.” McKenzie said.

McKenzie, Conservation Director

Nia chewed on the inside of her cheek for a moment. “If it works as fast as we’re led to believe it will, then the growth rate is the most important variable we need to monitor and report. So long as nothing is altered in any way that will prove dangerous on a larger scale, and we can use simulations for that, then we can at least give the decision makers a confidence rate so they know how to evaluate whatever results we do give them.”

~Nia Harmon, Sciences


Sharah looked at them all, “Well let’s get started then.” She looked at Harmon, “You said you and Cmdr Woods,” did she really say it without flinching, “ran computer simulations. Do you feel you exhausted that or should we start there again?”

Fayth, SFCMO

Nia shook her head. “We were only just getting going and set up the base program. I was waiting for the next step of doing a miniature test to actually feed into the simulation. We were going to decide the various soil types for sure and then get going. I can get the samples though and we can begin there.”

~Nia Harmon, Sciences

“If you still have the copies of what you started with Woods I would like to see them. I don’t have all of Woods’ files. Not sure if that was by accident, not going to ponder more problems when we have enough of a time limit as it is.” Tannenn said as she looked at Nia Harmon, then paused to listen to the others voices options.

“Then let’s get crackin’.” the big Scot said and slapped his hands together. “I suggest we start with a microbial growth medium found in the native soil samples collected prior to the comet strike. If’n this is the skeleton key to unlocking rapid repopulation; we’ll need tae start there anyway.”

McKenzie, Conservation Director

Sharah stood, “I’ll grab the base soil from the botany lab and containers. We’ll meet at lab 12 in 20?” She waited for any further clarification and then left.

20 minutes later she was in the designated lab, setting up 2x3 pans of the ‘dead’ native soil. She had 5 of them filled, but enough to do more. When they arrived she waved toward them. “One as a control, allowed to grow on its own. The others, I thought we might have to experiment with the amount of ‘the gift’ to use.”

Fayth, SFCMO

“These are perfect, thank you Sharah!” Tannenn said as she glanced at the others. She had no idea how this was going to play out for certain but the team was working well together thus far and the feed back and suggestions from everyone was proving very encouraging they might even pull off the impossible but she didn’t want to get too far head of herself, not at least until they saw what happened with the first samples.

Keen FCSciO

“Can I see the substance they gave us?” Nia said. “How much they gave us will give us a good indication of its potency, unless they don’t expect the whole amount to be enough for the entire planet and we need to ask them for more- which is a good question to ask the powers that be actually. But we can assign a ration based on the total weight of it and measure out a tiny fraction for the first test. Depending on what our base mass is we can go up in very small increments, and I would want to be monitoring constantly. Once we get an idea of the growth rate, we can run simulations and extrapolate a more accurate test.”

~Nia Harmon, Sciences

Seamus was reading a PaDD and said “In the notes from the previous guy, it says the substance is self-replicating. What we have will always be what we have.”

McKenzie, Conservation Director

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