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Eela waited till the pair had left the room and pulled the blanket tighter around her. It was one thing to know that Dash was dead, and that she was experiencing some sort of traumatic response to that, but it was quite another to feel anything about it all. “I almost envy Jeanette her franticness earlier. As terrible a feeling as it must have been, to not understand what was going on, at least she can do something with the information,” she said to Kenzo, though she didn’t meet his gaze.

Kenzo reached over and took her chin gently in his fingers and turned her head so she faced him, black eyes locking onto hers. “This will be resolved, Eela. I promise.” he said with all the surety that a mountain knows it will stand up to the rain shower. “You will make it through, and you will be stronger. I do not envy you the pain that will come with it. Be prepared for that.”

“Better than this, I’m sure,” Eela said flatly. “But I’d rather miss him and feel that, than feel nothing about everything. I’d call it torture but there’s no pain.” It was such a strange way to exist.

“Yomi-no-kuni.” Kenzo said. “The Land of the Dead. In Shinto, the Land of The Dead reflects this one, but the light is dim and the people but shadows. You enter regardless of what your actions or morality was in this life.” He looked at her and said “To live eternally as but a shadow of one’s former self.” He shrugged slightly. “But that is mythology… and the ancient Japanese did not have to contend with the likes of your daughter and Doctor Fayth.” and he gave her a rare smile.

“They are extraordinarily determined individuals,” she agreed.

Starting the call, an older Haliian man appeared with piercing green eyes and along grey hair pulled back off his face. ||Ahh, it’s one my favourite students.||

“Healer, thank you for meeting with us. This here with me is Doctor Sharah Fayth. She’s the primary care physician for the patient we’re calling about. Doctor Fayth, this is Healer Temmis Legald, a well-regarded healer and teacher on Halii.”

||Doctor Fayth,|| he greeted with a bow of his head. ||I understand you both have someone you believe is experiencing Kuuskaritz Syndrome. How might I help?||

~Eela & Caridee

Sharah pressed her hands to her heart and forehead. =/\=Healer Legald,” Sharah greeted, “Ues. The patient is disconnected. She has no empathic or telepathic awareness. Projection or reviewing. From her scans, I honestly don’t think she is even fully experiencing physical sensations. She is totally emotionless. Other empathy can’t get anything from her.” Then she read off the scan results Caridee had given her. “I understand that Kuuskaritz Syndrome is usually caused by physical injury, but we just found out that she shared the canar with her partner. He died shortly after. She keeps saying ‘It’s gone’.”

Fayth, SFCMO

The healer’s brow furrowed against his forehead bulges. ||That is an unusual set of circumstances, but it would most definitely have a stronger impact on the nervous system. The canar amplifies a Haliian’s telepathic ability, to the point of being able to share that with even a non-telepath. It requires very high levels of psilosynine ad produces even more oxytocin than normal bonding experiences, both of which last for many hours afterward. To have that suddenly cut off would indeed be devastating on many levels. How long has it been?||

Caridee glanced at the time. “At most it’s been seven hours but probably a little less than that. We don’t have an exact time of death. And…” She paused, gathering her thoughts, but then shared her hypothesis about his death triggering the first seizure. “It makes sense to me because she didn’t know he was gone until she was told. If she was that connected, you would think that would have reverberated through their bond. But if she had a seizure then she won’t have any memory of it.”

Legald nodded thoughtfully. ||It is a reasonable conclusion based on what you’ve described. But the thing to keep in mind is that even if she has no active memory of it, her body will probably still remember. So we still have to balance the physical with the mental, emotional and spiritual.||

“The four pillars,” Caridee said, the tenets of Haliian medicine sitting foremost in her mind. “The question is now, what do we do? My first thought was that if the canar contributed to the severity of the break, can it be used to heal that mind-body connection?”

The Haliian healer tapped a finger to his lips. ||Quite possibly, actually, but your patient can’t receive, at least not consciously. The only way around that would be to put them into a semi-conscious state not unlike the sua soams.||

Caridee turned to Sharah. “It’s a ritual where an individual consumes a mildly sedating and hallucinogenic decoction that allows a Haliian to shed the boundaries of the mind and work through things that are more subconscious. It’s a deeply spiritual practice. I happen to know our patient was going to be doing the ritual during the upcoming Batarael festival, as is traditional. But we don’t have the 2 days to brew the drink, so if we think this is a viable path, then we need another option to the decoction. “



Sharah nodded, “She told me about it. She had asked about performing the ritual with her current medications and health.” Sharah’s gaze got far away. “There are drugs that will produce that effect. Depending on her susceptibility, from mild sedative, to anxiety meds, to opioids. Tramadol would be my first choice. What would you recommend Healer?”

Fayth, SFCMO

Temmis considered their options. ||That medication could work at a high enough dose. Normally you would want to avoid psychoactive effects but in this case, we need that. The caution I would have is that it could increase her seizures and instigate more serious forms. I would have an anticonvulsant on hand. Hyperzine would be your safest.||

||Other things to keep in mind are the environment. You will want somewhere safe, warm and soothing. Also, whomever is going to connect with her, will have to expect resistance at first. While we are dealing with a physical condition, as you’ve mentioned, there was a severe emotional trigger that accompanied it. It makes it much harder to treat, and in my experience those cases tend to need different inputs. Don’t expect it to work right away, but also consider it a building up to tolerance. If you can have more than one person involved in turn, then they have layer on.||

“We need to rebuild the connections, remind her body and mind that they still exist,” Caridee said.

||Exactly. And, finally and most important, and Doctor Sevren you will know this from our time together, when and if you can heal that mind-body connection, feelings will come back. All if it. Physical, emotional. Everything. It can be quite alarming and difficult for the patient, but it is necessary. You can only hold all that off for so long before it builds to something more. So be prepared.”

Caridee nodded, mentally already creating a list of things to gather if her mother agreed to this. “Thank you, Healer. I appreciate your time.” She looked at Fatyh. “Do you have anything else you want to ask?”

~Eela & Caridee


“Not unless you have a miracle cure. We will do what we can, and hope it is enough. If we have need of further consultation will you be available?”

He nodded. ||I will ensure I am available at any time.|| Temmis shifted his gaze to Caridee. ||Expect the unexpected and remember your training, and practice self care but above all, remember the core of who your patient is, what drives them. It will guide the path forward.|| He shifted his gaze between them. ||I wish you all the best in your endeavour.||

“Thank you, Temmis. We are grateful for you help,” Caridee said.

When the comm closed, Sharah turned to Caridee, “She is your mother, and out of everyone here you have the closest connection to her. You are also the most knowledgeable about what has happened to her. I will only ask that you consider the risk to yourself and speak to your family before hand. I need to call in supplies. There is a nurse that is friends with Eela and she is Deltan. I would like to call her in if it is okay with you.”

Fayth, SFCMO

Caridee nodded. “If there is anything she needs right now, it’s people who genuinely care about her, so by means, bring her in. I need to go to her apartment to grab the canar and a few other things. While I’m there, I’ll talk to my husband and spend a bit of time with my daughter. It’ll help ground me.”

She paused, trying to not frown. “Her condition is precarious, and she’s in a weakened state. I would feel better if she actually got some sleep, even just a short nap, before we attempt anything. It will help her afterwards, though to be honest that might not be saying much. The aftermath of reconnection is… a lot. Expect nausea, even vomiting. Her mind will be trying to process everything at once, and we absolutely must ot stop her processing, unless it becomes life threatening in some way. Let’s be prepared for anything.”

She gestured with her head to the living room. “Ready to go see if we can convince her, despite this being the only way?” Caridee knew two things about her mother that made this moment more difficult: she could be extremely stubborn, and she loathed ultimatums. As much as they wanted to dress this up as her choice, it was either this or… how she was now, or even things spiralling physically out of control and risking her life.


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