Away Team- Putting Us Through Our Paces

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Arrival at Yalkrin System

The Centurion pulled into orbit of Yalkrin III at position that would allow the away team assembling to search for the Suutane amongst the five moons. McBride was on the Bridge and so far he had found this shakedown cruise rather illuminating. =/\=Bridge to Away Team. Status?=/\=

OOC: System recap:

Captain McBride, Starfleet CO (cross-post)

Hannah looked to Cattaneo. He was lead on this. She got a nod from the medical staff standing by for patient arrival. “Medical’s ready commander.”

Asimina, AMO

Tiberius looked over at Lt Asimina and nodded at her and smiled and said, “I believe that is everyone here. We are ready to go.” He then hit his communicator to respond, =/\=Lt Cmdr Cattaneo here, we are ready to go. Do we have permission to take the shuttle out to hunt down the mission folks?=/\=. He was the pilot for this and the lead. He had a large amount of flight training so he felt very confident in his flying ability. He was hoping this would not be too eventful but finding the missing people was extremely important. He waited for a response from the captain for permission to begin searching.

Lt Cmdr Cattaneo

=/\=Naturally,=/\= came the reply from the bridge. =/\=Do what you need to, but be careful. I’d like to not have our first outing end badly. And… good luck.=/\=

Captain McBride, Starfleet CO

Hannah shouldered her pack and the bag with her EVA suit and stepped onto the shuttle, taking a seat near the back where they would load the missing crew and she’d care of the injured..

Asimina, AMO

Tiberius navigated the shuttle out of the docking bay and headed towards the first moon. He was hoping this would be a quick outing and able to find what was needed. He had his hand ready in case something went south and also ready to start scanning when he arrived at his initial destination. He also had the computer continuously scanning for anything odd coming his way or coming into the system.

OOC: I will wait to see if anything happens along the way before I start doing the scanning of the first moon.

Lt Cmdr Cattaneo

The system was still, aside from the natural movements of the planets in the system. It was an out of the way system that was rarely visited and it didn’t seem that anyone was here, aside from hopefully the missing crew.

Captain McBride, Starfleet CO


Commander Cattaneo went ahead and started hitting the right combination of panels in order to start the scan on the first moon. He was curious of how far away it was and how accurate and detailed of a scan which could be obtained form this distance. He was hoping for some good detail from the scan to try and pin-point the missing people. He waited for an output from the computer. He enjoyed the response time of the ship and how detailed some of the previous reports he had seen before.

Lt Cmdr Cattaneo

There was nothing obvious on sensors for the first moon. It was a barren piece of rock and there was nothing, not even a hint of hull.

Hannah pulled up a copy of the original distress call and played it. Hoping it would give them some idea of where to find them.

||This is a general distress call. Our small research vessel crashed at a gas giant with five moons in the Yalk-… We’re stuck… losing life support. Archie has a head wound and is not well well. I repeat, this is the Research Vessel Sutaane and this is a general distress call.||

Hannah scanned the sensor readings. Yalkin III was the only gas giant. She set the sensors to look for recent debris. It had been 10 hours or more so any impact debris might have dissipated by now, but it was worth checking if they coukd find the Sutaane faster. “They may have had to reroute power from communications to bolster life support, but I am going to try and contact them anyway. Looks like suits will be necessary.”

=/\=Research Vessel Sutaane this is the Shuttle Tolypeutinae of the USS Centurion. We are enroute around Yalkin III. What is your status?=/\=

As she spoke, Hannah was already pulling on her EVA suit, with a skill and efficiency that showed hmyears of experience.

Lt. Asimina, AMO

Tiberius heard the response from the shuttle and Asimina. He then looked over at Asimina and stated, “We need to get over there as quickly as possible. I do not believe they have much left before its too late.” He was nervous and knew it was important. He then went ahead and put on his EVA suit as well. He was expecting to get send over to help the shuttle along with Lt Asimina.

Lt Cmdr Cattaneo

OOC: that wasn’t a new response from the shuttle, that was the original distress call.
There wasn’t anything clear in terms of a response, but there was a brief moment of comm static that originated on the 4th moon. Sensors couldn’t pinpoint an exact location, but there seemed to be a very brief spike of energy on the southern hemisphere of the barren moon.

Captain McBride, Starfleet CO

“Cmdr., no direct response, but I’m getting some comm static. It seems to be coming from the southern half of the fourth moon,” Asimina said from the station she was working from.

Asimina, AMO

From the comm static, he knew they needed to head directly to the fourth moon. He navigated the shuttle directly to the fourth moon and then started a scan on the southern hemisphere. He went ahead and hit the comm station from his navigation location on the shuttle and said, =/\=Commander Cattaneo to USS Centurion, we are headed to the fourth moon as it seems the distress signal is coming from there. Based on the data we have, it seems to be coming from the southern hemisphere of the planet. Will update you when we have additional information. Cattaneo out=/\=. As soon as the shuttle arrived at the fourth moon, he started to do a scan so maybe he could find where they were in order either land or transport over, depending on what was possible.

Lt Cmdr Cattaneo

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