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“Not unless you have a miracle cure. We will do what we can, and hope it is enough. If we have need of further consultation will you be available?”

He nodded. ||I will ensure I am available at any time.|| Temmis shifted his gaze to Caridee. ||Expect the unexpected and remember your training, and practice self care but above all, remember the core of who your patient is, what drives them. It will guide the path forward.|| He shifted his gaze between them. ||I wish you all the best in your endeavour.||

“Thank you, Temmis. We are grateful for you help,” Caridee said.

When the comm closed, Sharah turned to Caridee, “She is your mother, and out of everyone here you have the closest connection to her. You are also the most knowledgeable about what has happened to her. I will only ask that you consider the risk to yourself and speak to your family before hand. I need to call in supplies. There is a nurse that is friends with Eela and she is Deltan. I would like to call her in if it is okay with you.”

Fayth, SFCMO

Caridee nodded. “If there is anything she needs right now, it’s people who genuinely care about her, so by means, bring her in. I need to go to her apartment to grab the canar and a few other things. While I’m there, I’ll talk to my husband and spend a bit of time with my daughter. It’ll help ground me.”

She paused, trying to not frown. “Her condition is precarious, and she’s in a weakened state. I would feel better if she actually got some sleep, even just a short nap, before we attempt anything. It will help her afterwards, though to be honest that might not be saying much. The aftermath of reconnection is… a lot. Expect nausea, even vomiting. Her mind will be trying to process everything at once, and we absolutely must ot stop her processing, unless it becomes life threatening in some way. Let’s be prepared for anything.”

“I can give her something to help her sleep. I could use the alpha wave inducer as well. And I will have the nurse bring anything we might need. Medically speaking I think the Fleet Medical bay would be better, but it isn’t a calming and soothing space.”

“I would agree,” Caridee said. “But given the circumstances, the Lieutenant Governor and Commander-in-Chief being admitted would be difficult privacy wise, and this is one of those times where having privacy will help her state of mind.” She held up a finger. “But should her vitals become too unstable for us to manage here, absolutely, beam her wherever the hell we need to to make sure you have what you need to help her. Can we have somewhere discreetly on standby?”

“I think an alpha-wave inducer is probably the safest bet. The less other medications we put into her system given the meds she’s already on, the better,” Sevren added.

She gestured with her head to the living room. “Ready to go see if we can convince her, despite this being the only way?” Caridee knew two things about her mother that made this moment more difficult: she could be extremely stubborn, and she loathed ultimatums. As much as they wanted to dress this up as her choice, it was either this or… how she was now, or even things spiralling physically out of control and risking her life.


Sharah turned and walked into the living room. She walked over to Hyrushi first. “I need Nurse Crockett to bring several supplies to me and I will need her assistance. Could she be approved to come up?” It was his home, and it was private and not known to the public. She knew he would do whatever he could to help someone, but Sharah would not assume to invade his space.

Fayth, SFCMO

Kenzo looked at Fayth and said “Of course. I will make the arrangements. There are spare bedrooms up the stairs. If you wish to turn one into a convalescent ward, please do so. Captain Dasca can stay here as long as is necessary.”

Hyrushi, Governor

Sharah gave him a grateful smile. He was a good and caring man. “Thank you, we’ll do that.” Then she moved over to Eela and her daughter.

Caridee moved to Eela’s side and sat on the floor. She reached up and rested a head on her hand, gazing into her mother’s eyes. “Do you trust me?”

Eela frowned. “Of course I do. You’ve been there for me through so much.”
Caridee nodded. “We spoke with Healer Legald and he agrees with our diagnosis of Kuskaartiz syndrome, and also that we need to take action as soon as possible if we are to reverse this.”
“It’s not guaranteed, and it’s a bit more complicated because it’s firmly a blend of physical and emotional trauma, but I feel confident that if we take these steps we can fix this,” Caridee said.
Eela inhaled deeply. “What steps?”
“We put you into a medicated state similar to the Sua Soams and then I can use the canar to rebuild the mind-body connection.”
“No,” Eela said flatly.
“No, I can’t,” she said and if she could express anguish, then Eela would have been overflowing with it.

Caridee reached for her mother’s hand, pulling it to her and enclosing it with her other hand. “You can. We can. The canar is just a tool. You know that. Yes, for you it means more and I would never do anything to change that, but this is life or death Mom. I’m not going to sugar coat it. Either we try something and it works, or you stay like this, or the seizures shift into more damaging ones that risk your life.” She fought back tears. “You are the most courageous person I’ve ever known. I’ve watched you survive all sorts of difficult things. I watched you quite literally force yourself back on your feet and learn to walk again so you could have the option of moving forward with your life. I know things didn’t go the way you expected back then, and that brought you to a dark place. But listen here Eela Dasca… I didn’t give up on you then, and I’m not going to give up on you now. You’ve done so much for everyone else and probably not got near enough credit for that. Let me help you this time. Besides, if there’s anything being the daughter of a starship captain has taught me, you fight for your crew at every turn. Well, we’re more than crew, we’re family.”

She rose up and leaned forward, kissing Eela on the forehead. “I’ve got to run back to the apartment to gather some things and check in with Kian. I’ll be back in a bit. Doctor Fayth will help you get some rest.”

Eela gave a tiny nod, trying to digest all she had been told and in truth it just made her want to hide under the blanket even more. Disappear.

~Eela & Caridee

Sharah knelt in front of her. “Eela, you need to rest. What we are going to do will be exhausting on all levels. Your body and mind and her spirit need it. I’m going to give you a gentle sleep aid to help you.” She gently took her hand. “You are not alone, and you will not be alone. We will be with you every step of the way and beyond.”

She reached into her kit and prepped a hypo. When Eela was ready she pressed it to her neck and there was a pop and soft hiss as the medication spread through her system.

Sharah waited until she was asleep and then stood to step into the hall to contact Yavia.

Fauth, SFCMO

Kenzo stood by as Caridee spoke and Fayth attended. He didn’t say anything, just watched… Obsidian eyes taking in every detail. When Sharah got up and went to contact Nurse Crockett, Kenzo moved to Eela and slid his arms under her sleeping form. Holding her to him, he carried her and the weighted blanket up the stairs and into a bedroom that looked our over the rooftop garden. He laid her on the bed, made sure she was covered, and then left the room. Outside, he set the computer to notify him if Eela got out of bed. He then went downstairs and began making more tea.

Hyrushi, Governor

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