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Posted by Civilian Astrid Rousseau (Chief Justice) in Government Tower- Rousseau’s Office
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Again, she nodded. “I appreciate you taking that on. Having that extension will help provide at least a little peace of mind. I know the Governor could do so himself, given the situation, but I’d rather go through regular channels if I can, even if it means being more public than I might want to be.”

Eela considered Astrid for a moment. “What about if I wanted to travel? I’m not saying I will be, nor do I have immediate plans, but I’ve bene idly thinking about making a pilgrimage back to my homeworld for personal reasons. It’s been many years since I’ve been to Halii, and I might want to go. Is it possible to have an arrangement with them too? I would probably have my security team with me, but some assurances would make such a trip more feasible.”

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

Astrid considered this for a long moment wracking her mind for laws pertaining to Halii but she simply did not have experience with their laws. Still, there were several options to take here as well. “I can certainly put in a request with their government to honor the restraining order, given that it is your home planet. However, they may not honor it planet wide and in that case, the regular restraining order rules apply. He must maintain the distance from you agreed in legal documentation for outside this system. If you arrive at a place he is at, sorry if his own personal property, he must immediately leave with no interaction and no delay.”

Rousseau, HoTJ

She snorted. “Fortunately for me, Cory has no ties to Halii aside from me. I have no family there that I actually know and the only reason he’d be on Halii is if I was there or her went with one of our children. I see that being very unlikely and given everything, I don’t see my daughter willingly taking him a pace that he has shown disdain for in the past. I can’t speak for my son though.”

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

Astrid nodded as she picked her tea back up from the table. Her touch was delicate and no tea came close to the lip of the cup due to movement. She took a sip and let the warmth of the tea spread through her. “You may not find reason for him to be there because you think like you. One of the things I have become quite exposed to in this job is the myriad of thought processes that surprise me every day. If he wants to contact you, he will find a way. The important part we are discussing here is leaving a paper trail of protection for you should he make the decision to do so. For instance, you say he has no connection to your homeworld and then turned around and listed your children as a tie to your homeworld.”

She shrugged a delicate shoulder. “I am not directly in the business of predicting negative behavior, but I have enough experience to say you should cover yourself legally in every way you can, especially as a public figure. You cannot afford to be too compassionate. Of that, I am certain.”

Rousseau, HotJ

Astrid’s words were a rogue wave through her emotions and Eela frowned as she tried to process the sudden discomfort within herself. There were those moments in the immediate aftermath when she had been in crisis where Eela struggled when others expressed harsher opinions or desires regarding Cory. While she had had her own defining moment, she was still who she was and that wasn’t going to change. “I’m not a vindictive person, Justice. And I know Cory is a major blindspot in my life, and I know that I am still very early in my disentanglement from his mental control over me, but this is why I am seeking help from others. Because there will always be a part of me that can’t comprehend that the man I was married to for forty years could be so different than I thought. Could be so cruel. And yet, the evidence before me is growing.” She sipped her tea before shaking her head. “All of this unsettles me, leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. I’m Haliian. Connection is everything, and while connections can be severed, there are so many tiny ways I’m tied to him. My children for example, as you mentioned.

Eela looked across Rousseau’s office, trying to weigh everything. “My son and I are estranged and I know a good part of it is because Cory made everything my issue. He always seemed to make me out to be a terrible and selfish mother.” She looked back at Astrid, eyes glimmering with tears. “I can’t do anything about all that, but I can make sure that I can control the immediate vicinity around me. So if we can have Halii at least consider extending the restraining order, then maybe I can feel like I am reclaiming something that is mine. I’m tired of him taking from me, even when he’s not here.” It wasn’t as simple as not letting him rent free in her head- that was a much more complicated and drawn out therapy process- but she could at least recognize that odd voice as being not hers now.”

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Governor

Astrid smiled reassuringly. She understood this clawing back up to a stable person feeling. She had seen it all too often in her court room and she was glad that Eela was taking back what she could get of her own self, physically, mentally, and emotionally. “I am glad you have Lt. Governor. You are being quite courageous to take this step forward to protect yourself.”

“I promise I mean that wholeheartedly.” She set her tea cup down on the plate held in her lap by her other hand. “It takes a lot of strength and mental energy to find oneself after being lost to another in this way.” Her soft accent intoned compassion and not pity. She wished she could promise safety and surety to the woman before her but the law did have its limits. “Do think about taking on a public relations staff member. It will help give you a buffer for your own mental health.”

Rousseau, HotJ

She chuckled softly. “Ironic, no? I have always been exactly who I am and let that speak for myself. I suffer no fools and take no crap from people in a professional environment. And here I am needing someone to help me curate public opinion of me because someone else can’t be a decent person. Amazing,” she said, shaking her head before sipping her tea.

“Not everyone lives by your standards…unfortunately.”

Her hazel eyes were filled with gratitude as Eela took in Astrid. “I truly appreciate your help with all of this, and your kindness. I had a divorce lawyer of course, but because our children are grown and I cared nothing for our shared apartment, the division of assets was easy. I just wanted out and wanted what was legitimately mine. Nothing more, nothing less. And he strangely didn’t fight me on this. I think that is why I was so surprised he showed up. I had assumed he was glad to be rid of me and what he saw as my drama. All I can say at this point is that I am wiser now. A benefit too of being older. I do learn lessons faster than I did when I was younger.”

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

Astrid gave a little laugh. “Of only that were true for us all the time. You are most welcome. Relationships can be messy wether we want them to be or not. Seems like the drama is on his side.”

Rousseau, HotJ

Eela felt that instant response and that resistance to placing the blame on Cory. “There definitely has bene a great deal, and though I know I’m still working through all of this, I also know that I made my own mistakes. I won’t take blame that isn’t mine, but as always these things are complicated.” There were still some unforgivable events and those were the hardest, especially since it wasn’t just about her and Cory’s relationship. His manipulations had affected her relationships with others too.

“Is there anything else we should cover while I’m here?” Eela said.

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

Astrid considered, her face taking on a practiced speculative look she often used in the courtroom. It was automatic these days, but it softened to her normal sweet demeanor she saved for people she liked as she shook her head. “No. I believe we have covered what we can for now. If my contact with your home world’s legal system proves difficult or surprising, I will let you know and we can come up with a new plan.”

“On a personal note, I appreciate you coming to me for advise and help. Sometimes it’s nice to be needed.”

Rousseau, HotJ

Eela gave Astrid something of a rueful smile. “Well, I hate that I have to seek out your particular advice but I’m also glad I did. Thank you. All of this has been hard enough to navigate, and I really just needed someone less in it with me to help me reframe some of it.”

She rose to her feet and reached for her coat. “Thank you for your time, Justice,” Dasca said, extended her hand. It was not something she would have done if she didn’t feel some affinity for the judge. She was generally adverse to excess contact with those that she didn’t know, but in a situation like this she wanted to communicate a level of trust with Rousseau beyond words.

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

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