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Dorma looked at Cort and gave him a tired smile. “Nothing, but thanks. Just give me twenty minutes, alright?” and she looked at Watts. “Stop by the clinic before you leave and have them run a scan. I’m not asking, Sherri.” The fact that Dorma called her by her first name was testament to her seriousness. She then looked at Elema and said “Hey, can you go with her? I’ll wait till you come back, okay?”

Dorma Fen

Cort nodded at the twenty minutes. He had a couple more things he could tackle before he left and that would make things that much easier in the morning. Though who was he kidding, the next while was going to be more of a circus than it had bene already the last month.

Heat touched Sherri’s cheeks and she drew in a deep breath. “I… don’t need to see the clinic. I’m not ill,” she said, her blossoming with a smile.

Elema stared at her friend and then her eyes went wide. “Are you? Really?” she asked.

Watts nodded eagerly and looked to Cort and Dorma. “So, I wasn’t going to say anything for a few more weeks, because it’s really early, but… I’m pregnant. And yes, Dasca knows. I told her just before the gala.” She wasn’t going to blame hormones on crying the night of the gala because that jackass admiral had been verbally abusive towards her, but they certainly hadn’t helped the situation.

“Ahh, Sher, that’s wonderful news,” Elema said, throwing her arms around Watts. It was a bit of levity on what had otherwise been a horrible and stressful day. And she knew that Sherri and her husband Gregg had been trying for awhile with no luck, so this was doubly-good news.

Sherri hugged her back fighting back a wash of emotions. “But just so you know, I’m fine. Just starting to feel the fatigue and some nausea, and as I told Dasca, it’s business as usual. But if I don’t go home soon, Gregg is going to come and drag me out of here, so I figure I will go visit the vigil later.” She looked at Dorma. “But I appreciate your concern.” It was one of those signs that the four of them really had bonded as a team.

~Lt. Sherri Watts, Aide-de-Camp

Cort mo

Cort couldn’t stop grinning and moved over to Sherri to give his own hug. “Congratulations. I’m really happy for you and Gregg.”

Sherri grinned. “Thanks, Cort. I’m nervous and I’m trying to not get too excited just yet. But you are all my friends and I’m glad I get to share this with a few people.”

Cort Belanger, Executive Assistant to Lt. Gov.

Dorma grinned and stood up and hugged Sherri. “Congratulations. I am so happy for you guys.” she said with a smile. As she turned and went back to her seat, she said “And if it is a girl, her name is spelled D-O-R-M-A, after her favorite auntie.” She gave Sherri a wink and then picked her vibrating communicator and said “Yes?” She waited a moment and then said “Just a moment, please.” and she looked at Sherri’s belly. “Cover your ears.” and then directed a string of Japanese, Federation Standard, Andorian, Tellerite, Cardassian, Klingon, and Vulcan profanity at whomever was on the other end of the call. When the cursing was over she said in a sickeningly sweet voice she reserved only for those really Grade-A pains in the ass “And please do give that message to Mr. Haskins’ office at your leisure.” She dropped her communicator on the table like it was a dead rat and said “Screw the twenty minutes. I need a fu<%ing break. Let’s go.” and she grabbed her jacket off the back of the chair and headed for the door.

Dorma Fen, Governor’s Aide

Belanger smirked at the outburst, which was hardly the first form any of them today, but also far more dramatic than Fen normally allowed herself. In some ways it was good to see. It meant she felt at ease enough in the group to let her feelings be known, even if it was yet another irritating person who would not listen to reason.

Sherri was overwhelmed by everyone’s lovely reactions but in the best possible way. She logged off her terminal, and watched as Elema did so as well. They had a system worked out so that after they left this room, they wouldn’t have to worry about things being unsecured, but still it paid to take precautions. She grabbed her bag with some of the PADDs she was taking with her and headed out of the room.

Elema followed closely behind and linked her arm through Sherri’s, knowing that when they left this building, they were subject to the press, who might not normally care much about the assistants of the colony’s leaders, but when said leaders were unavailable, they would go to whatever next best source they could find.

~Sherri & Elema

As the two women left, four Japanese men in suits and eyeshades moved to positions in front and behind, two on each side. As Dorma said, they did not speak or even look at their charges; but there was something almost… sinister… in the ways they moved and coordinated their positions. Not directed at the two of them, of course… but there was an aura of malice that came off of them that seemingly dared someone to try something.

Cort took an extra moment to make sure everything was secure in the room, grabbed his own work bag and locked the room behind him. He gave a subtle nod to their new security detail and took extended strides with his long legs to catch up to the others. “I’ve been to a couple vigils before. Did we want to stop and grab anything to leave, or would you feel more comfortable checking things out first and coming back again another time if that fits better?”

Cort Belanger, Executive Assistant to Lt. Gov.

Dorma said something in Japanese to the four men accompanying them and one simply nodded. They fell into a position similar to the ones who escorted Elma and Sherri. Dorma looked at Cort and said “We’ll take a slider, if thats okay. Stop a few blocks away and walk over.”

Dorma Fen. Governor’s Aide

He nodded. “Sounds good.” Cort figured Elema would be dropped off where they were and then their slider would carry on to drop off Sherri at home. Cort was outwardly nonchalant about the men in suits but he could admit to himself that it was… weird. He was used to security, but this felt decidedly different.

As they got into the slider, Cort mused, “You know, I haven’t had this tight of security for myself since my Red Cross days, and a part of me wants to go ‘but this isn’t anything like that’, but then again, it’s all about stakes I suppose.” There was a lot riding on the current diplomatic ventures and no one could afford anything else happening that might derail those talks.

Cort Belanger, Executive Assistant to Lt. Gov.

Dorma settled in. Of the eight men who escorted them, two were in front of the slider and three were in a lead slider and three in a tailing one. Dorm nodded at Cort’s words and said “The last thing Ella or Hyrushi need if one of us to become a focal point.” She inclined her head to the front of the slider. “That’s why I called in a favor and they came. No ties to the Executives, and if any media takes vid, they won’t find out anything.” She closed her eyes and laid her head back. “I swear if I find who did this to Dash before the cops, they will only find pieces. And not just because I liked him. But also because of the absolute s#!t show this has caused.”

Dorma Fen, Governor’s Aid

Throughout this whole day, Cort had forced himself to remain focused on each task at hand because he knew if he stopped and actually considered the grand scheme of everything he’d lose it. “I know the feeling,” he said softly. Cort wanted to reach out and squeeze her shoulder but he wasn’t sure if that would be a welcome gesture or not.

His comm chirped and Cort glanced at the incoming text message. He smiled ever so softly. “Dasca is on her way home. We’re going to catch up tomorrow,” he said, almost sighing in some relief. It had been a worry he had been carrying every since they sat in her office this morning and she told them about Dash. The exact concern had been hard to place just then, but later when Dorma told him about the conversation she had had with Eela, his worry had only grown. It was good to know that at least things were okay enough that she was returning to her own home.

Cort Belanger, Executive Assistant to Lt. Gov.

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