Night out with Tannenn

Posted Feb. 21, 2024, 11:45 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Tiberius Cattaneo (Chief of Star Fleet Security) (Clayton Strong)

Tiberius had just gotten off shift and he knew he needed to take a shower before getting ready for his date with Tannenn. He was excited because he was very interested in Tannenn and she seemed pretty awesome. He headed home and took a quick shower and then put on some workout cloths in order to go skating with Tannenn. After his shower and getting ready, he headed over to Tannenn’s quarters. After a few minutes, he arrived at Tannenn’s quarters. He straightened up his shirt and then rang her bell. He was nervous but excited at the same time. He waited for an answer.

Lt. Cmdr. Cattaneo
Chief of Star Fleet Security

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