Lunching with Lai

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Their brief conversation before had mentioned the clans and everyone setting up home here, but Lai really had no idea of the scale of it all. “How long do you think all the building take? And to be honest, I’m not quite sure what you’re building. I’m assuming homes?”

~Lai Kitrian

“Homes, meeting buildings, barns, sheds, pasture fences, silos, basically a whole town. 10,000 people. It’s a lot. Right now I’m trying to get a power and water grid put in place so we can build.”


Her eyes went wide. “That many? Wow! That’s bigger than the village I was born in.” Even though the colony itself had far more people, it sounded like they were really craving out their own space here. “Why come all the way here with that many people?” She really had no context for the migration, so it didn’t make any sense in her head. Maybe they had been forced out? That seemed as likely as anything.

~Lai Kitrian

“Well my oldest sister, Revna, is the Chief of our clan. She married Michael, the chief of his. There was political upheaval within one of our joined clans at the time of our merging. Michael and Revna understand the value of our history, but also know that sometimes that history can hold us back. Our people are explorers. We enjoy the challenge of conquering challenges and testing our strength against them. There are members who chose to stay on Earth and care for our ancestral lands, but our chiefs felt a move to a new challenge to face together would help to solidify and start this new chapter of our history with a strong foundation that we can all face together. They chose Oed because Oed is facing many challenges and we have the knowledge and resources to help.”


“Huh,” Kitrian said, surprise etched over her face. “I’ve never met people as a group that willingly picked up and went elsewhere. It’s hard for me to wrap my mind around,” she said, with more honesty than she had expected.

~Lai Kitrian

“Historically, our peoples have always been explorers and adventurers. We were even pirates at one point many many centuries in the past,” Ragna laughed. “But adventure and challenges call to us as a culture.” She sipped at her glass, “I suppose it can be rare, until you consider how the galaxy was colonized. Lots of someones had to want to move and start over for various reasons.”


“If you mean setting out to conquer whomever they could, sure,” she said, bitterness filling her mouth before Lai even realized what she had said. She stabbed a pepper and popped it in her mouth in the hopes that it covered her gaff.

~Lai Kitrian

Ragna nodded, “That’s certainly true of some people that go out. Some for the adventure, and some to escape. We aren’t all motivated by the same things.” Ragna paused at that. A moment of self-introspection. She ate quietly for a moment. “I’m sorry you had to experience something like that.”


Her heart thudded in her chest and Lai kept her gaze down on her plate. There were no rules for any of this, other than she knew the authorities would not take kindly to her spreading the information around. Not that she ever would, but she didn’t know what lines existed here. How would she know if she crossed them. She shook her head and set her fork down, trying to force herself to breathe. “I didn’t,” she whispered. “Not the way you think.” How could she explain her dual life, her constant hiding so she might have the chance to just exist as she was.

Ragna real7zed she had crossed some line. “I’m sorry, I misunderstood.” Why couldn’t she be more like Revna. Her sister knew how to help people, how to talk to them, how to make them feel secure. Ragna was none of those things.

She rose from the table and grabbed her glass. “Can I refill your water?”

~Lai Kitrian

“Yes, please.” She handed her glass over and then focused on her food. She hadn’t meant to pry. “Have you thought about what kind of work you might like?”


Lai took the glass and moved back to the kitchen. “I don’t really know. I have different skills but no formal education beyond the basic.” Lai shrugged as she filled the water from the tap.

“There are scholarship programs through the university if school interests you.” Ragna commented.

It was at this point that the door to the apartment opened, letting in a rather agitated looking deltan. Akem had come home, perhaps a bit sooner than expected. His attempt to find out more information pertaining to their refugee status proved to be fruitless. “Be patient,” they said. “It takes time.”

“Akem!” Lai said, setting the water glasses back on the table and moving over to her partner. She hadn’t even needed to see him to know it was him, and she had racted before he was even visible.

Akem, having stepped through the threshold and shut the door, paused to find a guest in their apartment. He gave a sheepish grin. “Ah, greetings?” he said, almost asking for her name without actually stating the question.


The sudden opening of the door made Tagna turn. She wasn’t worried for herself, but Lai was scared, and so Ragna was ready to do whatever was necessary, but Lai recognized the man.

“This is my new friend Rgana,” Lai said, testing out the words. “Ragna, this is my partner Akem.”

He could tell the words felt weird to Lai, but he made no mention of it.

Ragna stood and bowed slightly. “It is my pleasure, Akem. I am Ragna McKenzie.”

He bowed respectively and spoke. “The pleasure is mine Ragna. Tell me, how did you two meet again?” he inquired, recalling mentally Lai having mentioned her before.

She studied Akem and frowned. “No luck? They have a whole bloody floor devoted to Immigration and Refugee Services and they couldn’t tell you anything?”

~Lai Kitrian

Ragna had heard this story many times. Bureaucracy was always slow. Ragna didn’t want to interrupt, so she sat back down so they could discuss while she focused on her food.


Akem shook his head. “Unfortunately not. It’s quite ridiculous. This was never a process before. We’ll just have to give them darling.” He said before heading to a nearby seat to sit down.


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