Extending an Olive Branch (can we add Seamus mckenzie?)

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Sharah grinned, “Isn’t it though.” Sharah was glad to feel some affection emanating from Eela. It was no secret now that Eela and the ‘Dashing’ Mr Jones saw each other frequently. Then she sighed. “This is a mess, Captain,” even just the two of them, Sharah was still formal in this situation. “We are no closer to discovering how the security breach happened. The healing relationship between Oed and Star Fleet has to be considered, but arguing back and forth in how we should listen to his advice on that front, doesn’t get us closer to the actual problem.”

Lt. Cmdr. Fayth, SFCMO

Dasca took her seat, lowering slowly as her brace adjusted and breathing though the mild stiffness her lack of earlier movement created. Her fingers went tap-tap- tap, tap-tap-tap against the mug. “Well, fortunately for all us I have gotten pretty damn good about dealing with the messes that Oed compiles. I understand that the rest of you have to deal with this in the day-to-day moments, but it is one time where you get to pass the issue up the chain. Let me handle it. For now, we protect the experiment. That is our priority while we navigate this new path with our guests.” Eela was being very careful about making sure they didn’t speak of the details surrounding the experiment. That was not what they were here to discuss and there was still people in this meeting that didn’t have the clearance to hear those details, though one she trusted infinitely more than the others.

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

If they weren’t in a formal meeting she would have patted Dasca’s hand. “I’m glad we have you at the top. I don’t envy you having to deal with all of this.” One thing Sharah was very good at was not telling what she knew. She could keep things confidential and secret and never slip. It was so ingrained into her, it was more instinctual than breathing. “It will be. One way or another.”

Lt. Cmdr. Fayth, SFCMO

Eela gave Sharah a tired smile. “It’s one of those days that make me question my life choices, but only briefly,” she said with a wink.

After his brief talk with Keen, Elijah returned feeling a little more defused and settled silently into his chair.

Doctor Elijah Mercer
Professor / Scientific Advisor
Oed V

“Doctor Mercer,” Dasca greeted with a nod of her head, her demeanour focused and calm. She took a sip of her coffee, letting the warm brew continue to steady her.

Captain McBride stepped back into the room and turned to give Harmon back in the corridor a small smile and a nod. His own coffee in hand, he rejoined Dasca at the table searching her gaze for a hint of where she as at.

Captain McBride, Starfleet CO

Eela met Jonathan’s gaze and gave a tiny nod.

Nia gave herself another moment to steady herself before she entered. She was grateful for McBride’s reassurance, because at the end of the day, she was the one in that lab who had been working on this the longest. When Woods had brought her in for the consult, it had been with the understanding that everything was highly confidential. Harmon had been doing everything she could to make sure nothing compromised their work. When Mercer barged in, it had been her that objected immediately and so strongly. And now she was torn. From a procedure point of view, it had been the right thing, but she was the junior officer of the group, and an incident like this could have repercussions on her future work here.

So yes, she was upset and McBride had noticed. She didn’t tell him all of her worries but he had at least addressed the ones she had felt she could speak of. The rest? Well, she would just have to see how it all panned out.

Lt. Nia Harmon, Scientist

Sharah smiled at Harmon. Normally Sharah would have spoken to her, but give other factors it had been best to step away and give people space. The two women were in the same boat. They had followed protocol, and now their actions were being put on trial by a man that simply refused to stop talking long enough to learn. The issue being addressed was a breach in security not the state of relations between fleet and Oed. Oh this was GOING to affect that, but that was for Dasca and Hyrushi to figure out. Not this man who knew nothing of the dynamics and wanted to teach the lesser beings in the room with him. It wasn’t hard for Sharah to guess Harmon’s worries. She was a junior officer and it wasn’t so long ago that Sharah was as well. She had stood up to her DH and senior staff for what she knew was right. It was nerve wracking at the least. Fayth leaned over to Harmon. “You did everything right. Don’t let them make you doubt that.” If it came to it, Sharah would happily take Harmon for the medical labs if Tannenn didn’t want her in sciences anymore. Harmon was an excellent scientist.

Lt. Cmdr. Fayth, SFCMO

Easy for you to say, Nia thought. You’re not the junior officer here who people could blame. Not that she ever thought McBride or Dasca would scapegoat someone else but she knew that others might, even if it was by narrow implications. “I know. I just want to return to the work now that we’ve gotten going with it. It means to much.” Not just to Oed itself and the Vren, but also herself. It had been a long time since Nia had been involved in something she was truly passionate about and she didn’t want to lose the opportunity to continue with the experiments.

Lt. Nia Harmon, Scientist

“We’ll wait another few moments for Commander Tannen,” Dasca said.

“Professor… I’m curious. Are you a coffee drinker?” Eela asked, leaning back in her chair.

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

Elijah appreciated the diversion from the weighty thoughts occupying his mind and gladly engaged in the small talk. “I have to confess, I do enjoy a good cup of coffee myself, although I’m partial to adding a splash of hazelnut or vanilla syrup to soften the bitterness. Not the healthiest choice, as my former physician, would sternly remind me… repeatedly.” He chuckled lightly before turning the conversation back to his companion. “And what about you? Do you indulge, or do you prefer something else to start your day?”

Doctor Elijah Mercer
Professor / Scientific Advisor
Oed V

“I do enjoy teas and infusions from all over, but I do really enjoy coffee. And there are some great places on Oed to find a non-replicated cup, but I highly recommend Quill & Parchment. It’s a bookshop near Sloane Square that has a little cafe inside, and they have the best coffee, as well as wonderful baked goods and such. But it’s worth going for the books alone. The rare book section is awe inspiring,” Dasca said with deep reverence. Eela wasn’t sharing this just for the hell of it. She was passing along the favour of insight that she had been given when she first arrived. A person’s daily habits formed how they took in the world around them, and she wanted to encourage people to get out and get to know the places and people around them.

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

Tannenn walked in after getting a mug of a vanilla bean infused cappuccino. It wasn’t the healthy choice but she wanted the comfort from. She wasn’t sure what was going to happen next but one thing was certain after today several things would be changing. “My apologies for keeping you waiting.” She said softly meeting the gaze of everyone in turn, before she found her seat “I would also like to point out that another member of the research team should be included, Director of Conservation Seamus Mckenzie.” Tannenn added once she was seated beside Fayth once again.

LtCmdr Keen
Chief Star Fleet Science Officer

=/\= Oh, aye… I’m here.” a distinctly Scottish voice said through the comms. “I’ve been here since about the time Doctor Mercer was explaining how he miscommunicated his own name. =/\= and there was a soft chuckle. =/\= Talk about addin’ fuel to that fire. =/\=

McKenzie, Conservation Director

Dasca smirked slightly before she adopted a more serious expression. “Alright, lets continue. Or rather, let me restart from a different point. This is how we’re going to proceed. Professor Mercer, I will talk with the Governor about your involvement in the project and we will let you know one way or another. There are other variables beyond Starfleet security that we have to consider and it’s not my say alone.”

She folded her hands on the table and turned to Jonathan. “Now, Captain McBride, you will investigate the security breach, because regardless of who was involved, it happening at all is a problem that needs to be fixed asap. In the meantime, we re-do the authorization on that room and reissue the appropriate credentials to those involved.”

“Since our Director of Terraforming couldn’t be here, I will speak directly with her. She is our most senior colonial representative on the project and if there are any issues about this collaboration, she and I will deal with that. For now, the project continues because that it of the utmost importance. We won’t speak of the details here, but I do want an update by tomorrow so the Governor and I can adjust our expectations accordingly.”

Eela looked around the room and while her tone was very matter-of-fact, her earlier frustration had been replaced by a thoughtfulness. “Look, tensions are high around here. As much is there is an excitement for current events with our Vren guests and the hope it brings, there is also a lot of uncertainty, mistrust, and outright hostility. The Governor and I are treading very cautiously to not only make sure Oed and its people are safe, but that people’s uncertainty doesn’t condemn a people to death. Those are the stakes, and they are far more important than even the historical issues that Starfleet faces in its interactions with the colony. But I want to be very clear here, great strides have been made and we will continue to make further ones. We are always going to have hiccups and it matters how we all handle them. Now, what concerns still need to be addressed? Are there other considerations that need to be brought to the table?”

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

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