Night out with Tannenn

Posted Feb. 22, 2024, 10:17 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Tiberius Cattaneo (Chief of Star Fleet Security) (Clayton Strong)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Tannenn Keen (Chief Fleet Science Officer) in Night out with Tannenn

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Tiberius Cattaneo (Chief of Star Fleet Security) in Night out with Tannenn
Tiberius had just gotten off shift and he knew he needed to take a shower before getting ready for his date with Tannenn. He was excited because he was very interested in Tannenn and she seemed pretty awesome. He headed home and took a quick shower and then put on some workout cloths in order to go skating with Tannenn. After his shower and getting ready, he headed over to Tannenn’s quarters. After a few minutes, he arrived at Tannenn’s quarters. He straightened up his shirt and then rang her bell. He was nervous but excited at the same time. He waited for an answer.

Lt. Cmdr. Cattaneo
Chief of Star Fleet Security

Tannenn had spent a few hours researching Inline skating and roller-blading. She was pretty sure she could keep up with Tiberius. After her shift ended she had made sure the Ordo and Ryshi were well fed and had plenty of toys to be amused with in their enclosure before she took a shower and got ready.

When the chime sounded, she walked out of her room; with her hair back in a french twist held with red and black ribbons. The colors matched her tank top of red and legging pants of black with red stripes along the calves. She picked up the red and black street skates she had replaced last night and finished walking to the door. She opened it and smiled up at Tiberius. “Good evening.”

LtCmdr Keen
Chief Star Fleet Science Officer

Tiberius had to do a double take at how good Tannenn looked in her outfit. He assumed she would be in very good shape but he was very surprised. He smiled back and said, “You have a nice outfit on. It looks like it will be perfect for doing what we are going to be done. Do you happen to have a change of cloths so maybe we can grab some dinner after we do some skating?” He then waited for a the very pretty Tannenn to respond. He did not want to show to be too forward but did not want to get stuck in the friends zone with Tannen.

Lt. Cmdr. Cattaneo
Chief of Star Fleet Security

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