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Posted Feb. 22, 2024, 10:14 p.m. by Civilian Kristina Cosgrove (Student, Public Relations Intern) (Lindsay B)

Posted by Civilian Michael Conrad (Owner- Black Sparrow) in Swing on By - More than Music

Posted by Civilian Kristina Cosgrove (Student, Public Relations Intern) in Swing on By - More than Music

Posted by Civilian Michael Conrad (Owner- Black Sparrow) in Swing on By - More than Music


Michael’s features softened. His casual, light-hearted demeanor faded as he knew that feeling too well. Being left to his own devices, alone with nobody to turn to. There were many times he found himself in that situation in various ways. But she did something about it. She changed. He was stuck in some of his old ways. And he assumed it was due to his longing for the more upright work he pursued. Though with moving about so much, people found little reason to stick around. Yet Oed always called him back. It was here for some reason he felt gravitated towards. He wasn’t a fan of believing in destiny, despite how he had been raised. But could Kristina coming back here to Oed at the same time he was be nothing more than a coincidence? He shoved the thought aside as he looked into Kristina’s eyes.

“Sounds like it was a good choice in the end. Some people would get desensitized to that closeness to death and make no changes. I’m glad that wasn’t you.” he spoke to her with a gentle and genuine smile.

-Michael Conrad

She inhaled deeply. “Well, I had caused myself harm and I could either do something about it and grow up, or I could continue to wallow and feel sorry for myself. Trust me I was tempted to the do the latter, but then I had to as myself why? Why was I willing to do that? For Van? For a guy with no worries in his life who didn’t care who he hurt by his actions? I might have been jaded at that point, and naive, but I knew I cared about other people. I just had to stop running away from the fact that my choices were my own, and that I couldn’t blame others, as much as I wanted to.” Kristina wasn’t ready to tell him about the details but the haunting memories were all burned into her body and mind.

~Kristina Cosgrove

Michael nodded understanding. He wasn’t the kind of person to pry much unless it was absolutely necessary. He could feel the hidden story behind it, but let it be. “Certainly an important lesson. Nevertheless, I’m glad it’s in the past.” he said before changing the topic. “What’s been your favorite place to visit? Could be anywhere. Planet, country, city, village. You name it. And I want to know why.” He threw in his classic smile, though it was genuine with her.

-Michael Conrad

Kristina welcomed the change and smiled. “You know, with a Starfleet captain for a father, I’ve been a few places. Many I really loved. But honestly, Tyrellia was my favourite. Sure, I don’t like how I got there, but it was one of the most fascinating and beautiful places. I really should go again someday but it’s a long ways away. Hardly a quick R&R sort of situation.”

~Kristina Cosgrove

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