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Posted by Captain Eela Dasca (Lt. Governor) in Eela’s Apartment- Processing (TMODJ)

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The slider pulled up to the secured side entrance, which became necessary after a few of the press had camped out hoping to get some comments. Her security team was not only larger than usual, but they were not taking any chances and Eela had been very clear that she was not ready to speak to anyone publicly. Not yet.

Caridee got out first, shifting the bag on her shoulder and offered her mom a hand. Eela took it, feeling the stiffness increase by the minute. Stress always made her body hurt more and given everything else that had happened she wasn’t surprised. As they entered the lobby heading for her secure lift, Eela ventured over to the security desk. Haskins was on again. “Hello, Ensign.”

“Ma’am,” he said, rising to his feet. “I’m so sorry for your loss,” Haskins said with utter sincerity.

Eela could only nod. It wasn’t that she didn’t believe or appreciate the sentiment, but it was going to be like this for awhile and she wasn’t sure how much more she could manage today. “Karilan Massat will be arriving anytime now. Please let them come right up as soon as they are cleared. They’ll be staying with me for the time being.”

“Of course, Ma’am.”

The two women headed up to Eela’s penthouse on the twelfth floor. The familiar guards at her door were a strange comfort and she gave them both a nod as she unlocked her door. Soon she was standing in her foyer and going through the motions of taking off her coat and boots.

“How about a hot bath?” Caridee suggested. “It would help your muscles.”

Eela nodded and moved to the right down the hallway towards her bedroom. The door was open and she stood in the doorway, her body paralyzed as she took in the signs of the morning and last night. Her silk robe cast on the bed, the covers still flung to one side. Hints of her perfume, of the scented candle she had lit. It all washed over her body and she could pick out all the sensations. Everything was still so engrained in her mind and though it was hard to separate out, she let the feel of his hands on her skin drown out the other touch memories she wanted to banish. Pressure on her shoulder made her spin. Caridee.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you,” she said softly, taking her mothers hand and letting that precious bond between mother and daughter flow between them.

“I know.” Eela took in a deep breath, closing her eyes for a moment to steady herself. Looking at her daughter again, Eela sighed. “The tub is in my ensuite.”

“You don’t have to to go in there until you’re ready. Is there a tub in the other bathrooms?”

She nodded. “In the main bathroom across from the guest room.”

“Then if you’re not ready to go in here tonight, then you can use the other one. You can even sleep in the guest room. We’ll figure it out, I promise.”

Eela squeezed Caridee’s hand and just stood there, closing her eyes and trying to figure out where she was at exactly.

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

It was barely five minutes after Eela and Caridee arrived that Karilan walked through the doors of rhe building’s lobby. They had walked directly up the sidewalk to the building, and one of the reporters had recognized them and powered up their vid drone and said “Excuse me, you are Karilan Massat are you not? Captain Dasca’s friend? Are you here to see the Lieutenant Governor? How is she? Will she be making a sta-” and they were cut off as Karilan marched right up to them, stopping mere centimeters from their face… and smiled.

“I am. And I am. As to the rest, either I do not know or it’s none of your God’s Damned business. Now go. Give her some peace. Give all of us some peace. Yes yes yes, I know the importance of dissemination of facts to the public. But several people lost a dear friend and loved one. Perhaps some empathy is more important right now than a sound-byte.” They stepped back and then said “Or, you know… perhaps you all could become actual journalists and simply report the news as it becomes available instead of worrying about your ratings.” They wiggled their fingers in a sarcastic goodbye and walked inside.

Inside, Haskins was by the door where he had been watching. He smiled at Karilan as they entered and said “You’ve been taking lessons on handling reporters from the Captain.” Karilan smiled and said “Her… and the Governor.” Haskins chuckled and said “Well as long as you are learning from the best. The Captain is expecting you.” Karilan nodded and went to the lift.

The doors slid open to the apartment and Karilan walked in. “Hello? I brought some tea. And some other incidentals that may help.”


Eela took a deep breath and sighed, still standing in her doorway.

Caridee was ever patient and stepped into the large foyer, greeting Karilan. “Here, let me take some of that for you,” she said, offering to take the bags as she gestured with her head towards the Master Bedroom. “She’s debating. Her room was intentionally left as it was this morning and we’ve agreed she should have a bath. She has options, but her bathtub is the bigger and nicer one.” She stepped backwards into the ahll so her mother came into view. “We would also happily tidy your room for you if that’s what you want. We just want you to have the option.”

~Eela & Caridee

Karilan walked up behind Eela and set their hands on her shoulders. “Bath. The other. Not to relax, but to get clean. You will stay there for an hour. Wash everything twice, brush your teeth, and put something nice smelling on. Then go to the kitchen and have some tea. Caridee, help her in and out of the tub. No falls. Go.” and they steered Eela away and down the hall.

It wasn’t that she needed someone to make decisions for her, not like the day Cory had been here, but this was a level of indecision that was stuck inside her body. She couldn’t move. Karilan’s touch made her draw in a deep breath and sigh. Eela nodded.

Caridee grabbed the bag she had brought back from Kenzo’s which had clothes and toiletries they would need. “Come on,” she said softly, slipping an arm around her mother.

She let Caridee lead her down the hallway to the T-junction where that side of teh apartment split into the kitchen and the other rooms. To the left from the kitchen, past her office and workout room, that corner of her home held a guest bedroom with ensuite, as well as a full bath for visitors. That bathroom was where they were headed.

She started the tub and set out the things Eela would need. When it was part way full, her mother undressed and Caridee helped her sit in the tub. There was no awkwardness about any of this as, while Haliians did not practice ritualistic nudity they some cultures like Betazoids did, they were nonchalant when it came to bodies. It was also very clear that her mother was in some pain too. “Did you need help watching your hair, or do you have it?” Caridee asked when she noticed how shaky her mother’s arms were.

Eela sighed. “I think I’ll need the help.”

Caridee smiled, exuding warmth and affection. “Okay, just close your eyes and let me take care of you right now.” She pulled over a stool and set about washing hair, taking time to give her mother a scalp massage . She focused especially at the base of the skull, knowing a great deal of tension could be held there.

Once the other two women had entered the bath, Karilan got to work. First and foremost, they opened one of their bags and pulled out a small drone with a high-end scanner. They recorded everything in the room, where it was located, and also all biological… er… ‘traces’. Then they began to clean. Stripped the bed, made it back with clean sheets and new blankets, wiped down all the tables and activated the floor cleaner. They then did the same to the master bath. About forty-five minutes later, the room looked like it had the first time Karilan had visited Eela. They then made their way to the kitchen.


Caridee left her mother to soak and wash and moved down the hallway into the kitchen. “I don’t know if she will eat anything, but what about you? Did you feel like some dinner? I know Sinna did stock the fridge, and my mother visited the market before the gala on Saturday, so there should be something to work with. That or we can order something in. Goodness knows we’re all tired as it is.”

~Eela & Caridee

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