[Cal and Molly’s House] The Aftermath

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Posted by General Calvin Harris (Commandant, Colonial Customs and Defence Authority) in [Cal and Molly’s House] The Aftermath

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It had been the longest afternoon that Molly had had in a long time.

Calvin had returned to the holodeck a few hours later, with the knowledge that Lucas had taken his personal ship, the Calvalier, for a ride, and had taken Gavin with him to be his pilot for the day. In Molly’s mind, this was fine. It meant Lucas had gone for a proverbial stroll to clear his head, even if that stroll took him light years away from OED. The Cavalier was also one of the most advanced ships in the Federation, and to top all of that off, Molly knew that Gavin would take good care of her uncle. That at least put her mind to rest, even if the shadow of their fallout still lingered in her heart. He needed time, and she would give him that. Maybe after that they could start rebuilding what had been broken.

Cal had never seen the woman he loved so utterly broken and it scared him to death. Returning to the Holodeck, the former Marine knelt beside her and held Molly tight… willing his love to flow over her and protect her from the pain that was tearing her apart.

Shortly after his return, Cal had taken Molly home and forced her to eat something, even though she didn’t feel like it, and through his and Boomer’s efforts, by the time dinner came around, Molly was already feeling better, her mind planning how to address things the next day at work. She’d get his newspaper as usual, find a way to apologize, and they would go from there. Everything would be fine.

Except that, as Calvin made dinner, the door bell rang, and when Molly opened the door, Erin burst through the house, her tone angry.


It had been a long day. All Erin wanted was a nice dinner, a peaceful evening, and a restful night. Yet, when she had tried to reach her husband, she had found that he had not yet returned from his last minute assignment with her uncle. Hazen was livid, so she went to the only other person who might know what was going on.

“I can’t believe Uncle Lucas’s nerve!” Erin cried out in outrage as she walked through the door of her sister’s house. “He requests Gavin to pilot him all around the galaxy and doesn’t even have the decency to have him home in time for dinner!!! Other people have lives too, and I’d love to have my husband’s company!” Molly and Cal’s exchange of glances was not lost on her. Still, she pressed on. “Not even a note! He could at least had given me a little bit of forewarning, but I can’t even so much as reach Gavin!!! God knows where the hell they are!”

It was rare for Erin to be this angry, but she was tired. More than tired, she was worried. This was the type of life that Molly was used to, but not her. For a moment, the youngest of the pair wondered if moving into closer proximity with her sister had been a good idea. She shook her head, glancing down at her hands, almost embarrassed that such a thought could even appear in her mind.

Harris had just walked into the room with a pot of pasta when he caught Erin’s outburst. His eyes had swung to Molly’s for the briefest of moments before Molly herself responded to her sister.

“Wait…” When her Molly’s voice reached her ears, Erin lifted her eyes to meet her sister’s. She found herself staring into the same light brown gaze that had always meant safety… that had always meant home. And yet, the warmth and reassurance in them was gone, replaced by concern and worry. For the first time in her life, Molly’s gaze made Erin even more anxious. “You’re telling me that Uncle Luc hasn’t returned yet!?”

“You didn’t know?” When Erin spoke, the surprise was evident in her tone. Of the pair, Erin had always been the one that was sure of herself, and yet… if there was anyone in the universe that she could count on, it was her sister. But if even Molly didn’t know… who would?


Molly shook her head as her worried gaze met Cal’s again. “Can you call Dominique? I’ll check with my contacts…” The former Marine would know what she meant. Turning back to her sister, Molly continued. “Erin, try reaching Gavin again. I’ll be right back.” And she disappeared deeper into the home.


Without a seconds pause, Cal turned and headed from the room… his person TextComm already to his ear. Erin would just catch him saying “Alexis… it’s Cal, have you…” as he entered his home office and shut the door behind him.


And then suddenly, everyone was gone. Erin found herself staring at Boomer, and the old dog walked towards her. With a sigh, she sat down on the closest chair and reached for her PaDD. She sent Gavin yet another message. Once again, no response.

Cooper was deep in her thoughts when she felt something warm on her knees. When she looked down, Boomer was staring back at her, his chin on her legs. Erin gave the dog a sad smile. “He’s okay, isn’t he? I’m sure I’m just worrying for nothing…” Petting the black Labrador on the head, Erin waited for either Cal or Molly to come back. It felt like an eternity, but hopefully they would bring news about what was going on.


(several hours later)

Everything was silent inside the house. The only light came from the fireplace in the family room. It had been a rough evening for everyone, but it had been especially so for Erin.

Cal was fast asleep on his favorite armchair. The same one where Newton’s hologram had sat over half a year ago. Erin slept on the couch with Boomer at her feet, and Molly watched the flames in silence. She was worried, but when she looked at her sister sleeping on their couch, she could feel the anger boiling. Over the years, Molly had gotten used to this feeling. To the dangers associated with her job. Cal was the same. But not Erin. Erin was just… Erin, and Molly had gone to great lengths to ensure that it remained that way. That nothing would ever touch her. Now, looking at her laying down on their couch because Gavin was gone, it reminded Molly of how much she had failed her.

A soft chirp on her wrist chronometer brought Molly back from her thoughts, leading her to look at it with urgency. It was a message, from Gavin, on her Intel frequency. The one she had given him many moons ago when he was still the Dresden’s navigator. The text was rushed, but the meaning was clear. They seemed to have been intercepted… there was a set of coordinates with the message. A chill went down Molly’s spine. She had no doubt that Gavin would be able to hold his own. After all, he was former Starfleet, and one of the best. Lucas on the other hand… would be worth a lot of money in the right hands. And she didn’t want to imagine what it could be done to him.

Slowly, as to not wake up anyone, Molly stood up from her chair and walked to her private study, closing the door behind her.

As quickly as she could, she ran the coordinates through her terminal, revealing a location, far away from OED, but still within its system. If she took the Lancer – the Cavalier’s prototype and the only other transwarp ship that HHI had ever made – she could be there in minutes.

It was then that a second message came through:

Code 47. TSS Cavalier Code 1-Alpha-Zero… Ship taken by Cardassian named Gaddill… LH & GC OK… En route under duress to Ancora VI. Ending Coordinates enclosed. Cooper Clear

Molly’s heart sunk. Ancora VI was a well known name among the Intelligence community, as being one of the main hubs for black market weapons and ship parts trade. A lot of dealings happened there, and a lot of very shady characters frequented the place. If Gavin and Lucas were being forced to go there, it could mean a few things, and none of them were good. But most likely, whoever this Gaddill was, he intended to hijack the ship and either sell it or scrape it for parts. The occupants were nothing but dead weight once they stopped being useful, and it was very unlikely that they would even put out a ransom for them.

A quick search into the Intel database revealed the Cardassian in question to be Gaddill Nirbat, a well known arms dealer, with a motley crew of people from all over the galaxy working for him, recruited solely by their skill. These guys were no joke, and to avoid the worst, Molly knew that the only viable option was to take the Lancer and go get them herself. Not to mention, she had been the reason behind Lucas’s departure. It was only right for her to be the one to fix it.

She sent messages to a few of her contacts that might be able to tell her more about who Gaddill was, until Harrington herself interjected, stating that if Molly was going to pursue him, she needed to bring him back alive. He held information that Intel was after and they had been searching for him for a while. He was a chameleon and knew how to go to ground without being seen. If Gavin had been right, then this was the first time he was spotted in a long time.

Without a second thought, Molly turned off her terminal and headed out. She wrote a short note to Cal, placed it near him on the coffee table, and planted a soft kiss on his forehead. She then tucked Erin in her blanket, and petted Boomer softly. The old dog opened a lazy eye, but Molly shushed him gently and he went back to sleep.

Grabbing her go bag by the door, Holloway was gone in the next five minutes, disappearing into the night.


A few hours later…

Her sleep was light and restless, but dreamless for the most part. A small sound in the distance made her stir in her sleep, her consciousness slowly returning.

Taking a deep breath, Erin’s thoughts came rushing back. “Gavin…” She whispered the word before she could stop it, and as the light of the fireplace flooded her vision, it took a little for Erin to recognize her surroundings. Right… Molly’s place. She looked around. Alex was there, sound asleep on an armchair. Boomer was at her feet on the couch. The younger of the Holloway siblings smiled softly. She had always had a soft stop for the old black Lab. Another glance told her that Molly wasn’t in the room.

Quietly, her feet gently touched the ground, and Erin stood up as slowly as she could, trying not to wake up the former Marine. Where was her sister? In her study maybe? Grabbing the blanket and throwing it around her shoulders, Erin moved stealthily through the house, turning up the lights to a soft glow so that she wouldn’t accidentally bumped into anything.

Even though she knew where it was, Erin had never been in her sister’s study. Partially because she didn’t want to pry, partially because the chance had never presented itself. Right now, the situation was dire, and Erin hoped that Molly could tell her if there were any news.

She knocked. No response. She knocked again, harder this time but not hard enough for it to be heard in the family room. Had Molly fallen asleep? Turning the knob, she sighed in relief finding the door closed but not locked. It was a relatively modern house, but knowing her sister, it didn’t surprise her that her private room had a mechanical lock. Still, she was sure it was not the only safety measure.

“Computer, lights. Seventy percent.”

The moment the lights came on, Erin realized exactly why she had never seen the room.

Perhaps the first striking thing about the study were the shelves covering the walls from ground to ceiling, containing what seemed to be many old tomes from many different origins. The most striking thing, however, was not in a shelf, but rather, it was the center piece of the entire room — a massive spherical display, currently set to show a star chart of a region of space Erin didn’t know. Around it, holographic notes labeled different markers. Next to it, there was a small desk with a terminal and five different regular displays. They were dark with the exception of one, where the Starfleet Intelligence logo was clearly visible.

Erin’s insides twisted, trying not to think of the implications of what she was seeing. Molly was also nowhere to be seen, but judging by the fact that her chair was pulled out from under the desk, she’d surmise she had left in a hurry. Had she found something? Erin observed the star chart for a moment, but nothing made sense on it.

With nothing else to do, and anxiety threatening to spill over, Erin walked around the study, inspecting the books on the shelves. Some titles she recognized, some seemed to be from places she had never visited. It was clear that Molly had slowly collected them during her tours with Starfleet.

There was one specific book that caught her attention. And old children’s encyclopaedia on rainforests and other Earthly biomes. It was old and battered, but she remembered it had been one of her sister’s favorite books growing up. Erin smiled softly, and she tried to pull in out, only to realize it was stuck to the tome next to it. Good thing it was the first book on the shelf, so she could just remove the bookend and…

For the second time in a few minutes, Erin’s eyes widened with what she was seeing. The bookend was not a bookend, but rather a wooden display case that, in typical Molly’s fashion, had been stuck sideways as a makeshift bookend, preventing anyone from seeing what it contained. Unless taken out of the shelf like Erin had just done.

Medals. Of valor, of courage, of honor… some that Erin didn’t recognize, and some that Erin recognized far too well… especially the two decorations marking wounds in the line of duty. For a moment, her whole world came crashing down on her. Who was her sister, after all? Who was Molly Holloway? The person that had taken care of her and personally ensured her safety for many years… the small girl that was so protective of Erin that she crossed lines she didn’t know she could cross… the person Erin thought she knew best… had a whole parallel life that she had never told her about.

It was no secret to Erin that her older sister had been an Intelligence Officer. In fact, when she had briefly been on the Dresden, that had been the duty assigned to Molly. And yet… why all the medals? Had Erin been naive enough to believe that the peaceful days that Molly had relayed to her were the full story? What had she done? What kind of missions had she been involved in? Was she still doing them? Other than Molly herself, there was one other person that could tell her.


It was at that moment, Erin would hear the distinct sound of a throat clearing from the door. A split-second later, Erin would hear Alex’s voice come through the silence. “Ya know…” Came the instantly recognizable twang of the Okie from the door frame where he leaned, a single eyebrow raised. “… you should be mindful poking around your sister’s things. Some of the s*** in here explodes.” The former Marine chuckled, Boomer sitting at his heel… eyes bright and tail wagging.


Turning around with a start, Erin almost dropped the display case in her hands. “God Alex! You almost gave me a heart attack.” There was a note of annoyance in her tone mixed in with tiredness. It was the tone of someone who had spent a restless night, and had just found something that she didn’t quite know how to process. “No it doesn’t. I’m sure my sister wouldn’t keep stuff that dangerous around the house. I see that she might have a death wish, but I don’t think she wants to risk the safety of those around her. Namely you.” She sighed and her gaze went back to the medals on the display case. “Where is she, anyway? Are there any news from Gavin?”


“She went to bring them home…” Cal said as he stepped, noticeably cautious, into the room. “… about three hours ago.” He walked to the Stellar Cartography globe and tapped in his personal credentials. Instantly, the chart zoomed out to show the plot Molly had taken… into an area of space even he had never been. With a slow whistle, Cal shook his head slowly then turned to Erin. “And considering both your Uncle and Molly have Transwarp ships, going after them would be pointless Sweetie… they looooong gone. About a week’s travel at Warp 8. On the other hand, the Lancer put your sister in-system with Lucas, bout 90 minutes ago…. if I’m reading her pocket Stellar-Chart…” He thumbed over his shoulder at the globe. “… correctly. I might still be a damn good fighter pilot and halfway decent Capital Ship helmsman… I ain’t got nothin’ on that husband of yours!” Cal laughed. “But Nav was never my strong suit.”

Erin raised an eyebrow at his caution coming into the room. Still, she stuck to her beliefs that there was nothing dangerous lying around. After all, she knew her sister. Right? Or did she? The thought crossed her mind but Erin quickly dismissed it, focusing on Cal’s words instead. She sighed. So Molly was gone… for now. Hopefully she’d be back sooner rather than later. Erin felt guilty now that she realized what her sister was once again doing for her. She could hear Cal’s laugh at his comment about ship piloting, and the compliment to Gavin’s skill, but the knots twisting her insides prevented her from laughing back.

After a moment, Cal smiled softly and asked, nodding toward the box in Erin’s hands. “I see you found the war chest.” He winked. “Penny for your thoughts?” The former Marine asked.


Erin’s hurt gaze met Cal’s. So similar to Molly’s, yet so different. “My thoughts? I don’t know what to think!” Erin breathed out loudly through her nose. “What is all of this?” She motioned to the medals. “Are these all hers? How can they be? She’s just…” The younger Holloway sister looked lost for words. “She was just the CIO on the Dresden… that was it! It was pretty uneventful from what she told me… intelligence acquisition mostly… unless she was preventing catastrophes with the Intel she was gathering…!” It was clear that she was having a hard time processing what was right in front of her eyes. “But that wouldn’t explain the injuries… not to mention… what injuries? Molly isn’t hurt! She has never even told me about anything that could have hurt her! She spent most of her days in her office, much like this one, where I imagine she spends her days too… only now doing stuff for Uncle Lucas’s company…” She sighed. The Starfleet Intelligence logo spun around on the idle screen once more. “I just hope… I just hope her unearthing old contacts for the sake of getting Gavin back doesn’t get her in trouble…” There was genuine pain in her voice.


“Oh Honey…” Calvin smiled softly and put an arm around her shoulder guided her through a slider that opened into Calvin’s far larger study, the door sliding closed behind them… hidden behind a bookcase. “… you’re gonna need a drink for this conversation.” Motioning to the large couch by the window, Calvin’s eyes looked sad as he picked up a VERY old bottle of Scotch and poured the pair a set of crystal glasses with two fingers each. Handing Erin a glass, Calvin settled in an armchair next to her and sighed. He closed his eyes and took a slow, deep breath before a pair of blue eyes that had so capivated a young coed not so many years ago looked back into hers… seeming somehow far older.

Erin took the glass. Unlike her sister, she didn’t mind drinking, even though nowadays she found herself doing it sparsely. Not for any particular reason other than the time constraints her job put on her free time.

“Erin…” Calvin began, a soft uneasy smile on his still attractive face. “… I don’t know if I should be the one having to tell you this but someone’s gotta, and I know damn well Molly wouldn’t. And no… not because she doesn’t neccessarily want to… but because she’s done her damnedest to protect you your whole life. The last thing she’d want is you worrying about her.” Calvin gently lifted the medals case from Erin’s hands and sat it on the table in front of her. “So… where to begin.” He looked thoughtful for a moment before pointing at one of the Purple Hearts. “This one…” He sighed once more. “… Molly got over half a decade ago from fairly significant injuries she sustained…” He paused and looked into Erin’s eyes. “… when she saved my life. The details around it, hell… around almost all of them, are classified at the highest levels. I only really know the details about the ones that directly related to me… but even those I’m not at liberty to discuss freely.”

Erin didn’t say anything. Rather her glass hovered halfway between the table and her lips, but her gaze was transfixed in the medal Cal was pointing at. Fairly significant injuries. The words spun around in her mind. Yet, she had never known about them. Molly seemed fine… but with modern medicine it was possible to hide anything that had been treated. Slowly, Erin took her first sip of the whiskey.

Harris paused then pointed to the other Purple Heart. “That one…” His voice noticibly cracked and for the first time in her life, Erin saw Calvin lose a great deal of color in his face. “… was from when I saved her’s. All I can tell you is she was kidnapped, I led a team to go get her back…” Calvin’s next words came through clinched teeth in a tone that would make Erin’s skin crawl. “… and killed every bastard on their ship before I set off a nuke in their Engineering Control Room.”

Kidnapped. Yet another word joined the train swirling in her mind. She registered the change in Cal, and her insides twisted further. Erin closed her eyes for a moment and took another sip. Whatever had happened was in the past, and nothing had come of it. Whatever had happened, Molly had been strong enough to endure it. Erin sighed. She shouldn’t have to have endured it… whatever it was. She tried to envision her sister being kidnapped, but there was no world in which she could see Molly not being able to handle whatever came her way… and yet… Cal’s features spoke differently. Whatever had happened… was bad enough that even Molly hadn’t been strong enough to avoid it. Erin sighed again, but muffled the noise by taking another sip.

Pointing to another medal, Calvin’s voice returned to normal. “Command Service… had to fight for her to keep after how she lost the Turing, but when Command sent the apology letter, the medal came with it. The Service Bar is from her Command of the Dresden after I stepped down. That there is the Fleet Intel Distingushed Service Medal for five years of service to the Fleet Intel community. Palm Cluster for Distingushed Service on First Contact missions. The three little leafs there indicate fourth award… two leafs were with me, the orignal award was from her time on the Earhart, and the first leaf while with the Monty.” He smiled as he worked up through the case, prouder of Molly with each medal.

The change had been a welcome one, even if all the listed awards were somewhat expected, given how much Erin was aware of how Starfleet operated.

Calvin smiled then added. “And now to the big boys…” He tapped the glass over a gold bar with a purple and white ribbon drape and a gold starburst medal. “Starfleet Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry. Awarded under seal, details classified… even I don’t, can’t know about it. Same with this one…” He tapped again. “Distinguished Service Cross.” He then tapped on one of the three medals Erin would know even without a guide to the box. “Christopher Pike Medal of Valor… awarded for saving the life of her Commanding Officer and returning him… i.e. me… safely to our ship after I had been taken hostage by an enemy of the Federation.”

Erin felt numb, her mind still on the first medals Cal had pointed at. It was as if she was discovering a whole side to her sister that she had no idea was there. Her whole brain was reevaluating her perception of her own sister. The one person she thought she knew better than anyone else was now a stranger.

He moved to the two most prestigious awards in the case. “And, of course, the two Federation Medals of Honor. This one…” Pointing to the medal with a gold leaf. “… was for taking out the man that took me hostage and dismantling a plan to basically build a private fleet of stolen Federation warships. That’s about all I can tell you that isn’t blacked out. The other…” Harris pointed to the other medal. “… I don’t even know. The citation only reads something like… ‘… awarded for exceptional valor in the face of an enemy of the United Federation of Planets…’ or some BS like that. I only asked Molly once and was told, quite flatly… ‘you’re not cleared for that.’ and haven’t asked since.” Calvin chuckled before adding. “Everything else in there is pretty common fare… pilot wings, damn proud of her for that…. Expert Marksman badge… Jump Wings… and…”

He squinted at a small badge in the middle then laughed out loud. “Well… I’ll be goddamned! Commander of the French Legion of Honour. I haven’t the foggiest what she did for that one but yeah! As odd as it might sound honey… but your sister is a dyed in the wool, honest to God decorated war hero! I have a lot of bling… but only some of these! Jesus!” He snorted and turned to Erin and shrugged. “That’s literally all I can tell ya”


Erin smiled and took another sip of her whiskey. Inside she was just as surprised as Cal, but her outside didn’t show. She tried, but somehow failed miserably. For a moment, she pondered on what to say next.

“You know dad didn’t want Molly to go Intel right?” Erin finally started. Cal would know that she meant Robert, the girls’ adopted father. “His fiancée was also an Intel Officer… went MIA years before we met him. That’s why he retired from Starfleet so early… he couldn’t take it anymore.” Erin paused to take another sip. “So when Molly told him that Intel had made her an offer and that she was going to take it, he told her she wasn’t going.” The younger Holloway sighed. “You know my sister… she’s not really used to be told no.” She took yet another sip. “They had a massive falling out and Molly left in the middle of the night. Kind of like she did now, I guess. Only for different reasons.” Erin shrugged. “I guess that’s just the way she is.” There was another pause, and Hazen sighed deeply as her gaze started again at the multiple awards on the display case. “Molly can say all she wants, but I was the one who saw what her being gone did to our dad. I was the one that was there, and the one that had to tell him that history was not repeating itself. He thought he was going to lose her. He still doesn’t quite trust she’s out of Intel. ‘Once in Intel, always in Intel’ seems to be one of his favorite sentences.” Erin chuckled finishing her drink.

For a moment, she stared at her empty glass on the table before her gaze settled back on Calvin, deeply, almost as if she was staring straight into his soul. It was clear the next words out of her mouth were the most serious Cal would had ever hear her utter. “Exactly how close was I to losing my sister and not knowing about it?”


Calvin watched the young woman he still admired so much hurt almost beyond words for her sister. He partly understood… as he could relate… considering how livid his baby sister Tori had been when he decided to follow their father into the Corps. She worried even more when he became a fighter pilot, with the very same concern Erin had just voiced. Taking a steadying breath, Calvin’s piercing blue eyes found Erin’s and sighed. “Closer than I would have liked and at least twice that I know of. Once, when she saved my life… and once when I saved hers.”

There was a pause, as Calvin remembered what the reports had covered and he made up his mind just what he was at liberty to tell her. “When we were making… well… when Molly was making our escape from where they had me hostage, the little shuttle she had taken took some pretty heavy damage as there was a Bird of Prey between us and transporter range of the Dresden. From my understanding, the shuttle had begun losing pressure still short of transporter range. Luckily, the team on the Dresden finally got a lock on us and beamed us out. The shuttle imploded just after we beamed out.”

“She had saved my life, twice, in less than twenty minutes. Regardless of anything else she will ever do for me, I will forever owe your sister my very life.”


Erin nodded silently, twirling the empty whiskey glass between her fingers. Their dad was right. Not that Erin had ever doubted Robert, but for everything he had said, she had hoped that it was less common than he seemed to believe. After all, no matter what, Molly would know how to steer away from danger, right?

With a deep thinking expression in her eyes, Erin stood up and walked up to the window. Her eyes not really seeing anything past the glass pane. The only sign of activity being the empty glass that her fingers still played with.

Right… Erin’s thought process continued. If anything, the fact that Molly was still with them was a testament to exactly how much she could steer clear from danger, even if at times she barely squeezed past it. And if what Calvin had just told her was right, then she and her dad owed him quite a bit.

With a barely audible sigh, Erin made her way back to the couch. “I don’t know what to say.” She managed to say after a moment of hesitation. “It feels that everything I think just brings about more questions… some of them I suppose I’ll have to ask her directly when the time comes.” She finally set the glass on the table. “I do have a question for you, and I will need you to be completely honest with me. None of that ‘it’s classified’ crap.” Erin’s gaze pierced through Calvin’s. “Now that she’s settled here with you, and is working for our uncle… how worried do I have to be about her safety? Dad says that once an Intel Officer, always an Intel Officer… but as far as I can see this seems to be your regular nine to five business job… I hope that’s just him being paranoid.” Her eyes pleaded. “Or is she still playing hero on the side?”


“Goddamnit Erin…” Calvin huffed softly, leaning back in his chair… his hands first scrubbing his face before he slid both over his hair and looked at the ceiling, his hands behind his head. “… why the frack you gotta look at me like that (insert possible term of endearment he rarely used with Erin)?” Sighing a bit louder and lowering his piercing blue eyes that Erin once been so smitten with herself, the moment their eyes met… the younger of Peter & Mary Holloway’s daughters would know the truth before the former Marine ever opened his mouth.

After taking a deep breath, Harris’ shoulders slumped slightly. “I wouldn’t go so far as to saying she’s ‘playing hero on the side…’ but yes, things happen from time to time that…. forces your sister’s hand… and she aids various Intel entities with her skills and expertise. Mainly, the only time she’s gotten involved recently… that I’m aware of… is when…” His shoulders slumped the rest of the way and he shook his head slightly. “… a threat came against her family. The attack on your uncle and I pretty much drug Molly back in. She…” He paused and looked Erin dead in the eye. “… you can NOT ever repeat what I’m about to tell you Erin Leah… to anyone… ever, I mean it!” There was another pause before Calvin spoke words he knew would change Erin’s view of her sister forever. “Molly was the one who caught the woman that attempted to kill Lucas and I… She used her connections to hunt her down. Let’s just say that the woman in question didn’t make it out alive.” The last words were clear but very softly spoken.

Calvin sat wringing his hands, looking at the floor for moment before he he looked back at Erin. “Sweetie, I don’t ever want you to think badly of your sister, because it’s not fair. Molly is an incredibly skilled intelligence operative, in ways… even more skilled and deadly than a combat trained Marine… it’s part of her job, was part of her job, but the skills she has don’t just go away when she stops being an Intel Officer. When it comes down to it, your sister would protect you, me, Gavin and Lucas with her very life… she has, in fact, done that at least a half dozen times that I can think of. This family… your family… is everything to her, and I don’t doubt that she feels personally responsible to your mother to make sure… specifically you and Lucas… are always safe. No matter what. As far as her personal safety, she’s fine… but God help any SOB that tries to move against this family.”


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