Touring Complete - Time for Lunch

Posted Feb. 23, 2024, 10:45 a.m. by Civilian Malcolm "Astro" Dawkins (Director of Spaceport and Orbital Facilities) (Jerome Davis)

Posted by Civilian Malcolm “Astro” Dawkins (Director of Spaceport and Orbital Facilities) in Touring Complete - Time for Lunch

Posted by Civilian Malcolm “Astro” Dawkins (Director of Spaceport and Orbital Facilities) in Touring Complete - Time for Lunch

Posted by Civilian Malcolm “Astro” Dawkins (Director of Spaceport and Orbital Facilities) in Touring Complete - Time for Lunch
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It had been a terribly long day, one in which Malcolm had met dozens of managers and supervisors throughout his dirt side offices and on the platform. After an afternoon of his new assistant stumbling all over herself trying not to flirt with her new boss, Malcolm was ready for an evening with his wife to-be. Tapping his wrist comm, he said with a smile as he stepped out into the afternoon sunshine.

=A= Ellie… it’s Mal. Is the universe’s most beautiful pilot available for a dinner tonight and maybe afternoon coffee before? =A=


Eleanor had landed thirty minutes before, after an afternoon of heavy training exercises. Badger had ran out at first opportunity. Sloan had hung around for a little bit until he too headed out. Chuck had just came into the vessel as Carnegie’s comm sounded in the cabin.

Her crew chief raised an eyebrow. “It seems like someone is going to have a fun evening, huh?” He joked.

“Shut it, Chuck. As if you haven’t been having your fun ever since we moved here.” Eleanor winked. The man blushed, and Carnegie laughed. It had been a first.

Opening a channel back to Malcolm, Eleanor replied. =/\= I don’t know… what’s in it for me? =/\= She said jokingly, realizing too late that she might had set herself up for something that she might not want Charlie to hear.


=A= I don’t know Babe…=A= Mal’s playful tone would lead Ellie to know a second too late that she was right. =A=… how bout you, me, and a hot tub to burn dinner off before bed?=A= There was a soft chuckle on the line while Mal awaited her response.


Eleanor glared at Charlie before he could say anything, and the man turned around dutifully tapping the vessel’s main console, but Carnegie didn’t miss the grin on his face.

She blushed bright red. =/\= And where exactly shall we meet? =/\= Eleanor asked nonchalantly over the comm, hoping that if she pretended she hadn’t heard it, the conversation would go away. She knew Malcolm enough to know that it likely wouldn’t, but she could at least try.


There was a momentary pause as Eleanor would hear tapping on Malcolm’s terminal. =A= I’ve got reservations at the Blue Note for 1900… sound doable? =A= Ellie, like all Academy grads, would be familiar with Nicholas Murphy’s Bay Area staple that had grown to branches on nearly every Federation core world, most major Starbases, and most recently… the top three floors of Holloway Tower, HHI’s 205-story building that was not only home to multiple executive divisions of the trans stellar corporation but also some of the finest residences and Class A office space on the planet.


Moving to the end of the cabin to allow Charlie to work, Ellie tapped her comm back. =/\= Oh… of course! =/\= It was unexpected, especially when Malcolm had started off the conversation with what she assumed was him being his flirty self. =/\= Uh… I still need to help Chuck here for a few minutes… =/\= She glanced back a her crew chief before continuing. =/\= But I’ll meet you there in… =/\= She looked at her wrist chronometer =/\= Does thirty sound good? =/\=


Malcolm could be heard beaming through the comm. =A= Sounds great Baby! See you in 30! Dawkins clear =A=



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