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Najma raised her hand, eager to pose her questions. “Commissioner Karlson, thank you for addressing our inquiries. Given the gravity of Dashiel Jones’ death and the potential security risks involved, can you elaborate on why the government is being so guarded about the investigation details? Is there a specific reason for the lack of transparency?”

Her voice was calm, but underneath, Najma’s curiosity burned fiercely. She needed to understand the motives behind the officials’ reticence. As she awaited a response, her eyes flickered between Commissioner Karlson and Deputy Chief of Staff Kasiri Darae, searching for any subtle reactions that might betray their true intentions.
“And regarding the involvement of Lieutenant Governor Dasca with the deceased,” Najma continued, her tone measured, “while I understand the need for privacy during such a sensitive time, can you clarify if there are any potential conflicts of interest that might influence the investigation? Is there a reason for the Lieutenant Governor’s absence from the public eye beyond personal grief?”

Her questions hung in the air, the room momentarily silent, she could feel the eyes on her as she awaited her answers from the officials.

Civilian Moreino
(Independent Reporter)

Joseph didn’t react hastily, he’d been answering press questions for nearly thirty years. He had to remind himself not to smile at the reporters, neither his disarming grandfatherly smile nor his cold and unnerving smile used during interrogations and negotiations. He also reminded himself to not use belittling language he might have used against a member of the Government, Starfleet, or even his own Police Force. His face remained a stoic screen betraying no emotion, not even a flicker, just a calm gaze “We do not release any information regarding Criminal Investigations that could potentially harm it. We will release information if we deem it important for either public safety or if it could assist with the investigation, at this early stage we will only be providing the necessary information and the assurances that the full resources available to us are being utilized” His tone was even, calm. He treated the question as if it were natural even if he considered it naive at best.

Kasiri would let Karlson deal with the investigation related questions, but the one about Dasca’s absence caused her to quirk a brow. “Given, as you put it, her personal grief, and the fact that there are many components of her work that are affected, I would think that would keep her sufficiently busy, don’t you?” Not to mention that Dasca was not required to parade around everyone to show them she was ‘fine’. It hadn’t been that long since the whole incident with her ex, surely no one is expecting her to just waltz around here like nothing has happened?

~Kasiri Darae, Deputy Chief of Staff

Tovar attentively absorbed Deputy Chief of Staff Darae’s response, his curiosity sparked by the underlying implications. This newfound information intrigued him, prompting a mental note to collaborate with the other reporter for a comprehensive understanding. Raising his hand, he sought further clarification.

“Deputy Darae, your explanation regarding Lieutenant Governor Dasca’s personal grief and professional obligations sheds light on her current situation, we all mourn with her and hope she finds solace in a swift investigation. However, could you elaborate on the specific aspects of her work that are impacted by these circumstances? Furthermore, considering the common occurrence where murders are perpetrated by individuals known to the victim, family, friends… loved ones…” He let the comment linger before pushing on “how do you perceive this dynamic influencing the ongoing investigation?” he wasn’t asking outright if she was being considered a suspect but the underlying question was there, and the response was on record. He waited patiently.

Tovar Michaels
Reporter, Federation Media Burea [FMB]

As Darae responded to her question, Najma couldn’t shake off a feeling of dissatisfaction. While Darae’s explanation seemed reasonable on the surface, Najma’s instincts told her there was more to the story. She was going to ask another question and dig deeper into Lieutenant Governor Dasca’s recent activities, work, and public appearances. However, this action was interrupted by Michaels, follow-up question.
Najma didn’t know his name yet, but she couldn’t help but be impressed by his astuteness. She flashed him a quick smile, acknowledging his insightful inquiry, before turning her attention back to Darae. The reporter’s question hung in the air, subtly implying a deeper suspicion without outright accusing anyone. She liked his style and decided after the conference she would approach him and introduce herself.

Najma narrowed her eyes slightly at Darae, her curiosity piqued even further as she awaited their response. She observed the Deputy Chief of Staff closely, searching for any subtle cues or hesitations that might betray the true nature of Lieutenant Governor Dasca’s involvement in the ongoing investigation.

Civilian Moreino
(Independent Reporter)

Joseph almost frowned at the question, the reporters were already forming a narrative with limited information. He stepped in before the Chief of Staff could answer “I believe that is a question that should be directed at the Starfleet press secretary” He slowly turned his gaze to Michaels “I’d also remind members of the press that Mr. Darae is not a criminal investigative expert and cannot be expected to answer questions regarding how the investigation will be influenced by the political reality” There was an edge in his tone, it was purely a fabrication to draw attention. The younger reporters could be distracted by the apparent loss of decorum “I’d also remind the members of the press about my standing on insinuations and their detrimental effects” That drew a few grimaces from those in the room who had received a stern lecture from the elderly Police Commissioner on the matter “We will not be commenting on who is and who is not on the suspect list nor it’s size.”

He interlocked his fingers and looked from one end to the other clearly not opening the floor for another question or rebuttal “I feel I must remind the members of the press that it has not been a full day yet since this investigation began.” This time there was no hint of harshness, he was pulling the edge back and changing the direction “You want answers and are entitled to them but not to the detriment of the investigation.”

Commissioner Karlson

Kasiri nodded and focused on the part of Michaels’ question she could answer. “As far as the Lieutenant Governor’s work being impacted, clearly the largest priority currently is the negotiations with the Vren. Mr. Jones was heavily involved and the Executive has been working very closely with him and Ambassador Mathis to ensure things go as smoothly as they can. The welcome gala two days ago is a wonderful example of this. Obviously this tragedy will stall the forthcoming talks but my understanding from both the Federation and Vren Ambassadors is that they will be delayed only by a couple days or so, to allow everyone a chance to regroup. Ambassador Mathis is very insistent that this assignment to Oed and securing long term peace with the Vren was very important to Mr. Jones and he would not want negotiations to stall because of this tragedy.”

~Kasiri Darae, Deputy Chief of Staff

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