Afternoon Conversations - Residential District Joe's Barbershop - Open Thread

Posted Feb. 27, 2024, 4:11 p.m. by Civilian Joseph Karlson (Police Commissioner) (Hjortur Ingi)

There is an area between the residential and commercial districts of Oed City that the locals often refer to as The Karlson District or Johann’s Ward named after Johann Karlsson the older brother of the Colonies Police Commissioner. It is so called because many of the businesses and residential buildings are owned by either the Hekla Corporation, a company owned by Johann, or the employees of the company. Anything from entertainment like pubs, bars, restaurants or nightclubs, apartment buildings, a luxury hotel, and even a Protection Agency were a part of this district within a district. The property that wasn’t within that district owned by the company was their Import/Export offices in the industrial sector and a representative office in the spaceport. The Import/Export business was only opened recently, prompted by the Duroc family opening an embassy in hopes of scoring transport contracts with the Klingon Great House.

The Police Commissioner of the Oed City Police Force sat in a leather barber chair outside Joe’s Barbershop. Generally, he avoided this area as he didn’t like to be seen favoring his brother’s business but he’d known Joe and his wife Margaret for decades. He came there every Friday afternoon to sit in the sun and get a proper shave with a proper razor. It was also known as an unofficial way to speak with the Commissioner although most did not take this chance as if he considered them to be wasting his time they would not get another chance. The outdoors barber chair was like a true open-door office policy. Today he’d been speaking to a reporter before arriving so as Joe lathered Joseph’s face and neck “One last question Commissioner” The young Bolian reporter spoke in a fast-clipped tone, nervous that he’d accepted the request “You’ve been pushing for additional Police reforms when your collegues on other similar worlds having been pushing back from the same, why is that?” She asked.

Joseph put a large hand on Joe’s, interrupting the barber “When I first came here over a decade ago things were a mess, the force needed to be better prepared against violent and armed criminal organizations and multiple dangerous hostile enteties. Since then cooperation between Starfleet Security and the police has improved mostly because of the guidance of former Security Chief Preston Longstreet and then Lieutenant Governor Parker Xavier and their successors have continued this air of cooperation. With the formation of the CCDA and CIA we have an even better grasp on security and protection for the colony, an overly armed and reactionary police force is no longer necessary. The police are not an armed militia even though they are led by a former military general. Protection and service are our purpose. We remain vigilant about external threats but people don’t need armed police roaming their streets for no reason” The reporter nodded and put the small recording device in his pocket “Thank you for the opportunity, sir. I’ll let you be” She stood up and hurried away, Joseph waved to his friend to continue lathering the cream

Joe Bishop the owner of Joe’s Barbershop laughed as he continued “You don’t often give planned interviews outside your office old man, what gives?” He asked his rural south Maine accent still strong “She has guts, absolutely terrified of me because she’s been writing some very critical pieces on me since arriving here last year. She’s been pestering me about an interview for weeks ever since I scolded those Ferengi sleazeballs playing at journalism last month” Joseph answered as his old friend finished “She’ll be one of the stronger voices of young Oedians, good critical thinking and a talent for investigative journalism. She’ll be good a rooting out corruption in my blindspots” He continued “Besides, Neema told me to stop being stubborn” The two shared a laugh.

Joseph looked up at the sky, there were no longer artificial clouds dotting the landscape with the dome gone. His own enhanced eyesight could occasionally see the shield flicker as micro debris hit it. He’d started feeling old again for the first time since he passed his fiftieth birthday. It was nearly twenty years since he’d been put through the forced genetic alterations that had slowed down his aging and improved nearly every aspect of his physiology and having passed his 70th birthday he was starting to feel like he had reached his late forties again even though he was still as physically fit as ever. He unfocused his eyes, forcing his sight to return to what it should be, and leaned back in the chair.

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