Outside the Dome- "Where No Man..."

Posted Feb. 13, 2019, 10:17 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Ylana Eviros (Chief Science Officer) (Lindsay Bayes)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Preston Longstreet (Chief of Security) in Outside the Dome- “Where No Man…”

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Ylana Eviros (Chief Science Officer) in Outside the Dome- “Where No Man…”

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Preston Longstreet (Chief of Security) in Outside the Dome- “Where No Man…”
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She had to rush to meet them, but Ylana made it to the rendezvous point just in time to not really be considered late. Her mind was a bit scattered, but had her gear with her and was suiting up in her EVA suit. “So, I will walk about the site and be looking for something, or what not. And where will you be?” she asked Longstreet.

~Ylana Eviros

“Nearby. We have a small cave were in just on the side of that hill.” He said pointing to a location nearby. “We have it cloaked as best as we can and signal repulsors so if anyone is scanning it appears we are not there. 5 man team ready to go.”


Ylana nodded and then inhaled deeply, settling her nerves. Was her unease noticeable? She knew that by the time she materialized out at the old mobile lab site, she had to be perfectly calm and ready. Her mind had to be absolutely prepared to take action when Leamas for sure came to investigate. Holding her helmet in her hands, she looked at Longstreet. “Preston… just in case something does happen to me out there, I just had my Living Will updated. There wasn’t time to call Michael, but the changes are in my file as of a few minutes ago. I’m telling you so that someone out here knows, okay?” She wanted her wishes honoured and she wanted people to know that she had wishes at all.

~Ylana Eviros, CSO

“Ok but I am here to tell you I will drop this guy/thing like a sack before that comes to pass.” He answered and then moved on to his position to await the events.


Ylana couldn’t help but smile from inside her suit. She could have made a comment about that being pointless, since Leamas’ ability to hurt her was beyond their ability to prevent.

Soon enough they were outside the dome. Ylana was on her own and moving to the place where the former mobile lab sat. There was subtle places where she could see the supports had been driven into the ground and they marked the perimeter of the double wide building site. She began to move about it. =/\=Eviros to Team Alpha. Surveying the site. So far I’ve found nothing, but it’s only been a minute and the take down was pretty hasty. I’m going to take some readings while I’m out here.=/\= Team Alpha was a fake set-up to make it seem like she was talking to the Science & Terraforming team, rather than Longstreet’s hidden security team.

Pulling her tricorder out carefully, she opened it and set it to active scan as she moved about the former building perimeter. It was all an act, since there was nothing out here to find, but it had been the truth that the take down had been hasty after the attack on the lab that killed one and left the team leader in a coma. Still, there was a part of her that genuinely was looking for anything small left behind and so her mind read as true to anyone who might want to verify her story.

~Ylana Eviros, CSO

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