Hekla Hotel - House Juuv Reception

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Urg smiled at the Commissioner, a most unpleasant and unsettling gesture to most. Shaking the man’s arm vigorously, the massive Klingon said “House Duroc and Oed V. Allies.” and then he released the man’s arm and said “Now there is something we must attend to.” and he turned and looked at the Curator, who had cautiously moved to a far corner of the room. “Madame. How long for the authentication?” Urg asked.

With a slight clearing of her throat, the Vulcan woman said “Yes. Well… I would estimate no more than three days for all testing to be completed. another two days for the data to be compiled and drafted, then submitted to the Commissioner for his…” and her eyes involuntarily moved to the corpse and then back, “… investigation. I would recommend allowing a full week to ensure accuracy, as I am sure this is going to be vetted at much higher levels.” Urg nodded and said “One week it will be, then.” and he turned to Karlson.

“My brother and I will be going to the docks now. We lay claim to all House Juuv property. That includes their ship in orbit and the shuttle currently docked here. As such, they cannot be moved until the claim is settled. We will notify the Council of our intent now. And see what those dogs decide is a better course of action… standing with proven cowards and assassins of The Builder, Right Hand of Kahless… or stand with The Builder and his rightful heirs.”

Urg’tohn, Son of House Duroc

Joseph nodded in approval “Just try not to blow anything up while you’re up there” He moved towards the exit but turned around “Two things before I leave, after you finish with the Council do visit again, I’d like to introduce you to the Governor, I think it’ll look better when you’re not covered in the blood of your enemies” He said with a half smile “And when you go to Qu’onos give my regards to the Chancellor, it won’t be long until I visit the Klingon Homeworld again” He nodded before leaving the room. Pangolin stayed behind to deal with the mess.

Commissioner Karlson

“What?” Kvorth said, looking down at himself. “There is no better way to meet a governor then covered in the blood of your enemies!” He noticed a spot of dried flaky blood on his hand and paused then, using one nail of his other hand to scratch it off and let it drop to the ground.

“No promises.” Urg said in response, but with a crooked grin. “And I will contact you when we return. Meeting the Governor would be a wise appointment, I think. I will be sure to convey your message. I’m fairly certain that we will be in his presence very soon…” and the big Klingon motioned for his brother. “Brother mine, let us go. We have a House to rebuild.” and he walked to the door.

Stopping in the doorway, he looked over his shoulder. “Inspector Pangolin. You did your job with great honor. You will be part of our House. Congratulations.” and he turned and walked out of the room before any response could be uttered.

Urg’Tohn, House Duroc

Pangolin opened a mouth to speak but decided against it as it wasn’t seemly to speak to someone’s trail dust. He turned around only to face the half hidden smirks of half a dozen Uniformed officers who were working the now marked crime scene “Well I guess I have become part Klingon” Pangolin said with a sly smile “Yeah boss, next thing you’ll stop taking showers and start to put on some muscle” One of the uniformed officers shot back much to the enjoyment of the Police. They continued the back and forth for the next hour as they worked the scene of the murder, gathering all relevant evidence and the like.

DCI Pangolin

Kvorth, House Duroc

The brothers made their way out of the hotel and to the waiting ground car, which took them back to the docks.

Urg, Son of House Duroc

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