Sacred Heart: The Wolfs Recovery Room

Posted Aug. 2, 2018, 6:44 p.m. by Civilian Atticus Wolf (Bounty Hunter) (David Shotton)

Posted by Civilian Linarra Riccio (Head of Medical and Social Services) in Sacred Heart: The Wolfs Recovery Room

Posted by Civilian Atticus Wolf (Bounty Hunter) in Sacred Heart: The Wolfs Recovery Room

Posted by Civilian Linarra Riccio (Head of Medical and Social Services) in Sacred Heart: The Wolfs Recovery Room
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Atticus Wolf

Linarra nodded her head at the man’s wording about the explosion that nearly killed him. Her jaw as set tight at the thought, she didn’t like the idea of ships being attacked at their borders.
“Impressive explosion indeed, I think there will be an investigation as to the cause,” Linarra said because she was curious about how that ship had gown down. Linarra relaxed a bit and grinded wide appreciatively when the Mr. Wolf thanked her, and the ease he was taking the fact he had nearly died. She wondered if it would hit him later that if they had found him a second later he wouldn’t be speaking with her right now.
“You’re welcome, it’s my job after all. You will make those meetings don’t worry, from the look at your test results you could be released tomorrow after checking the strength of the leg and arms that were broken,” Linarra replied doing her best not to get flustered, patients thanked their doctors all the time. This was no different despite the fact the man wasn’t unattractive. It was a bit endearing how he tried to keep himself covered as they spoke, a modest man in that regard anyway she thought. Linarra stood by his bed and looked his green eyes to avoid gawking at the muscles in his arms.
“Your things have been brought from the cargo bay to our storage area. Once we know where you’re going to be staying we’ll have them shipped there. Is there anything you need from your things immediately?”

Linarra Riccio-Head of Medical and Social Services

“Not right at this moment” Atticus told her, and he held her gaze for a moment, his smile slight, the hint of mischief about his eyes, then it was gone as he looked down to his arms as he held his hands and forearms out for a mock inspection. “I believe I am in good hands right here, but how about it Doc? Do you think these broken limbs have recovered enough to support a raktajino? Is there anything on that PaDD about denying a man with a second chance a coffee?”

He had no doubt whatsoever that the attack on his transport hadn’t been a random encounter, not with Starfleet so close. All logic would tell him that they were after the smugglers, nobody even knew that Atticus was on that ship, he was careful, but Atticus had learned a long time ago that logic was often faulty without all the information. He couldn’t shake the feeling that it was him they were after, and he had survived enough attacks and dangerous situations to know to trust his instincts implicitly. Right now, he knew that this woman was the head of Medical at OED, so he was in prestigious company indeed to have personal attention from someone with such an important profile. In his line of work, it payed to know who was who in the local government structure and with Linarra, he had struck a bit of luck already. “I’ll be almost sorry to leave” he said to her, looking up from his arms and smiling again, “it’s been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to lie around in bed for a day or so.”

Atticus Wolf

Linarra grinned not blaming him for wanting a raktacino. The hospital coffee wasn’t great. Mostly she was warmed by the fact he considered himself safe in her hands. Well that was just absurd but it made her smile nonetheless.
“If you promise not to make a fuss about the physical therapy you’re going to have to do before we release you then I am sure I could arrange a raktacino for you. After all you nearly died trying to get here it’s the least I can do,” Linarra replied with a mischievous gleam in her eyes. Linarra felt something in her soul tell her Atticus Wolf was trouble but it only made her gaze all the longer and stay when she should be back to her own work.
“I also thought you might like this,” Linarra continued handing him a padd so he could read while he was stuck in the hospital. Linarra took a breath as she caught a glimps of those haunting green eyes before adding, “recovery is quite boring business when it comes down to it I’m afraid.”

Linarra Riccio-Head of Medical and Social Services

Looking up at Linarra, Atticus smiled and took the PaDD, and as he did their hands touched, his finger on hers. The touch was soft as his fingers slid slowly over hers as he paused for just a moment, his green eyes seeming to grin ever so gently into her dark star flecked orbs. Then the touch was gone as he held up the PaDD before him and smiled his thanks. “You’ve already done more for me than I could have reasonably asked anybody to do Doctor, I promise to behave in the physical therapy. As long as I get my coffee of course.” He winked at her, ever so lightly, but just enough to let her know he was grateful for her time and effort saving his life. “I hope you had the right blend when you had to hook me up during the operation, I probably drink so much the scans must have been confusing.”

He joked easily and smoothly with her, he had found the conversation easy and although she showed all the signs of her part Klingon heritage, she was nothing like he had expected from her profile. There was strength, confidence and ability in abundance, but at the same time a very feminine allure that wouldn’t normally be associated with someone of Klingon heritage, and that served to remind him more that those dark eyes were a window to the Betazoid part of her soul. That fact alone served to keep his mental walls up, his career wasn’t something that he liked people prying into, not people he wanted to get close to, and being slightly mysterious might serve to help her keep an interest in him after he walked out of the hospital doors and into the anonymity of hundreds of thousands of people in the mega city that was OEDV. “Thank you, Doctor Riccio” he said to her, the honest truth plain in his voice. “I owe you my life.”

Atticus Wolf

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