The Pale Horse Pub -Washing of the Sons of the House of Duroc

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Before anything serious could happen the vehicle stopped as it apparently reached its destination. As soon as the Limo stopped a very specific electric current went from the seats up the backsides of the sparring Klingons. The amount of Current was specifically designed to produce a tickling sensation in Klingons of their size. Joseph turned to the eldest Brother again “I have secured temporary lodgings for you until you can provide some for yourselves. Your ship will be impounded until charges have been filed and your case has been brought before the court” This time there wasn’t a single door that opened but the entire right side of the long car, giving them all free reign to leave. The car had landed in front of a four-story building that stood out due to it’s older design. The first floor seemed to be a bar of sorts, a wooden sign with a picture of a white horse and a hooded rider the caligraphy text said ‘The Pale Rider’. A tall thin man in a white shirt with suspenders was standing in the entrance waiting for the group. He looked older than the Police Commissioner but had the same smile, made even more grandfatherly due to his half-moon spectacles. However, as soon as the Klingons looked into his eyes they would feel an involuntary sense of dread as if the thin man had some sorts of aura about him. The feeling dissipated as soon as it had appeared.

Commissioner Karlson

K’vorth grinned at the Commissioner, wide and toothy, showing his full compliment of sharp teeth. “Why Comissioner, I didn’t know you cared. Tell me our chairs at the Hotel have this feature?”

Joseph smiled softly at the Klingon “Most likely, he installed them there. Electric massages” He indicated the thin man.

With a laugh, the middle Klingon rolled out of the seat and came to his feet outside, and stretched his shoulders before reaching back inside and gripping both his Brothers and dragging them out onto the pavement, where he promptly let go of them and glanced at the man waiting for them. Then with a smirk, he elbowed his Brother Urg. “Hey Rock head” he said, “That one reminds me of the woman thing you brought home last time we were in port. It has the same feeling about it. It looks like it will be far more accomodating than her though, she was just Nasty. Tentacles and all.”

K’vorth, Son of the House of Duroc

Urg stood up from where he had his eldest brother in a head-lock, and walked over to his next-eldest brother. Urg was the youngest, yes, but he was still the largest of the three. Chest to chest with K’vorth, he looked down into his one eye and growled “Do not speak ill of Matilda. She was… exquisite.” and then he stepped back and grinned and said “Or must I remind you of your ‘consort’ on that Ferengi station?”

“Klingons, this is my brother Johann Karlson, he owns several establishments across the colony including this Bar, he has offered to house you for your stay until I decide to either arrest or deport you, whichever comes first” He smiled at his brother “Please have them cleaned and offer them some real food. I’m going to take the lad over there to Sacred Heart, Dinner tonight?” He asked his brother who simply nodded and waited for Joseph to leave.

Commissioner Karlson

As soon as the doors of the Limo closed Johann took a step forward and looked at the three. First, he leaned in on the second son and sniffed, admiring the colorful vomit covering the man. He then looked over at the runt and sniffed again and smiled as he looked at the eldest of the three but only looked at him for a moment and with a smile, he took a step back “If you wish you may start stripping now or wait until inside. We’re going to start decontamination now” Just as he ended his sentence the group was surrounded by a dozen people holding hoses of sorts that immediately started spraying some sort of clear liquid at the trio with high pressure. It tasted vaguely peachy. It was like standing in a massage chair, each Klingon being hosed in four different directions.

Johann Karlson

OOC: just a clarification, the vomit covered one is the runt, who is also the oldest, the biggest is the youngest and the middle son, K’vorth, is, uh, the middle son.

OOC: Sure I thought that he’d vomited on K’Vorth.

IC: Looking at the people around them and then at his Brothers, K’vorth shurgged. “These humans have odd customs. I havent been asked to strip like this since that bar on Orion.” Without further hesitation, he began stripping in the middle of the street, and in seconds the middle height, bald headed and eye patched Klingon was naked as the day, revealing his finely muscled and tight torso, resplendent with battle scars, wearing only a half moon pendant of a pair of downturned horns around his neck and the same image tattoo’d prominently on the right hand side of his bald head.

Holding his worn battle leathers and weapons on top, he threw them in the direction of the old man. “Be careful with the Leathers” he told the man, “They shrink in the dryer, so dry-clean only.” Then stood with his hands, knuckles first, on his hips, proudly, and enjoyed the spray.

K’vorth, Son of the House of Duroc

Urg’ton followed suit, and was soon as naked as his birth in the street. His frame was massive, even for a Klingon, and he too had many scars and the same pendant worn by his brothers. On each forearm, there was a tattoo of an ancient Klingon weapon. ( )

Johann cocked his head slightly with a smile “No worries son, We’re all professionals here” He called to the now nude man and looked at the rags “Although the state of your clothes do show a dire need for a wardrobe change for all of you” He fished out a small circular item from his pocket and placed it next to his right eye, closing his left and looking through the small hole “Yes been a while since I made something for a Klingon let alone three.” He said to himself as the sparying continued

It was a nice day so Linarra in order to get a better idea of the Oed she decided to walk to work. Dressed in her hospital uniform, with her hair down but not covering the samll ridges on her forehead and nose a clear indication of her half Klingon heritage. She heard a rukus outside the hotel as she walked passed and looked over with her gold speckled dark eyes. In front of the hotel was muscular Klingon male fully in the nude in the street. She lifted her chin and quickly looked away , she was a doctor after all she had seen it all.

Linarra Riccio-Head of Medical and Social Services.

Urg saw the woman at a distance and yelled “Take a picture! It will last longer! But won’t serve you as well as the real thing!” and then began posing as if he was at a body building contest as the spray covered his body.

Urg’tohn, Son of the House of Duroc

Joseph looked directly at the Head doctor as if he knew where she was walking past the mostly empty streets. Colloquially these blocks of street where known as Karlson Town due to the Icelanders owning of every single building there. He smiled at the half Betazed woman and waved her over “Doctor Riccio, a Pleasure. I’m Johann Karlson, these are the Sons of Duroc” He indicated the Klingons being bathed. Half of the sprayers stopped and grabbed long brushes and walked to the trio and started scrubbing them, some sort of soap came out of the brushes “You should be reading some reports later today about their arrival and the unfortunates they assaulted during their arrival” He spoke softly and with a smile “They’ll be staying with me for a while.”


“Hey there, nice to mee you as well,” Linarra said said trying to keep her gaze polite as she grinned and walked over deciding she could spare a few moments. “Ah so they are why we had to treat some space dock employees. The report was already sent to me, news travles fast here,” she commented her grin widening. She nodded to the three brothers.
“Welcome, looks as though you’ve made quite an entrance to Oed today, I hope you don’t send anyone else my way, the paperwork is a pain,”Linarra said with a wink.

Linarra Riccio- Head of Medical and Social Services.

OOC: Fixing the split

Urg spread his arms wide so the spray could get under them, smiled, and said “If people stay out of our way, then you will get your wish.”, and added a wink to the new arrival. At which point he bent at the waist and began scrubbing his legs, seemingly oblivious to the rude angle we was now subjecting those with the hoses to.

Urg’tohn, Son of the House of Duroc

After a thorough scrubbing of body and hair, the water stream stopped and was replaced with a warm current of air from several directions. Today was a good day to dry “I need not remind you, son, that you three are on thin ice already” Johanngrabbed a PaDD from his pocket and made notes, his tone was casual if not a little demeaning “It won’t help your quest at all if you spend the next few weeks or months in a jail cell because people here have their own lives” He looked up from the PaDD, gave the young Head of medical a knowing wink “Well no matter, you three don’t pose much of a risk I suppose” His smile widened “Do you have any preferences when it comes to outfit choices? Any leathers you prefer or specific holsters designs?”

Johann Karlson

OOC: Man that good day to dry quip had me laughing out loud haha

IC: “We have no reason at all to spend time in a jail cell” K’vorth stated, bending left and right to make sure the dry air got everything it needed to. “I was assaulted by the Dock Master, he laid a hand on me first, then his gang decided to attempt to intimidate us, it was a challenge fair and square under Klingon custom” the bald Klingon said this as he looked around at the ground in confusion, he could see no ice at all, let alone thin ice. The man was obviously senile, or touched by a god, probably not gently.

“My Leathers are fine” he stated, they serve my purpose, and I have already customized most of the holsters. The clothing only holds twenty seven different weapons, although perhaps something with fur around the collar and a fitting symbol of Kvaar’ton on the back would be most fitting.”

K’vorth, Son of the House of Duroc

Linarra looked at the three brothers up and down and grinned, “I do believe the rumors about Klingon male physiology have been exaggerated,” she said with her arms crossed, “But I would like to hear more of Klingon customs sometime over a drink. What I know I have only read in books,” she admitted and fought the urge to touch the ridges on her forehead and nose. She was sure they were pretty clear reminded of her heritage even if at times she wished they weren’t.

Linarra Riccio-Head of Medical and Social Services

K’vorth paused and quite deliberately looked down at himself and then at his brothers, his eyebrow raised in contemplation, no sign of shame. A warrior was a warrior after all, no matter what armor was in use. “Oh don’t judge too harshly” he said to the woman, whom he now noted had slight ridges and he stepped forward closer to her to get a better view. “Urg is so tall he makes everything else look small, besides, according to Runt it’s not the size of the Battlecruiser, it’s how much energy the Warp drive can produce.” He grinned wickedly and reached up suddenly, taking hold of her chin in one large hand, grip firm, and peered closely at her ridges. His eyebrows rose when he noticed her eyes and he turned her head left and right before letting her go, gently, and stood for a moment looking at her, considering.

“A daughter of Kvaar’ton, perhaps?” he announced to his Brothers. “Lost, she is. The ways of her people do not guide her as thy should.” He looked around now to Urg and Q’ragh, “The House of Duroc must help all those of our people that have been forgotten by our self serving Houses. We must take her under our wing, Brothers, teach her to be Klingon!”

K’vorth, Son of the House of Duroc

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