Sacred Heart: Checking Out

Posted Aug. 2, 2018, 8:43 p.m. by Civilian Linarra Riccio (Head of Medical and Social Services) (Mary O'Donnell)

Posted by Civilian Atticus Wolf (Bounty Hunter) in Sacred Heart: Checking Out
The man rode the Hospitals elevator to the top floor where the office of the Head of Medical and Social Services on OEDV was to be found. It wasn’t her main office the man knew, that was in Government Tower, but the office was kept her for the days that she spent in direct contact with the huge and prominent hospital.

He walked down the long corridor and in the end, stood outside the door to the office, the secretary looking at him over the rim of her glasses doubtfully, but within moments, Doctor Linarra Riccio had been paged that a courier was there to see her with a delivery. The man shuffled from foot to foot, adjusting the weight of the two items he carried, on one arm a very large bouquet of flowers, of various shapes and sizes but all of them of striking colors, and every one flecked with gold like her eyes.

In the mans other arm he carried a small box, wrapped in what appeared to be lilac velvet and tied with a ribbon, a note attached to the side and able to fit in the mans hand, but of some noticeable weight. The man who had hired him had been tall but seemed wiry and had a quiet strength energy, almost a dangerous energy that was at odds with his striking green eyes and friendly smile. And he had paid well, specifically and only to be delivered to Linarra Riccio at a certain time.

Atticus Wolf (via the OED Bicycle Delivery Service)

It had been a long grueling morning of meetings about having more meetings to get the new hospital working to capacity. There was still too much used space in the hospital for her taste and many people who could benefit from having space made for more research and humanitarian purposes. She had a coffee in hand and was dressed in what she called her stuffy suit in order to look professional for her job. As Rila, her secretary, saw her enter the woman nodded her head towards the delivery man. Linarra looked at the man and her eyes narraowed a little in confusion.
“Dr. Linarra Riccio, can I help you,” She asked looking at the flowers in the man’s with surprise. “The main desk should be able to help you to find the patient’s room deliver these to,” Linarra added not unkind but firmly. Her time was too valuable to be wasted.

Linarra Riccio-Head of Medical and Social Services

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