Sacred Heart: Checking Out

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Posted by Civilian Linarra Riccio (Head of Medical and Social Services) in Sacred Heart: Checking Out

Posted by Civilian Atticus Wolf (Bounty Hunter) in Sacred Heart: Checking Out

Posted by Civilian Linarra Riccio (Head of Medical and Social Services) in Sacred Heart: Checking Out
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The man rode the Hospitals elevator to the top floor where the office of the Head of Medical and Social Services on OEDV was to be found. It wasn’t her main office the man knew, that was in Government Tower, but the office was kept her for the days that she spent in direct contact with the huge and prominent hospital.

He walked down the long corridor and in the end, stood outside the door to the office, the secretary looking at him over the rim of her glasses doubtfully, but within moments, Doctor Linarra Riccio had been paged that a courier was there to see her with a delivery. The man shuffled from foot to foot, adjusting the weight of the two items he carried, on one arm a very large bouquet of flowers, of various shapes and sizes but all of them of striking colors, and every one flecked with gold like her eyes.

In the mans other arm he carried a small box, wrapped in what appeared to be lilac velvet and tied with a ribbon, a note attached to the side and able to fit in the mans hand, but of some noticeable weight. The man who had hired him had been tall but seemed wiry and had a quiet strength energy, almost a dangerous energy that was at odds with his striking green eyes and friendly smile. And he had paid well, specifically and only to be delivered to Linarra Riccio at a certain time.

Atticus Wolf (via the OED Bicycle Delivery Service)

It had been a long grueling morning of meetings about having more meetings to get the new hospital working to capacity. There was still too much used space in the hospital for her taste and many people who could benefit from having space made for more research and humanitarian purposes. She had a coffee in hand and was dressed in what she called her stuffy suit in order to look professional for her job. As Rila, her secretary, saw her enter the woman nodded her head towards the delivery man. Linarra looked at the man and her eyes narraowed a little in confusion.
“Dr. Linarra Riccio, can I help you,” She asked looking at the flowers in the man’s with surprise. “The main desk should be able to help you to find the patient’s room deliver these to,” Linarra added not unkind but firmly. Her time was too valuable to be wasted.

Linarra Riccio-Head of Medical and Social Services

Turning, the man placed the items on the desk in front of the secretary, resulting in a pair of bespectacled eyes glaring over the top of the pretty flowers at him, and produced a PaDD. “Doctor Riccio, please sign here” he said presenting her with the PaDD, “these items are for you, signature required here, and here please.” The man was immensely glad that she was here, he knew from previous delivery’s to the Government elite that catching them was extremely rare, the man who paid him to delivery these had been very specific about timing, and the courier was impressed that he seemed to know this woman so well.

Ever Obedient Courier Man

Linarra blinked, these were for her? She could feel the eyes of the secretary on her and had that giddy smile people got when they heard or saw something cute. With a sigh Linarra signed the documents.
“Thanks,” She said as she took the flowers and small decorated package from him. She looked at Rila and then back to the note in her hands. “I’ll take these back to my office,” she said snapped cutting off any questions from the woman and then headed down the hall. When she was back into her office she looked at the note to see who it was from and began to open the package curiosity getting the best of her.

Linarra Riccio-Head of Medical and Social Services

The note had her name written on the front in a flowing, practiced and extremely tidy hand, and the back was signed simply, ‘Atticus’ in the same handwriting. It was a small note that could be opened by pulling a small cord to reveal the private message inside it. It was also trimmed in gold colored filigree.

Once the velvet wrap and bow had been opened, the box revealed was an ancient carved wood jewelry box, highly polished and of ancient timber from an unknown location, but of the kind that didn’t come cheap. On the top was carved in exquisite detail the image of a moon rising above a mountain, and beyond that, a galaxy flecked with gold. There was a delicate catch on the front, a flower that could be turned to allow the box to open.

Atticus Wolf

“Atticus,”Linarra whispered and grinned as she held the note in her hands. Everything about the note, the flowers, and the lovely box all had aspects of her. The coloring and the style were all based her either her hair, eyes, or what she would find pleasing. It was strange, as if the man knew her on a much deeper level. She carefully opened the golden box by twisting the flower. Inside was a gemstone amulet made of darkened Denevan Red Cinnabar, second only in value to the Denevan Fire Crystals that were so highly prized across the known galaxy. The workmanship of the gold chain was delicate but strong, made by a master craftsman and the hand crafted links were obvious in the work. The stone itself was heavy, the gems being known for being so dense and hard, and thus extremely hard to work yet this one had its many faces smoothed and cut to a faultless series of angles that dazzled the eye when held to the light. Linarra sucked in a breath as she picked it up and held the pendant in her hands. She should pack it up and send it back to the man. Where would she ever be able to wear such a rare and expensive pendant? The light caught the pendant just right in the light from the window and it sparkled. Linarra placed the lovely pendant back into the box and then put the flowers in a glass with some water. She would have to find out where he lived if she wanted to return it to him. Yes, that was the proper thing to do. Patients shouldn’t give their doctor such extravagant gifts. Her hand slid over to the box and she touched the smooth wood with a soft smile on her face.

Linarra Riccio-Head of Medical and Social Services

The note, once the cord was pulled to allow the half to come apart to reveal the message, was short but written in the same handwriting on the outside. It was short, simple and straight forward.

‘Dr Riccio, by the time you get this I am already checking out and heading out the doors of the Hospital. Nothing really can thank you enough for saving my life, and while I know you expect nothing for doing what you love to do and shouldn’t accept such a token, I hope you can accept this small gift. I think it will look stunning on you, and you have no idea how much time it took during Physical Therapy to come up with something that matches your eyes this perfectly. There is a small and popular Cafe two blocks over and I hear they serve the best coffee on OED, I will be there around 1pm tomorrow. Come and have a coffee with me? Yours, Atticus.’

Atticus Wolf

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