Cafe Serendipity: Linarra and the Wolf

Posted Aug. 3, 2018, 10:13 p.m. by Civilian Atticus Wolf (Bounty Hunter) (David Shotton)

The small cafe was crowded for lunch, as it often was. Various peoples and species all gathered here for their short lunch breaks from work, a light tune played in the background barely audible among the chatter and laughter, but there nonetheless helping the feeling that even if you were there alone, you were never really lonely. The smells of fresh bread and lunch time delicacies mixed with the aroma of actually coffee, not the replicated sort. This cafe was so popular because it was one of the few that used real food, and had real chefs cooking for the customers. And of course real coffee made from real coffee beans.

Even if Atticus had not invited Linarra to meet him here, then despite his aversion to crowded public places in his leisure time he would most likely have been here anyway, it was that kind of place. Atticus sat at a small two person table tucked into one of the corners, but he didn’t sit with his back to the wall. He had adjusted the seating so that when she arrived, and he had a very good thought that she would, even if only to return the trinket and tell him it wasn’t appropriate, both he and the Head of Medical would be seated in such a way that they could look out over the people seated at the other tables and the large square of green and the tree’s outside. He didn’t want her to feel closed in or trapped, like he knew a crowded cafe and an unfamiliar person could make you feel, he wanted her to be relaxed during their small interlude.

Atticus looked different to how Linarra would last have seen him. Then, he was wearing hospital clothing, had a few days more growth than he usually wore and his hair was disheveled from the surgery and the crash, although clean. Now, the man was sporting a light growth of beard, trimmed to be light and tidy, had visited a hairdresser and was looking professional again, and was wearing a simple ‘casual’ light grey suit, open necked with a white collared shirt slightly unbuttoned in the warmth of the day. He had retrieved his items from the hospital when he had left, his wrist communicator/watch and other items that were still usable after the damage most of his worn clothing and things had received in the crash. He had also purchased a new pair of sunglasses, but these he had folded and placed on the table. He had been here for an hour already after having done his business that was due that morning, and now he relaxed at the table, an empty coffee cup to one side and waited, and watched the people go about their lunch and their business.

Atticus Wolf

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