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Posted Aug. 4, 2020, 6:21 a.m. by Civilian Morra (Head of Science and Terraforming) (Miriam W)

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Hi all,

The 31st of July 2002 was Larry Garfield’s last day as President of STF. Also on that date, he posted his Edict #24. The text of that edict is here:

Edict #24
“Named for a dictionary…”

A new Alternative Roleplaying Area is hereby established in Fleet Six, named Oed V.

Oed V is a planet-based RPG, set on the planet Oed V, near the Vren Border. It is a join Starfleet-civilian colony consisting of both Starfleet personnel and civilians. Oed V is restricted to existing STF members only. New recruits may not be assigned to Oed V.

The Leader of Oed V both In Character and Out of Character is entitled Governor and may be a Starfleet officer or civilian. The Governor of Oed V will be appointed in the same fashion as a normal CO, and will have similar power and responsibilities, except that characters on OED are not eligible for rank promotion. Therefore, the Governor position on Oed V counts as an XO position towards any limits in place.

There will also be a Lieutenant Governor position on Oed V, appointed in the same fashion as a normal XO, but will not count towards any limits in place.

Mike Bourdaa is hereby appointed Governor of Oed V.

Larry Garfield
STF President
31 July 2002

So that makes the 31st of July 2020 the 18th birthday of Oed V! Which I know is in the future for most of you, but for me that happy day is already here.

Tonight at 6pm Brisbane time (which is about 9 1/2 hours from now), I’m going to be hosting a virtual write in/sit in the Oed V channel in the STF Discord. Brisbane time is 10 hours ahead of Universal Time, so you can work out the equivalent time in your timezone. Memories will be shared, games played, online puzzles completed, and friends old and new will catch up. Please, come in and join us. The discord invite is on the STF site, and from there type in !oedv and you’ll see the Oed V channel appear on your list of channels.

But wait, there’s more! Tomorrow morning (once again, Brisbane time and dependant on how early the tribble is able to wake, the Oed V birthday party kicks off with virtual cake, virtual party games, virtual drinks and a whole lot more. And you can’t have a birthday without a gift, and hopefully I’ll have one unwrapped for tomorrow morning.

We’ll also have some fun here on the boards around the party and more than likely in the OOC area as well. Who knows, if we’re lucky Lindsay or a member of her team will cover us for their monthly newsletter.

Happy 18th Birthday Oed V! Here, let me get you your first legal drink … and don’t worry, I’ve made sure the replicators DO NOT produce synthanol!

Governor Tribble
Oed V

Cool. I like the reference to Larry’s edict.


That’s really neat.

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