USS Olympic

NCC 80000-B


CO's Comments
Welcome to the Olympic. My name is Christopher Bennett and I am the Commanding Officer of the Olympic. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me, or find me on Discord under Celador.
XO's Comments
D'vash Odinson

GM's Comments

Sim Title: Asylum

Act 2:

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.” -William Shakespeare

The Romulans have set up camp in one of the Olympic’s cargo bays, but an unknown person therein has replicated chemicals towards an unknown end. The Romulan ship has been revealed to have traversed a great deal of space to evade Commander Suket. Engineering wonders if there is a way to reveal any cloaked ship that may be nearby. Captain Jasar and Captain Reval meet to discuss the situation. Mystery shrouds the refugees’ past and future.

Ship's News

1 Feb. '16 Gene Gibbs joins the Olympic as her GM.

7 Dec. '15 Samantha Haynes and Silke Fahl returned to the Olympic , reprising their roles as Ops Manager and an officer on leave from her duty, respectfully.

17 Nov. '15 Terry Sullivan returned to the Olympic, now in the role of Helmsman.

19 Sept. '15: James Harrison re-assumed the role of ship's Counselor.

15 Sept. '15 Charles Gilmore assumed the role of Commanding Officer.

30 Aug.'15: Sadly Ray had to resign due to real life reasons.

Departments' Orders
Hamlicar Jasar
D'vash Odinson
Every JO and DH needs an evaluation completed.
Work with Medical to ensure we have proper containment for the Nitrium-3
Collin Harding
Work with Engineering to ensure we have proper containment for the Nitrium-3.
Ishtar Nhamashal
Prepare your department to gather as much scientific data from this sector as you can.
Pretha Oberon
We are about to head to the edge of Federation space. Make sure our defensive capabilities are prepared. Just in case.
Game Master
Rank Character Position Species Height Weight User Status
Captain Hamilcar Jasar Captain Human Christopher Bennett OK (1)
Commander D'Vash Odinson First Officer(LOA) Human/Orion 5'10" 175 lbs. Terry Sullivan AWOL (7)
Lieutenant Commander Collin Harding Chief Medical Officer Human Charley Gilmore OK (5)
Lieutenant Sural Chief Engineer Vulcan 5’11” 165 lbs Gene Gibbs OK (4)
Lieutenant Chief Science Officer
Lieutenant Junior Grade Pretha Oberon Chief Security Officer Human Melissa Aragon LOA (31)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Sathut Counselor Galdori (Raka) 90 cm 10 kgs Miriam W OK (2)
Gamemaster Matrix GMT Unknown Sam Pennington OK (0)

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